Are you planning a weekend or day trip to Amsterdam? Very nice! It is my favorite city, where there is always something to do. Even after living here for two years, I discover beautiful places every time. Below you will find the best Amsterdam tips for a day or weekend!

Close to Central Station you will immediately find one of the nicest neighborhoods in Amsterdam: the Haarlemmerbuurt. The Haarlemmerdijk and the Haarlemmerstraat in particular are very pleasant, thanks to the many shops and cozy eateries. Do you like vintage? Then you’ve come to the right place. Rumors Vintage & Design, the Kiloshop, Marbles Vintage and We Love Vintage are some examples of great vintage clothing stores. But you can always go for a snack and drink. Think of The Bike Bar for a nice coffee and Vinnies for a nice glass of wine.

Hortus Botanicus the botanical garden of Amsterdam

Hortus Botanicus is the botanical garden of Amsterdam. This tropical environment is ideal for pantyhose lovers and Instagram fanatics, because you can bet that you can shoot beautiful photos here. Do you live near Leiden? Lucky you, because you will also find a Hortus Botanicus there. By the way, with the city pass you get a discount on many museums and sights during a day in Amsterdam, including Hortus Botanicus.

The canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for its many canals. You can’t really miss them when you stroll through the streets of the city. The many canals provide photogenic spots and it is a good excuse for a nice city walk. The canal belt of Amsterdam is even on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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You can of course also choose to discover the canals from the water. Then choose to rent your own boat if you prefer not to sit among the tourists. Always nice, I take a boat trip on the canals almost every year. Don’t miss the Brouwersgracht, Prinsengracht, Reguliersgracht and Herengracht.

Paradiso club

You could also include Paradiso among the outings in Amsterdam, because this former church has been one of the pop venues in the city for many years now. If there is no concert you are going to, then admiring it from the outside is absolutely worth it.

Paradiso originally belonged to De Vrije Gemeente, but was eventually squatted by a group of hippies. After this Paradiso was founded and there were well-known names such as Pink Floyd in the pop temple. I also attended a concert here, haha!

Beurs van Berlage for the best conferences

Cool exhibitions and conferences are regularly held in the Beurs van Berlage, but above all it is a striking appearance on your route from Central Station to the city center.

This national monument is beautiful to see and also organizes all kinds of changing activities in the summer. Check out the Beurs’ agenda to see when you can dine there, enjoy performances or see special exhibitions. Let’s hope they get the image of J.P. Quickly remove Coen from the facade.

Spent an afternoon to the best coffeeshop of Amsterdam

Tourists and locals alike regard Boerejongens as an Amsterdam cornerstone. As one of the highest quality coffee shops in Amsterdam, the establishment has been providing top quality weed and genuine customer service since 2007. The name of the coffee shop is derived from “farm boys”, to convey the founders’ passion for the naturally grown herb. A coffeeshop in Amsterdam is not hard to find, since it is legal to smoke 1 joint at home. 

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Boerejongens prides itself on delivering the best value for money and offers a wide range of products, as well as expert staff to help you get started. Stop by and experience strains such as White Choco or a Super Silver Haze hash block in their immaculate and modern establishment. If you’re hungry, try their infused Spacetries.

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