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Versace is one of the most re-known brands nowadays in the fashion industry. In the fragrance world, it has made its name high for the daring and passionate love for fragrances.  It is an Italian fashion design house that was found by Gianni Versace. This was further continued by other members of the Versace family and it has launched many types of products like

  • Shirts
  • Shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Belts
  • Outfits

Also, with that, they have introduced different fragrances that are highly demanded nowadays.  Versace perfume collection is based on 67 perfumes that are trending nowadays. These perfumes are instances of a pleasant smell. They increase the freshness of the soul. The Versace perfumes are valuable, distinct and the scent of these perfumes are very long-lasting.

These are the best perfumes in expressing the true fashion sense. These perfumes are trending a lot nowadays and symbolize the great attraction and inspiration for other men and women. They are available in different quantities but the most widely used is 90ml perfume. They have the best high and low notes and are the best floral fragrance for women. These perfumes are best for women and men.

12 Best Versace Perfumes Choose Your Signature Fragrance

These are a great addition to the modern fragrance world and enhances the enthusiasm and zeal for life. These perfumes are trending nowadays because they captivate different scents.  They give a unique kind of freshness and modernity to the men and women having this perfume. Versace perfumes are the masterpiece to most of the men and women going for the trending fashion nowadays and they are durable, long-lasting, dark, and sensual perfumes.

They create a fruity sense to the ladies and meets the taste of all kinds of men and women. They are many Versace perfumes that are launched by this brand including the

  • Bright Crystal
  • Eros
  • Crystal Noir
  • Pink
  • Gold
  • Blue Jeans
  • Diamond
  • Black
  • Vanitas
  • Dylan Blue
  • Essence

These all perfumes are amazing and high in quality and freshness.

1. Versace Dylan Blue Perfume for Men:

It was launched in 2006 and is available in different quantities like 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, and 200ml of this perfume. It is trending nowadays as it refreshes the soul of the person. They are best for men and all its notes are best and increase the perfumes demand outside. It has a very intense and pleasant smell. They are very classic, modern and trendy and are demanded very much by men.

Versace Dylan Blue collection is the new fragrance that is in the original form and aromatic and fresh with top, middle, and base notes. Its bottle comes in dark blue color. It is available in different quantities like 30ml, 50ml, 100ml to 200ml of EU de toilette. Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue is the perfume by Versace that is trending nowadays and has gained a huge demand of customers from all over the world.

2. Versace Bright Crystal Fragrance:

It is the perfume that was launched in 2006 by the latest Versace brand. It was sensed by Alberto Morales. This is one of the favorite floral fragrance of Versace. Versace bright crystal perfume is available in pink color bottle and has a luminous fragrance. All its notes are amazing and give a beautiful scent to the person wearing it.

Versace bright crystal addition is a very popular and stronger version of the fragrances by the Versace brand. One of the categories included in the Versace bright crystal is Versace bright crystal absolute that increases the has to enhance the intensity of beautiful sense. This is a feminine fragrance and has a fruity sense. It is very soft in comparison with other perfumes of the Versace brand for women.

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3. Versace Eros Perfume:

Versace has launched a new fragrance for men that is eros. Man has a great passion for these fragrances so they buy these perfumes a lot. It was launched in 2012 and the person who senses this beautiful fragrance was Airline Guiche red. There are different notes of the perfume and all are amazing in their sense.

This perfume is specifically for men and a best for the strong passionate men who want to master themselves. It has an amazing fragrance that inspired every person. Versace eros perfume gives a national touch that increases the order of the perfume and intensity of the perfume. They are the best in every season and are expensive as compared to other locals’ perfumes.

4. Versace Diamond Perfume:

Versace diamond perfume is a floral fragrance that is trending nowadays. It is specifically for women and was launched in 2011. This perfume has different notes including the top notes, middle notes, and base notes. All these are perfect on their way. This perfume is luxurious and a feminine fragrance. Versace diamond perfume has infinite beauty and reflects itself for women.

It is extraordinary and bright. Versace perfumes possess a fresh and vivid fragrance. The bottle of this perfume is a very unique creation and looks very amazing. This perfume is inspiring for all the women and increase the sensuality of the perfume.

5. Versace Blue Jeans Perfume:

Blue jeans by Versace are specifically for men. It is a masculine fragrance and the person who sense this perfume was Jean Pierre Bethouart. It has different notes including top, middle and base notes. All these are best and make it more demanding. It is a classical fragrance that is made of woodsy, citrusy notes.

This perfume is a very youthful and exciting men’s fragrance that can’t be replaced by any other perfume. It can be used casually because it gives a classical style. This is a very lightweight fabric and is long-lasting. Versace blue jeans for men are available mainly in 75ml in Pakistan. The price of this is Rs.2,700 minimum.

