Lehenga Bridal Dupatta Draping Styles

Lehenga Bridal Dupatta Draping Styles

Draping a dupatta for the bridal lehenga can be difficult, especially when you don’t have much experience. But, whether you are the bride or attending the wedding as a guest, you can style your lehenga bridal dupatta in different ways.

If you are confused about draping your dupatta, you have to read this article thoroughly. Then, we will share the best dupatta draping styles you can follow on your wedding day. Hence, you can also follow all these styles on other occasions. So, let’s get started.

Top Lehenga Bridal Dupatta Draping Styles

You can find different types of dupattas in the market. However, when it comes to choosing the best style, many people get confused. In the following list, we are sharing the top lehenga bridal dupatta styles that every bride can follow:

1. Neatly Pinned on One Side

You can apply this style if you want a simple yet smart look with your dupatta. Well, it does not take a lot of effort as well. No matter if it’s your wedding or your friend’s, this look can be ideal for you. Hence, pinning a dupatta on one side is suitable for dancing.

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2. Front Flow

If you are a beginner and want to apply an easy style, you have to check the lehenga bridal front flow dupatta style. The best thing is that this style gives a beautiful feminine touch ideal for the bridal look. You can either pin or open your dupatta on the side.

3. Cowl Neck

The cowl neck is one of the best dupatta draping styles for brides. Moreover, it’s a classic lehenga dupatta draping style for a bridal look. On the other hand, a cowl neck is perfect for those people who want a classic look. Most people prefer a cowl neck dupatta as a winter lehenga wear.

4. Tied to Wrist

If you want a unique style to wear your lehenga bridal dupatta, you can choose this one. When you tie the dupatta to the wrist, you can have a fuss-free look. So, it’s ideal for those people who are not good at handling lehenga and dupatta.

5. Saree Drape

Want to give your lehenga a classic saree look? Well, the saree draping of the dupatta can be perfect for you. The best thing about this style is it will give an elegant look on your wedding day. Plus, this style also conceals your hip and tummy portion.

6. Over One Shoulder And Arm

Besides pinning the dupatta on one shoulder, you can also use your arm. Yes, this style of lehenga looks magnificent. The good thing is you can apply this look to different occasions such as ring ceremonies, engagements, or sangeets. Moreover, wearing the dupatta over one shoulder and arm can be ideal for dancing.

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7. Cape Style

Cape style is one of the most unique ones. Plus, you don’t have to work hard to style a lehenga bridal dupatta. If you want to follow a trendy look on your wedding day, go with this cape style. On the other hand, it’s a perfect look for a winter wedding.

8. Double Dupatta Drape

Many brides love wearing double dupattas on their wedding day. If you are one of them, you can follow some amazing styles. The best thing about a double dupatta lehenga is you can style it as per your requirement. Still, the double dupatta draping will give an elegant outcome.

9. One Side Pleat

If you don’t prefer double dupatta draping, you can go for a simple one. In this case, one side pleat is ideal for you. To implement this one, you have to pleat your dupatta from front to back on the left side of your shoulder. So, you can let the dupatta open from the other side.

10. Free Flow

Free flow is one of the easiest ways to wear a lehenga bridal dupatta. Well, this style is ideal for the bridal look. Hence, you can ditch the double dupatta trend by implementing this one. However, it’s not easy to handle the free-flow dupatta draping style if you are not comfortable with your lehenga.

11. Tucked in Place With a Belt

Using a belt sounds weird, especially with a lehenga. However, it’s a unique way to show your fashion. You can choose one of the best ways and tuck the dupatta in place with a belt. It’s good for the sangeet and ring ceremony, so you can do your dance performance there.

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12. Attached to Your Blouse

Another great way to drape your lehenga bridal dupatta is by attaching it to your blouse. In this case, you can buy a lehenga set that is already attached to the blouse. It can reduce your effort. However, this style can give you an outstanding look on your wedding day.

13. Off Shoulder Drape

Looking for something trendy? You should go for the off-shoulder dupatta drape for your lehenga. The best thing about this style is you can mix up the modern-day and classic look here. Moreover, this off-shoulder draping style is good for other occasions as well.

14. Asymmetrical Drape

The asymmetric dupatta draping style is another offbeat one. If you want to experiment with your bridal lehenga, you should follow this look. Hence, you can start a trend as this look is not that popular yet. Moreover, you can also mix up off-shoulder and cowl style with this one.

15. Gujarati Draping

You should know that Gujarati draping is very famous for wearing a lehenga. Moreover, it’s the best way to represent your heritage and culture. And the elegance of this style plays a crucial role. Plus, you can also wear a double dupatta for this Gujarati bridal lehenga draping.


You see, there are several ways to style your lehenga bridal dupatta. We have handpicked the top dupatta draping styles for brides. However, you can follow these draping styles for other occasions. Make sure you get the best dupatta for your wedding lehenga. Moreover, you can visit both online and offline stores to get the best lehenga.

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