Beach Dress for a WeddingBeach Dress for a Wedding

Beach weddings, Caribbean weddings, or tropical destination weddings are a beautiful way to have your wedding day. It’s a memorable and fun affair for any bride and groom who loves the idea of a little white sand and blue ocean surrounding them on their big day. Your beach wedding needs the perfect dress that will look stunning in photographs but still be able to withstand the whims of nature during your celebration. There are many different considerations to keep in mind when shopping for that perfect beach wedding dress.

From sundresses to gowns, we’ve found a beautiful beach dress for a wedding. Perfect for low-key beach weddings and high-end sandy wedding venues.

Beach Dress for a Wedding

If you are attending a beach wedding, it’s essential to know the difference between beach wedding attire and other wedding dress codes. When choosing your beach wedding attire, consider the color palette and footwear. Beach weddings are a modern escape from the traditional. You wouldn’t expect to see a ball gown at the beach, so ditch dresses, heels, and jewelry if you want to avoid looking out of place.

While a beach wedding dress may be an enigma, there are some good rules to follow. First, there is a fine line between casual and threadbare. You don’t want to show up in a cotton t-shirt and cut-offs. This is sacrilege, or at least, it will look that way to those accustomed to afternoon cocktails. Minimize risk by choosing a neutral upper layer like a jacket or light cardigan, and pair with loose trousers or a maxi.

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1.      Formal Dress

A floaty, elegant style is perfect for a breezy beach wedding. A sheath dress or jumpsuit falls smoothly over your figure and keeps you cool in the heat of the day. You can go for a classic luxury look by wearing all white from head to toe, or if you prefer, you can go for something more stylish and sleek. Choose a longer length, such as tea length. And remember to keep those sandals on – walking across wet sand in stilettos could be dangerous!

However, a word of caution avoid wearing black suits as they make you sweat more in the sunlight. Instead, opt for light-colored linen (cream and white) or khaki suits as they are more breathable.

2.      Semiformal Dress or Cocktail Dress

For this semiformal/cocktail event, a bright summer dress is a great choice. Tropical prints are fun for the summer and work well at these events and anything in the pastel family (think nude, blush, mint). Avoid bright colors that might look too casual. A semiformal usually falls between a white-tie dress code and a cocktail party, so you’re going to want to play it safe while still having fun. Stick to formal styles that are stylish but not too flashy. If you’re going with a structured dress, make sure that it doesn’t look too casual. Heels of any height will do, and wedges aren’t a bad option either.

3.      Beach Casual

For a summer wedding, wear a casual sundress, high-quality romper, or breezy maxi dress. For your feet, choose either dressy sandals or cute, beach-friendly flip-flops. The dress code is elegantly casual, so ditching your suit and tie for polo or shirt with nice slacks is appropriate. Fresh florals and breezy bohemian dresses create a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere. Don’t go overboard with vibrant colors. Cream and white make you look more elegant. Denim, cargo shorts, and swim trunks are not allowed. When picking out your outfit, make sure you think about what will be comfortable, chic, and appropriate for the weather. Heels should be no higher than two inches, but wedges and other comfortable options are acceptable. If you’re wearing open-toe sandals, make sure your pedicures are super cute. Sneakers and other athletic footwear are not permitted.

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Etiquette of wearing Beach Dress for a Wedding

The luxury of a beach wedding is unparalleled. To ensure that you make the perfect entrance, it’s crucial to dress accordingly. It’s always better to be overdressed than under-dressed for beach weddings. You never want to look like a cheap suit. You also don’t want to look like Sean Connery in Thunderball. Showing up in sandals and a t-shirt isn’t going to cut it. That type of dress code might be for a formal dinner or dance. Other times they request clothing with thin straps or minimal jewelry. When in doubt, opt for the lighter colors. It’s hard to mess up a beach wedding. The most important thing at a beach wedding is enjoying everything you’re doing.

Beach wedding attire is all about flair, elegance, and beauty. You can amp up the luxury by choosing understated patterns and fabrics that will make your wedding outfit pop with its simplicity. From high-end, ageless swimwear to chic cover-ups and delicate sandals, there’s no better way to accessorize your next pool party or day in the sun.

Beach Dress for a Wedding according to the Weather

Some tropical weddings require a little more prep due to changing weather patterns, but this shouldn’t mean you skip the dress. One minute you’re standing at a white-sand beach, trying to figure out what that strange smelling cloud means – the next minute, you’re scrambling to stash your gear under an available tree.

You want to be beautiful, comfortable, and warm – but you also don’t want to look like you’ve been dragged across a parking lot. And at a destination event, packing enough clothes can be challenging. Always arrive prepared. Know the forecast before you dress and bring a fashionable backup plan to any event. If the forecast is hot, stay fabulous with a breezy dress, and if there will be a possibility of rain or coastal breezes, opt for a lightweight wrap.

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Hairstyles to elevate your look for a Beach Wedding

Style plays a massive part in wedding planning, so it’s no surprise that much thought goes into your bridal hairstyle. While it’s understandable that you don’t want to look like some exotic bird, wowing your guests is equally important. From braids and buns to updos, you can pull together a look that is all your own–and all beach-worthy.

For that extra touch of luxury while you’re lounging around the beach, opt for a half-updo hairstyle. While it keeps your hair out of your face, it still feels elegant and modern. Or either choose the updo that best fits your style from loose buns in several variations, or twist, knot, and tuck your hair back into place behind your ears with glam sparkly barrettes.

Makeup to accentuate your beach dress for a wedding

Accentuating the natural beauty of your features is all that’s needed for a flawless makeup look for a beach wedding. A shimmering red lip and bronzed skin look fresh and beach-appropriate. Keep oil under control by wearing a setting spray and dusting powder on critical spots, like your T-zone. Makeup that’s too heavy or dark will clash with the natural look of your dress and can sweat off faster in the heat. Instead, opt for a natural-looking glow that looks fresh and multi-seasonal.

Since you will be photographed repeatedly, the lighting and weather conditions of your beach wedding should heavily impact your fashion choice. With this in mind, I’ll cover everything from vivid colors and prints to breathable fabrics and everything in-between! Whatever your budget, if you’re looking for that perfect summer wedding guest outfit, consider this guide your beach wedding style cheat sheet.

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