6. Versace Vanitas Perfume:

Versace vanitas is the floral fragrance that was launched in 2011. It was smelled by Dora Begriche. It has top notes including lime, middle notes including freesia, and base notes include cedar, tonka bean, etc. This is a very rich and sensual perfume that is softly sweet. It is a feminine fragrance and best for women of every kind. They are available in different quantities like 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml of EU De toilette.

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In the evenings, it is mostly preferred and is composed of beautiful scents. These perfumes mainly consist of fragrance, water, lemon, alcohol, and other organic compounds. Versace perfumes are very expensive and are famous worldwide.

7. Versace Perfumes Pour Homme:

It is the latest fragrance by Versace. The word means “for men”. So, it is a masculine fragrance that is an original scent. It was launched in 2008 and sensed by Alberto Morillas. It has various notes that increase the beautiful scent. They are a new version of perfume for men by the Versace brand. It has a very pleasant aroma. This perfume gives a unique kind of freshness and modernity to the men.

This perfume possesses different characteristics in which its strength, fragrance, durability, and sensuality are amazing. This perfume is highly demanded nowadays by men of all ages because it produces an amazing fruity scent that suits every man. This perfume is best in terms of sensuality and darkness. Versace Pore Homie Cologny is a perfume that is in original addition and a classical for men. This is best for men to style and refreshes their bodies. Its smell is acceptable by every man and is made of different notes that increase its attraction.

8. Versace Dreamer Perfume for Men:

It is an original edition specifically for men. It was launched in 1996 and it is the best fragrance. Top notes include lavender, sage, and Mandarin. Middle notes include tobacco, rose, etc and base notes include Tonka, bean, cedar, etc. This perfume was created for the passionate soul especially for men. It has a long-lasting effect and lasts for the whole day. This is great for men because they have to be out all day long.

9. Versace Couture:

This is the latest Versace perfume that is a fragrance for women. The nose behind this fragrance is Sophie Labbe. There are different top and base notes including trending and amazing scent. This is a luxurious perfume in gorgeous packing for women. It is best and ideal for high-class people. It is very exclusive and can be bought for $2,100.

This is available in Versace boutiques as well all over the world. The main edition of this perfume is available in a small suitcase bottle that gives glamour and grace to the women. It gives a refreshing effect to women. This is a very durable perfume and is a strong essence for men. It fulfills the desire for having a good fragrance all day. Its durability increases its demand and fulfills the thirst of those men who have a great passion for various amazing fragrances. It is highly durable and has an intense and beautiful smell.

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10. Versace Eros Pour Femme:

Eros pour femme is a floral woody musk fragrance for women. It is a very long-lasting perfume for boys and is known for its protection and long lastingness. This perfume is the right choice for men of every age who are looking for a long-lasting fragrance. This perfume was launched in 2014. It is a floral woody fragrance.

This is the best perfume in expressing the true fashion sense. It is purely a feminine perfume that is used by modern-day women. This perfume is trending a lot nowadays and symbolizes the great attraction and inspiration for other women. It is available in different quantities but the most widely used is 90ml perfume. It has the best high and low notes and is the best floral fragrance for women. This perfume is best for women in comparison with other Versace perfumes.

The bottle of this fragrance is rounded and has a proper medusa symbol on the center of the bottle. The bottle is then further packed into a small case. This perfume is very refreshing and increases the strength of the soul. Top notes include lemon, pomegranate, bergamot. Middle notes include lemon, blossom, jasmine, peony and the base notes include musk, sandalwood, woodsy notes, etc.

11. Versace L Homme:

It is the latest perfume trending nowadays by Versace. It is a leather fragrance for women. This perfume was launched in 1986. Its amazing notes increase its freshness and scents that gives a unique appearance to the men. The top notes are lemon, basil, bergamot.

Middle notes are cinnamon, sandalwood rose, cedar, jasmine, and base notes are leather, oakmoss, musk, vanilla, amber, etc. This is a classical fragrance of Versace that has a sharp scent. Their notes increase perfumes’ demand and attraction. This perfume is luxurious and a masculine fragrance. They are extraordinary and possess a fresh and vivid fragrance.

12. Versace Crystal Noir Perfume:

The Versace crystal noir is the top trending perfume for women. It was launched in 2004. The person who was behind the launching and sensing this fragrance was Antoine lie. It is a very delicate and sensual essence. Versace Crystal Noir Deep Perfume is a unique scent that represents many women of every kind nowadays. It is very inspiring for women and makes a very elegant and fashionable sense with high confidence.

Top notes include ginger, cardamom, pepper; middle notes include coconut, orange, peony, etc. Base notes include musk, amber, and sandalwood. It is a delicate and sensual blend of different notes. In Pakistan, the price of Versace Crystal Noir starts from Rs. 6,000 and goes maximum to Rs. 20,000. People buy these a lot especially the women of Pakistan. This perfume possesses the best sensuality and inspiration. Versace Crystal Noir is very demanding nowadays by the women. It is a very strong version and is the original edition.  It is made with an amazing fruity scent and suits every woman.


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