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Abaya designs are a special type of dress that is a loose garment worn by Muslim ladies around the Muslim world. It is a religious dress that is worn to protect and hide the body. The various colors, designs, and patterns are placed on these stunning abaya designs. Abaya is a piece of modest clothing for all women. It is worn not only in Pakistan but also worldwide like in the Middle East, Malaysia, Turkey, India, etc. At the initial stage, they were worn as just full black burkas but now there are a huge variety of abaya styles. In the modern-day Muslim women feel comfortable and up to date after wearing the latest abaya styles by different designers. They are available in modern styles as well as in traditional designs.

New stylish abaya designs for girls:

Abaya can protect the girl from head to toe and there are now long beautiful abayas by various designers. Abaya and hijab designs are available in all the markets and shops containing the women’s garments. There is a huge collection of different abayas and present in the markets as well as they can also be prepared on the customer’s demand. The new stylish abaya designs for girls are fully printed as well as embroidered. Beautiful works are done on the necklines or the sleeves of the abayas in a variety of patterns in colors.

Abayas are now available in numerous colors like blue, black, mehron, brown with beautiful elegant works like golden, silver, and copper color thread work. The embroidery work abaya designs are very much enhanced and they can be also used for formal occasions. Stylish abaya for girls is trending and is of wonderful style. Muslim girls are mainly interested to wear them with the beautiful hijabs in contrasting colors with them. Flexible caps are also used with abayas and hijab to give a style and also enhance the beauty.

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Trending abayas types in Pakistan:

There is a variety of trending abayas fashion in Pakistan. It increases the style and beauty of the women wearing the abaya or the hijab. The Muslim girls in Pakistan mainly cover their selves with abaya and hijab when going outside. There is a variety of modern abaya designs. These types of abayas are added with beautiful patterns and themes and fresh color combinations increase their demand by the customers. Abaya collection is the best thing to chose for the female because there are mind-blowing outfits. Nowadays every girl who adopts fashion can go for the latest abaya trends because they are not the old ones but the latest gown styles are also there in the market. There are many types of abayas like embroidered abayas, print abayas, net abayas, long gown abayas, frock abayas, etc.

Embroidered abaya:

Abayas are made more stylish with beautiful types of embroideries. The embroideries are done on the necklines, sleeves, or the border of the abaya. They are made of high-quality fabric and adds smoothness and elegance to the outfit. Fancy lace embroidered abaya designs are much more preferred for going to the heavy functions. They are decorated with versatile embroideries and the design is created from mash embroidered lace. The flower work is also done on the back and the bottom of the abaya with beautiful embroidery patterns.

Net abayas:

This is another type of abaya that has beautiful net detailing on it. It is a great casual outfit. These net abayas are a great addition to the modern fashion world. They are a perfect accessory for the females who wants to go outside by covering themselves and look more stylish. Abayas are the perfect solution to overcome the problem of hiding the female’s body. They are beautified with embellishment, prints, embroidery, and other work. The net abayas give a great look and a modest look. They are available in a variety of color combinations.

Gown style abaya:

These gown styles abayas are very long and covered the whole body of the female and they are very trending nowadays. They are a sensual need of the girls and the women nowadays with the scarf or hijab with them. They look beautiful because they give an Arabic look to the women. These gowns cover the whole body with a stylish look and these gowns wears are the best outfit and they don’t let the person feel uncomfortable. They are also made fancy with different pretty laces. Gown style abayas are also beautified with beats, diamonds, embroidery, ribbons, etc that adds exclusiveness and long-lasting beauty to the abaya. The gown style adds uniqueness and decency to the women.

Printed Abayas:

When we talk about the modern fashion world then there are different types of abayas in fashion nowadays. There are various types also including the printed ones. The prints of various colors and variety are done on abayas with different styles. These printed abayas are worn at formal and casual parties. They add uniqueness to everyday style. These abayas are available in a variety of colors but the black abayas are in demand because they give decency and grace.

Frock Abayas:

Latest frock abayas enhance the real beauty of the girl and the new abaya trends are available s year for all girls and women of any age. Women throughout the world are love to wear beautiful abaya collection because it is not only just confined to but gives style and modernism to the women. Frock Abaya designs are a new trend in the fashion industry. There are many types of simple and fancy abayas available in the market for girls.

Coat Style Abayas:

These Abayas are enough to carry on formal gatherings and parties to have a stunning, traditional, and classic look. The great abaya collection adds versatility to the females. The benefit of wearing these beautiful dresses is they feel easy, protected, and also more relaxed in markets and other public places where they want to go. Coat abayas area trending style of abayas nowadays. They are highly demanded by ladies of Pakistan.


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