No matter if you are getting married during winter or you want to follow trends, long sleeve dresses can be ideal for you. That’s the reason why most brides prefer long sleeve dress wedding nowadays.

If you are one of them, you have to read this article. The best thing is most people have been preferring long sleeve gowns for centuries. So, you can give both classic and trendy wedding vibes while wearing it.

In this article, we will share the top long sleeve wedding gowns for brides. If you are confused about choosing your wedding gown, we can help you out. So, make sure you read all the points carefully.

Best Long Sleeve Dress Wedding For Bride

As we noted above, there are so many long sleeve wedding dresses available for brides. In the following list, we will share the top handpicked long sleeve dresses wedding for brides. Let’s find out:

1. Lace Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

If you are looking for a subtle gown, this lace long sleeve wedding dress is ideal for you. The timeless design can give you an elegant look. On the other hand, it can give a retro vibe. If you have a retro wedding theme, go for this one.

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2. Silk & Wool Wedding Gown

As most people prefer long sleeve dresses for a winter wedding, a silk and wool gown can be a perfect choice. On the other hand, this silk & wool wedding gown is good for minimalists. The bold open back gives the dress a trendy vibe as well.

3. Sheer Sleeve Dresses

When you are choosing the top long sleeve dress wedding, you have to check this sheer sleeve one. You see, most long sleeve dresses are heavy in weight. In this case, a sheer sleeve wedding gown can be the best alternative. Plus, you can get a delicately designed gown.

4. Galia Lahav Embellished Dress

Looking for a 3D embellished gown, you have to choose Galia Lahav embellished dress. In simple words, this one is one of the most unique wedding dresses right now. The best thing about this Garlia Lagav 3D embellished gown is the striking back and plunging neckline.

5. Floral Printed Gown

If you don’t want to go for traditional wedding gowns, you can choose this floral printed mini dress. It’s unique but you can give a trendy vibe by wearing it. Moreover, this floral mini wedding frock is a good option for a family ceremony in your backyard garden.

6. Dainty Neckline Wedding Dresses

For all those people who want to wear something elegant, this Dainty neckline gown can be ideal for you. The breathtaking details of this gown can make it unique. So, if you are someone who wants a unique wedding gown, you have to choose this dainty neckline wedding dress.

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7. V-Cut Long Sleeve Dresses

Besides dainty necklines, you can also go for v-cut long sleeve gowns. You see, this is the top long sleeve dress wedding right now. The main attraction of this gown is the juxtaposition of silk bodice and lace sleeves. If you want a classic wedding dress, you have to go for this v-cut long-sleeve one.

8. Reformation Midi Dress

If you have a summer wedding theme, you have to go for this reformation midi dress. No matter if it’s a beach theme or a backyard garden one, this dress can be the ideal one for you. The best thing is you can style this dress as per your preference.

9. Crystal-embellished Crepe Maxi Dress

For all those brides who are looking for a unique wedding gown, this crystal-embellished crepe maxi can be a perfect choice. You see, this dress gives a unique yet classic vibe. With the elegant design, you can match trends for this crystal-embellished crepe maxi gown as well.

10. Isaac dress

If you are not on a budget, this Isaac dress can be ideal for your special day. The best thing is this gown has both modern-day and classic vibes. The simple yet elegant design is the key attraction of isaac dress. Hence, you can go for it if you have a summer wedding.

11. Laurel Dress Cloud Dancer

When it comes to long sleeve dress wedding, we can’t miss out on Laurel dress cloud dancer. Hence, it’s a perfect choice for modern-day weddings. The high-neck collar and cuffs make it the best one out of this list. On the other hand, you can get it for a winter wedding theme.

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12. Naomi Dress Champagne

It’s hard to find a good dress when you have a winter wedding. In this case, Naomi dress champagne can solve your issue. The luxurious satin and flared sleeves give a perfect combination. The best thing about this gown is it’s very affordable.

13. Veda Maxi Dress

Well, if the price is not an issue, you can check out this Veda maxi dress. In simple words, this can be a dream wedding dress for boho brides. The extra flowy fit and ruched waist make it more perfect. Hence, it’s a unique one for you.

14. Snowdrop Gown

When you want a dress to make your special day perfect, you have to choose this snowdrop gown. Even though this dress gives a classic vibe, it can be the showstopper. Moreover, it’s ideal for all those brides who want something elegant yet simple.

15. Olivia Maxi dress

Last but not least, if you want something simple, you have to go for this Olivia maxi dress. The timeless beauty makes it more ideal for your special day. The best thing is, this maxi gown is quite affordable compared to others. You can add accessories as per your preference.


Finally, you know about the top long sleeve dress wedding. We have shared the top-dresses in this article. However, there are so many factors you have to follow before buying a gown. In this case, you can get help from the internet. Moreover, you can also start your research by using online stores.

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