Launch Your Fashion Blog

Launch Your Fashion Blog

There are many style bloggers out there today, but just like any great thing, there is always room for more. It’s likely that a blog will soon be a requirement for a job within the fashion industry. It’s a form networking, a way to show your style and position yourself as an expert in the fashion industry. 

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How do you get your blog started and make it stand out? I won’t pretend to know all the answers, or try to judge you with a British accent. But I will give the truth about what it takes to be a successful blogger.

  1. Share your knowledge

Start promoting your blog to your family, friends, social networks, and other people as soon as possible. This is the best way to test your content and brand. You can be confident that no one will ever read your first two posts, unless you tell others about it. Get some content and get honest feedback.

Then, take your sharing and relationship-building to the next level. Reach out to other bloggers via Twitter. It’s amazing how many wonderful relationships you can create with just one tweet. You might also consider hosting informational interviews to bloggers you admire. It’s a great method to build your network. Need help finding bloggers or more readers

  1. Increase Your Readership with Strategy + Consistency

Consistent content is key to increasing your readership. People will return to your site if they know when new posts are due. It could be as simple to add a line on your homepage that states, “We post every Tuesday or Thursday.”

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You want to attract people to your blog.

  1. Befriend Agencies

Once you have a loyal following, you can reach out to clothing companies. This is where the fun begins! This is the fun part! Try searching for the brand you are interested in and using the phrase “PR firm” to find the press release. It’s also helpful to keep tabs on the industry by reading sites. Don’t ask for a brand you already love or have worn before. Let the agency know why you think your blog is a good fit and include links to posts that show you wearing the brand. Reach out directly to emerging brands that may not have enough money to start their own agency. They’re likely eager to build their following and are willing to work with you.

  1. Get paid for your services

It’s great if someone offers clothing. Don’t be afraid of asking for payment if a brand offers you clothing. Promotional pieces should be treated as advertisements, even though they are integrated into your daily posts. Your blog will need to make money eventually through sponsorships and promotions to keep it afloat.

It is your responsibility as a blogger, to set and maintain your standards. Only work with brands you believe in and would wear. Not just anyone who can pay you. You will quickly lose trust in your readers if you don’t stand behind the brand you promote.

  1. Get out there

You’ll soon realize that leaving your blog will be the best way for you to grow it. You can also reach out to other blogs, especially those you believe your readers might be visiting, and ask them to guest post. If you are passionate about growing your readership, plan to write at least 10 posts per month.

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To increase your chances of getting people to visit your site, you should write on topics that are interesting to them. If your blog is about bargain fashion and the site where you are guest posting targets professional women, then combine these efforts to write a post about five workplace looks that cost less than $50.

Interviewing your favorite bloggers is another great option. You can also post the Q&A on you site. Interviewees will likely give you some insight and you will see an increase in traffic if they promote the piece.

  1. You can position yourself as an expert

Being a blogger will help you establish yourself as an expert in fashion. Don’t be afraid to pitch local media and city magazines with story ideas which can highlight your unique perspective.

Similar to your posts about trending topics, the best way to pitch a media outlet is to present a story that has relevance to what’s happening in the news. For example, pitch a local morning program about presenting fall fashion trends from all the stores in your area. Linking to previous guest posts, media mentions or achievements will help you establish your credibility and show why you are the best expert to cover the story. It’s not an easy task and will take some time. However, as you build your blog, you’re following, it will become easier to pitch yourself.

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