Online Time Clock To Your Attendance Tracking Process

Online Time Clock To Your Attendance Tracking Process

One of the most challenging hurdles that expanding businesses face is accurately keeping track of employee attendance, especially as their workforce continues to grow. Moving from having a few employees to many has several challenges attached to it. Keeping track of who is present at work is difficult enough, but without the proper tools to help facilitate smooth operations is another matter in and of itself.

Online time clock software has many benefits that help with attendance tracking and other issues that businesses may face. Read on to learn about some of the more significant benefits that come with using an online time clock to track time and attendance. 

An Online Time Clock Improves Payroll Accuracy

Keeping accurate payroll with a growing employee base becomes more challenging as more employees are added to your roster. A growing workforce can lead to increased costs for accounting, more managerial oversight, and an increased likelihood of time clock abuse and human error. 

Timesheet management software can eliminate many of these issues thanks to some of the included features. For one, an online job clock tracks employee hours automatically and usually down to the minute. Accurate automatic time tracking eliminates entry errors when processing payroll. 

Not only that, payroll integrations can automatically sync time with an outside payroll provider to ensure that payroll is as accurate as possible. Being able to integrate with a payroll provider directly saves businesses money on payroll and accounting expenses and reduces the likelihood of conflict over incorrect wages. 

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Improve Accountability With An Online Time Clock 

Online time clocks simplify the process of punching in and out. This gives employees freedom and autonomy to punch in or out when they choose while at the same time holding them accountable for their work. 

Employees know that they will only be paid for hours that they are actually working. An online timecard system even can track employee productivity so that managers can understand what task an employee is working on and whether or not they are actively working on that task. 

By doing this, employees can work at their own pace while knowing that their pay is kept track of based on their productivity. In many cases, employees will work more efficiently and effectively with less managerial oversight and the guarantee of fair pay. 

Eliminate Buddy Punching Time Theft

One of the most common methods of time theft when using a traditional time theft is called buddy punching. Buddy punching occurs when one employee punches the clock for a friend or acquaintance so that they get more hours. 

An online time clock can reduce the likelihood of this type of time theft by requiring unique identifiers for employees to punch in. These methods include facial recognition, fingerprint capture, and QR code scanning. These punching methods are unique to each employee, allowing you to ensure that your workers are only punching time for themselves.  

Ensure Labor Law Compliance 

One of the most significant problems that employers have with a growing workforce is maintaining labor law compliance. This means ensuring that employees are given proper breaks, allowed to take lunch, are appropriately scheduled, and are adequately paid for overtime worked. Even unintentional errors such as a human error in calculation can lead to labor law violations which can cost businesses money and even result in closures. 

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Online employee timesheet software has features to prevent these types of errors. The time clock can set reminders for breaks and time off and even send warnings to managers and employees if breaks are missed. There is also the functionality to automatically calculate overtime so that employees are appropriately paid for the extra hours. This helps to avoid compliance issues or address them before they become a severe problem for the business.

If you’re a business struggling with managing employee time and attendance, then an online time clock may be the perfect solution. It takes what was once a complicated and hands-on process and turns it into a passive streamlined one.

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