Your outfit reflects your identity. And choosing the right dress can make your day. If you are looking for an outfit for a formal party, there are so many options. Sadly, most people can’t choose long sleeve dresses formal in this case.

If you are one of them, worry not. We can help you choose the best long sleeve outfit for a formal event. In this article, we will share the top dresses with long sleeves. The good thing is you can wear these dresses for all occasions.

Just add some required accessories as per your style preference and rock the event. So, make sure you read each point carefully. Keep reading to know more about your long-sleeved dresses.

Top Long Sleeve Dresses Formal

When it comes to choosing a formal dress, you have to keep some points in mind. In this case, you should avoid something too trendy or funky. For a formal event, it’s better to go for a timeless outfit. In the following list, we will share our handpicked long sleeve dresses formal. Let’s find out:

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1. Rococo Sand Floral Maxi Dress

Most people don’t prefer floral dresses for formal events. However, things have changed now. And you can change your mind after wearing this Rococo sand floral maxi dress. However, this floral print maxi dress is a bit expensive compared to others on this list.

2. Fame and Partners Green Dress

If you want something minimal and simple, this Fame and Partners green dress can be ideal for you. It’s an ideal dress for an office party, interview, or other formal events. In fact, you can wear this dress for a casual party.

3. Lulus Hunter Green Long Sleeve Dress

Lulus Hunter long sleeve dresses can give you a beautiful look. Hence, the color green looks more attractive. Make sure you add some accessories as per your requirement. The best thing about this dress is it’s very simple yet beautiful.

4. Needle & Thread Tempest Ankle Gown

Needle & Thread tempest ankle growth is one of the best long sleeve dresses formal. If you are looking for something simple yet aesthetic, this outfit is for you. And you don’t need to wear a lot of accessories while wearing this black dress.

5. Jenny Yoo Velvet Maxi

If you are looking for a formal dress during winter, this Jenny Yoo velvet maxi is the best one. The rich rust color is the key highlight of this dress. Moreover, you can wear this stunning outfit on various occasions. You will love it.

6. Reformation Floral Mini Dress

It will be great if you give a floral touch to your formal look. Well, this dress is ideal for the summer months. If you are a fan of midi dresses with long sleeves, this is the best one. Plus, this dress is very affordable.

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7. Misa Floral Dress

Looking for something boho? Well, you can choose this Misa Floral dress for a formal event. This dress gives a professional yet laid-back vibe. If you want to wear something different for your job interview, this one is ideal.

8. Needle & Thread Embellished Dress

When you are looking for the best long sleeve dresses formal, you have to check this Needle & Thread embellished dress. The mint color is the highlight of the dress. Well, this outfit is neither too formal nor too fancy. You can give it a try.

9. Reformation Double Puffed Sleeve Dress

Another amazing dress for formal events. With this Reformation double puffed sleeve dress, you can be the center of attention. Well, you can add minimal accessories to this beautiful outfit.

10. Zimmermann Silk Midi Dress

This Zimmermann wrap midi dress is ideal for all women. You can wear this one for your office party. However, this silk dress is a bit expensive compared to other long sleeve dresses on the list. Well, it will look amazing.

11. Tulle Floor-legnth Dress

This tulle floor-legnth full sleeve dress is ideal for every occasion. From a party to an office meeting, you can wear this stunning dress. Plus, this one is available in different colors. Choose one as per your preference.

12. Princess High Neck Long-Sleeve Dress

If you are looking for something simple yet classic, this Princess high neck dress is ideal for you. The beautiful color can go with everything. Hence, you can wear it everywhere. The price is also reasonable.

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13. Alex Perry Fashion Dress

Another simple long sleeve dress you can choose for all occasions. Well, it can be the best wear for your office events. The beautiful pink color and design give an elegant touch. Plus, the style is so unique compared to other dresses.

14. La Lune Balloon Sleeve Midi Dress

This La Lune balloon sleeve midi dress is one of the best ones in this list. In simple words, it’s an ideal formal dress for minimalist. Just add some accessories and get an outstanding look. However, the price is a bit high compared to other dresses.


You see, there are so many options available when you are looking for long sleeve dresses formal. Make sure you choose something timeless. It will give a more attractive vibe.

And don’t forget to add some minimal accessories to get the best look. For more information, you can start your research online. In fact, you can find the best outfit in an online store.

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