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    Your summer vacation will be incomplete without a perfect long sleeve mini dress. Well, if you want more than one outfit, there are so many options available in the market. However, before you choose one, you have to check a lot of things.

    No matter if you are buying online or offline, there are some crucial facts you have to consider. Still, if you can’t choose the right dress, we will help you out. That’s why we will share our top handpicked mini dresses with long sleeves.

    They will be your perfect summer outfits. Moreover, you can wear them throughout the year. So, keep reading each point carefully. Let’s get started.

    Top Long Sleeve Mini Dress

    Be it a summer wedding or your first date, you can rock the event by wearing a long sleeve mini dress. Just add some required accessories and you can get the best look. In the following list, we will share some stunning dresses that can be your perfect outfit this year.  Let’s find out:

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    1. Crepe Mini Shirt Dress

    This crepe mini shirt dress is a trendy one right now. You might have seen this one on Instagram reels. Well, you can wear this dress for all occasions. The attractive green color and unique design are the highlights of this outfit.

    2. Zebra Print Strappy Cut-Out Dress

    When you are looking for something unique, you can go with this beautiful-looking zebra print strappy cut-out dress. Okay, the brown zebra print will make the design more attractive in this case. Add minimal accessories to get the best look.

    3. Milkmaid Corset Detail Mini Dress

    Do you want some 90’s vibes? Then, this Milkmaid corset detail mini dress is ideal for you. The pastel floral print and balloon sleeves are the highlights of this outfit. It’s an ideal dress for a wedding party or a summer beach party.

    4. Denim Dress With Slits

    If you are looking for a winter dress, you can go with this denim dress with slits. The best thing about this outfit is you can wear it everywhere, for every occasion. Pair it with your cowboy boots and rock the event.

    5. Yellow Satin Cut-Out Mini Dress

    If you are looking for a long sleeve mini dress, you can go with this satin cut-out mini outfit. It has puffed shoulders and balloon sleeves that will look amazing when you wear it. Plus, you don’t need to wear a lot of accessories.

    6. Flowy Printed Dress

    Looking for something colorful? Well, this flowy printed dress can be your ideal choice. Hence, it’s a very trendy one this summer. The highlight of this outfit is the retro print. A perfect one for any summer wedding party or other occasion.

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    7. Martina Popover Ric Rac Dress

    If you want something minimal, there are many collections available in the market. This Martina Popover Ric rac dress can be your favorite outfit this summer. No matter if it’s an office event or another event, you can wear it with minimal accessories.

    8. Merlette Paradis Open Tier Cotton Dress

    Merlette Paradis’ open tier cotton dress is one of the best outfits right now. In fact, this is a perfect outfit for minimalists. The best thing is you can wear it during the winter months. You can wear this outfit with a leather jacket and combat boots.

    9. Everlane The Oxford Shirtdress

    Looking for a slightly different long sleeve mini dress? You have to wear this Everlane Oxford shirt dress. Hence, it’s an ideal one for an office party. Plus, it’s very comfortable and easy to wear. Plus, this shirtdress is an eco-friendly product.

    10. Good American Sundown Mock Neck Midi Dress

    The highlight of this Good American sundown mock neck midi dress is the turtlenecks. If you want a minimal design with an attractive color, this one’s for you. Plus, you can wear it during winter months. Add a denim or leather jacket as per requirement.

    11. Princess Polly Lillie Long Sleeve Mini Dress

    Princess Polly has the best collection when it comes to long sleeve dresses. This Lillie long sleeve mini dress can be ideal for everyone. No matter if you want to join a party with your friends or an office event, you can choose this one.

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    12. G-Star Deline Dress

    When it comes to denim long sleeve midi dress, we can’t exclude this G-Star deline dress. Even though it has three-quarter length sleeves, you will love this one. Perfect for a winter outing. Hence, you can pair it with your favorite leather jacket and combat boots.

    13. Lo Off-the-shoulder Midi Dress

    Another stunning green dress that can be your favorite one. This lo off-the-shoulder dress has a mix of classic and trendy vibes. If you want to wear this one, make sure you choose some color pop accessories.

    14. Anai Summer Dress

    If green isn’t your color, you can go with this Anai blue summer dress. With the V-cut front and back, it can be the perfect summer outfit. Plus, you can pair this one with sandals or heels.

    15. Jasmine Summer Dress

    Want something retro? You can choose this Jasmine summer long sleeve mini dress. It’s an ideal outfit if you are looking for a modest dress. Moreover, it’s an eco-friendly outfit. You can style this one with your favorite accessories.

    16. Sol Summer Dress

    Love pink? Then, this Sol summer dress can be an ideal one for you. This hot pink dress can be the center of attraction. You can wear it everywhere and throughout the year. Plus, this dress is also affordable.

    17. Honey Gingham Woven Mini Dress

    Honey Gingham woven mini dress is another good retro style outfit you can choose. Plus, it’s super affordable compared to other dresses on this list. However, you can’t wear it everywhere.


    As we noted, a perfect long sleeve mini dress can give you an exceptional look. Plus, you can add some accessories as per requirement. If you need more information, you can start your research on the internet.

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