Selection of the right dress for a breastfeeding mom is a matter of everyday challenge. However, pulling an outfit together to enjoy a night out at a wedding or any other related ceremony will be even more challenging. You may come across a large number of stunning evening gowns both online and in the local area. However, if the outfit does not whip your breasts, moms will end up juggling their clothes in one hand and a bawling baby in the next. In this situation, breastfeeding mothers always look for breastfeeding-friendly dresses, which let them feed or nurse their babies elegantly.

Breastfeeding friendly dresses to Look Stylish

Claret Maternity Dress

Do you want some Hollywood vibes in your wedding dress? Just try the beautiful Claret Maternity dress, which has a stunning V-neck line and striking red fabric in drape form. Moreover, the dress has a faux wrap tie at the front to give nursing access to your baby. Wear matching red lipstick to match your dress and carry your baby to the event.

Mama Lace Nursing Dress

breastfeeding friendly dresses

Mama Lace Nursing Dress will also be one of the excellent breastfeeding friendly dresses in black color. It is a fully-lined fitted dress with black lace to feature a lovely warp-over and V-neck top. Besides, the name lace nursing justifies that it is a discreet type of inner top to allow easy access to breastfeeding activity.

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Royal Blue Maxi Dress

Royal Blue Maxi Dress by Wondrous Water Lilies is a showstopper for every fashion lover. Even though you cannot find it in the category of nursing dress, the stunning maxi-length gown has a wrap-over neckline, which you may pull down to nurse your little one. The combination of electric blue color and high slit is perfect to experience a celebrity night over the town.

April Nursing Gown

April Nursing Gown is also one of the friendly dresses for breastfeeding activities. It comes with hidden nursing access to work well for every breastfeeding mom. The dress has floral lace and a full soft jersey lining to give enough comfort. The best thing is that you may wear the midnight blue gown around the year, as it is the ultimate dress for every season.

Crochet Back Maternity Dress

If you are still searching for an easy and pull-down V-neck to access nursing a baby, you should go with Crochet Back Maternity Maxi Dress in black color. The dress has a long floor-sweeping length with crochet lace at the back. You may even add some pearls strand and red lipstick to give a gorgeous look and ready for the evening.

Nursing Lace Bodycon Dress by Mamalicious

Feel yourself sexy while breastfeeding in style with the nursing lace bodycon dress by Mamalicious. It has a gorgeous fabric with red lace, a body-hug cut, and an easy pull-up to access nursing. Other than that, you may choose a Bodycon dress to enjoy a special evening or night out.

Maxi Nursing Dress by Morgan Sequin

breastfeeding friendly dresses

Are you still searching for a maternity or nursing dress to wear for a special event? Try the gorgeous Maxi Nursing Dress by Morgan Sequin. As a flowy gown, it has sequin details across the waist and a discrete side to allow hassle-free breastfeeding.

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Ponte and Black Silk Maternity Dress

Ponte and Black Silk Maternity Dresses are also friendly dresses for breastfeeding and a preferable outfit to wear for any fancy night out. The dress has a 100 percent of skill skirt, an empire waist cut, and a well-structured Ponte bodice. Other than that, you will get a front hidden zip to obtain easy nursing access.

Other Comfortable Breastfeeding friendly dresses from Wardrobe

New moms, who want breastfeeding friendly dresses to wear daily may even reuse their existing clothes instead of buying new ones. Doing so will save time, money, and wardrobe space. However, before you should do so, you should know the types of clothes you may use for nursing your little one. For this, we have shared a few easy breastfeeding outfit ideas, which often stay lying around in your home’s closet.

Zip-front or Button-up Apparel

Every breastfeeding-friendly outfit has a common and most important requirement which is easy access. Clothing designed specifically for nursing should contain panels to provide easy access. However, you may get the same thing with your zip-front and button-down apparel. Both of these outfits give professional look and are perfect for all, who work outside of the home and require to pump breast milk.

Stretchy Tank Tops

breastfeeding friendly dresses

Stretchy tank tops or camisoles are also excellent clothes to use while breastfeeding your baby. You may simply later your top/camisole below a button-up shirt, a shirt that contains an open neckline, a loose blouse, or anything that you may open or lift easily. One can easily pull down stretchy tank tops for nursing the baby by providing enough coverage to moms.

Low Neckline Shirts

When you opt to stay at home or require to run any errand and require something casual yet comfortable, you should look for low-neckline shirts. You may choose between comfortable shirts with V necklines and scoop necklines to pull down easily to accommodate your baby. Always make sure to select the ones designed with stretchy fabric.

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Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are excellent breastfeeding friendly dresses to wear while working or attending weddings and other formal events. Wrap blouses or dresses contain a single fabric layer across the front. Furthermore, you may unwrap them from any side without any problem to let your baby reach your breasts.

A Scarf or Baby Blanket

While you may get a few nursing covers, you can use anything available at home to maintain privacy while breastfeeding your baby. You may go with a baby blanket as a cover or try a scarf to perform your task well. The plus point to using a scarf is that you may wear it across your neck to use it as an accent to the outfit.

Tips to Choose Breastfeeding friendly dresses

Once you know a few of the stylish breastfeeding friendly dresses to wear in special events, we will share a few valuable tips to select the right dress for nursing your baby, which includes the following-

Dress should be Soft and Comfortable

Moms should remember that they have to wear their clothes for the entire day. Hence, they should look for the ones to make you feel comfortable. Make sure to wear anything that you may wear without feeling itchy or sore. Moreover, you will lay your baby against the dress, and select a few soft garments without any hard embellishments.

The Outfit Must Have a Breathable Fabric

You should select breastfeeding clothes consisting of cotton or any other similar type of breathable fabric. Moms stay near their babies while they breastfeed. In this situation, a synthetic fabric will cause both to feel uncomfortable and warm.

Nursing Dress should be Stretchy

You must select a stretchy top or dress, like a cotton jersey. You have to accommodate the baby and a stretchy material will give enough space for movement. Stretchy fabrics will even cling to the appropriate places to keep you and the baby fully covered.


Breastfeeding moms may find many fashion designers involved in making beautiful nursing outfits with discreet access, like side access and lift-up panels or faux wrap across the fronts. Moms may even find many gorgeous mainstream evening gowns equipped with necklines. The main benefit of neckline gowns is that you may pull them aside or down to become the ultimate choice for breastfeeding your baby happily.


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