Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
    Best Sites to Stream Live Cricket in Pakistan

    Although some cricket fans might love watching their favourite cricket team live at the stadium or via their local TV, some games aren’t just broadcasted on TV, and we can’t always visit the stadiums. More so, with the increased usage of smart devices, like Android, iPhone, and Smart TVs, people prefer to watch live cricket matches straight from their phones. Besides watching live games from their smart devices, fans love to bet on Pakistani cricket through their phones. 

    Nowadays, with your phone, you can easily watch or stream any live cricket match, even international competition matches; below are the best sites you can watch live cricket from in Pakistan or anywhere in the world. All you need is a dice with internet connectivity.


    FanCode is one of the best cricket sites for streaming live matches; from Pakistan, you can watch just any cricket match; more so, you can watch both local and international partners from your device. FanCode has over 4000 channels to choose from, aside from sporting channels. 

    You can download the FanCode mobile app from any mobile app store of your choice; it’s free for download. Moreso, you get access to updates. More so, you get access to the latest breaking news in cricket and live streams for international events; you could also play fantasy leagues on FanCode and vet to access live scores. 

    Sling TV 

    Sling TV has the right to stream live cricket; Sling TV took the rights to stream live cricket from other locales. One instance is; that users in the USA can only stream live cricket matches on SonyLiV through/via Sling TV.

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    Also, Sling TV streams some ESPN channels via WatchESPN, and it’s perfect for those who would love to avoid paying extra bucks. Sling TV is available on most modern smart devices for download – Amazon Fire TV, game consoles, Nexus players, and so on. With your smartphone, you can watch any live cricket match from your home in Pakistan. Along TV is available in 25 countries and has over 300 channels on its list of channels. You get a free service trial to see if it’s right for you.

    Yupp TV

    Yupp TV is popularly known in some parts of Europe, Asia, and Central America for offering its subscribers live cricket matches. Moreover, Yupp TV has lots of shows on cricket, which fans can enjoy when they aren’t streaming live cricket matches.

    Yupp TV was announced as an official broadcast of IPL matches outside India – the move was made last month after the company bought the media rights to stream IPL matches. Recent updates on the Yupp TV app allow users in other countries like Pakistan, Canada, and Bangladesh to stream over 379 cricket games, for free, with no need to pay for any subscription. 


    Cricket World is an excellent site for live cricket, and most cricket fans prefer watching live cricket matches on Cricket World; for one, the site is easy to access and navigate, and the ease of use. The site has two sections, one for live cricket matches and the other for live score updates, for those who love constantly keeping up with other live game scores. 

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    As of now and in coming times, streaming live cricket will be a norm, but what you should consider before visiting a site to watch live matches; is the availability of numerous competitions and the video quality. Some games are in HD, and people love seeing matches in HD.

    Another reason costs; some live streaming websites and apps cost a lot to access sports content, unlike others that don’t require you to pay to access sports content.

    Some live cricket match sites or apps that are free for access give better access to others that require you to pay; above all, preference is what matters.

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