Basant Festival 2017 Dresses for Girls

The wait is over! Basant has come again after a long time, Get ready and plan your dresses for Basant festival 2017 which surely take place in different cities of Pakistan. Dresses designers and other popular brands are looking forward to this event which is going to held in Pakistan after a long time and they prepare the variety of dresses for Basant and they will defiantly introduce them in a market as well. People will defiantly enjoy this Basant festival 2017 and will make this memorable for them.

The government of Pakistan has not announced confirm the date of Basant, but hopefully, they agree on this festival and this time people will take advantage of them and enjoy this beautiful event with full of enjoyment. Whenever an event come top brand like, Khaadi, Junaid Jamshaid, Gull Ahmed, Maria B, So Kamal and many other names are always participating through introducing dresses collection and new dresses designs.

Basant Festival 2017 Dresses for Girls

Basant Festival 2017 Dresses for Girls:

Basant festival is also known as Jashan-e Baharan and it is also known as the festival of color. Basant is biggest kite festival which was celebrated in Pakistan and many people come here from different areas and cities to enjoy this beautiful event. Lahore is very famous for this event and they celebrate it and enjoy it. Now get ready for this event and make this event special for your with choose best Basant dresses for you.

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As we know that Yellow color is the symbol of Basant and men and women wear yellow dresses on this festival and show the symbol of Basant festival. It’s a beautiful event and a mostly Yellow color is used to this day, most of the people wear yellow dresses for that and celebrate this event. Lahore is very famous for this event and they celebrate this event with full of enjoyment.

And they love to wear festival dresses, for Basant festival Pinkstitch is one of the most popular fashion brands, and it is famous for launching so many collections of dresses for event or festival. Pinstitch has the latest collection for Basant 2017 and it has so much attraction and eye-catching dresses.

Basant Expected Date in Lahore: Feb 11, 12, 2017

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Dresses for Basant 2017:

  • Pinkstitch Basant Dresses
  • Kayseria Basant Collection
  • Kolaaj Basant Collection
  • Jannat Nazir

There are many other designers which are famous for seasonal collection and they introduce the best quality of dresses designs for girls and boys. Pakistan has huge fashion industry and they have always brand new collection of dresses for different reasons. Some of the brands introduce Basant festival 2017 dresses for girls and boys and their dresses have beautiful designs, beautiful embroidery work on these dresses and eye-catching.

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