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    Suppose you are under the impression that by using the laser technique once, you will be able to get rid of all the hair on your body; sorry to disappoint you. After the first laser treatment, you will only get rid of 10-25% of your body hair. Only after 4-6 sessions will you be able to get rid of your body hair completely. Are you surprised by that piece of ‘fuzzy news?’ Then perhaps, you do need to check out some other core factors before you decide to opt for this ‘targeted area treatment.’ 

    This article will guide you through – 

    What to know before opting for laser hair treatment? 

    Since you are navigating through this article, one may assume you have a basic idea about laser hair removal and perhaps have even shortlisted some medical agencies for the process. However, for the newbies – this is a heat treatment to diminish the growth of body hair right from its roots. 

    A targeted area is taken, and heat is delivered via laser pulse onto that area to damage the hair follicles completely. Therefore, the hair can never grow back since its source of origin has been diminished completely – a tactic that neither waxing nor shaving can achieve. 

    But this is not a ‘first-time-success’ format and requires a couple of sittings (depending on individual hair growth rate) before you completely remove your body hair. Be assured – you are not the only one who is surprised to hear this. Also, there are a handful of other ‘facts’ that you need to know before opting for this treatment – 

    • You have to shave the area before proceeding with the treatment 
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    You have to start this treatment by shaving the concerned area. In fact, in the course of this treatment, you will have to use the razor to shave the little growths that might pop up. 

    • Did you know that winter is the best time for laser treatment? 

    If you have tanned skin, then there’s a high chance your practitioner will postpone the treatment since it affects the process. In fact, you cannot expose the concerned area to the sun for up to 4 weeks before you opt for this treatment. Therefore – winter is the best time to get this treatment with low exposure to the sun. 

    • It works on all skin-tone, but melanin-rich (may) have a problem 

    The laser treatment comes in 3 formats – Ruby (fair skin), ND: Yag (dark skin) and Alexandrite (olive skin). Before this treatment, the wavelength of the laser is matched to the skin, and only then does the practitioner give the go-ahead. In fact, for any other skin type that is not deemed as ‘fair’ – a combination of Alexandrite and ND: Yag is used. 

    In case you have dark skin (melanin-rich), this treatment can incite anti-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This could result in some complications. 

    • Do not undergo this treatment when on your periods 

    As mentioned before – hormonal imbalance creates issues in the hair removal treatment process. When you are on your period, your hormones constantly fluctuate; therefore, it is not the correct time to undergo this treatment. 

    • You will have to change your beauty regime 

    This is perhaps another shocking piece of news you will come across, albeit, true. Two days prior to this treatment, you will have to avoid retinol-based creams, AHA’s, and scrubs. They might affect your skin and create patches in the hair removal process. Rather, hydrate your skin by adding a hyaluronic acid serum to your skincare routine. 

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    Does it get rid of unwanted hair permanently? 

    As mentioned before, after the completion of the sessions and the additional check-up routines, you will be ‘hair-free’ for almost a lifetime (taking into account that there is no glitch in the process). 

    Note – Though the chances are rare, it may happen that due to certain hormonal imbalances, your hair might regrow. In such cases, you will have to further undergo treatment in the future. To avoid such occurrences and complications, it is best you research well before picking up the practitioner or the clinic. 

    What if you have some complications? 

    Technically speaking, laser hair treatment is painless and one of the safest available treatments. However, there are minimal chances that you might end up with some complications, such as – paradoxical hypertrichosis stimulation (there are a couple of insignificant ones). This stimulation condition is a rare affair and mostly results from an internal hormonal imbalance. There are available treatments for this issue. 

    In case there are other minor skin irritations, be assured – there is treatment available for them. 

    Remember this before choosing a service provider 

    For the unversed, the global laser hair treatment market was sized at US$ 549.6 million (2021), with expected growth to US$1619.7 million (2028). Therefore, it is no secret that many companies would wish to cash in on this expected growth and jump into the ‘laser hair removal’ bandwagon. 

    Therefore, as a consumer, you must be very cautious of the professional or clinic where you are seeking services for your laser hair removal treatment. Ensure that the concerned clinic must have – 

    • The medical licenses and the required documentation (CQC and FDA-approved technology, US medical certified practitioner)
    • Credentials from past clients (with visual representations and statistical testimony) 
    • A trained set of professionals who are ready to guide you step by step 
    • A medical backup in case of any complication or injury 
    • Whether they have any insurance backup in case of any glitch in the treatment 
    • The quality and superiority level of the machinery used in the process
    • Makes the patient undergo the skin and hormone level tests that are essential to start this process 
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    Choose the concerned clinic only if the above-mentioned factors match your demands. 

    Closing thoughts 

    Though laser hair treatment, as already stated, has garnered colossal popularity globally (with multiple brands promoting their products via this), having your stubble or not is entirely your personal choice. But if you are a de-fuzzy type of person, then rather than partaking in the weekly chore of removing your body hair and facing some untoward razor rash, you should opt for this painless treatment. Connect with the best in the market and check the licensing and credentials of the service provider before opting. 

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