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    how to wear a scarf in your hair

    Looking for a fun and versatile way to elevate your look? Look no further than the humble scarf! Scarves have long been beloved accessories. Apart from adding a pop of color or pattern to any ensemble, they can be styled in numerous ways. You can use them to tie the hair for added styling versatility!

    This blog explores various creative methods by answering how to wear a scarf in your hair. We will look from the classic styles to the trendy variations. There’s sure to be something suitable for every event or special occasion, withplenty of inspiring styles waiting to be discovered. Be ready and make others turn their heads by choosing these fun and unique ideas:

    1. Classic Headband

    The classic headband acts as a clip and keeps the flyaways under control. In addition, these bands add flairand style to any look.

    how to wear a scarf in your hair

    1. First, fold a scarf into a thin strip. Then, proceed to wrap it around your head like a headband.
    2. Now, create a knot using the two ends together at the nape of your neck. It will help the ensemble stay put without slipping or falling off.
    3. Tie your scarf so it fits snuggly enough not to slip or slide off your head while loose enough that there’s just the slightest bit of freedom. Of course, your hair type and texture might dictate this differently, so experimentation may be required before you finalize that perfect design to keep you always noticed!
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    2. Turban-Style Headband

    When temperatures dip low, one way to keep your head warm is by learning how to wear a scarf in your hair on cold days by selecting a turban-style headband. It is an easy and efficient solution.

    how to wear a scarf in your hair

    1. Start with a long scarf. Fold it lengthwise, then loosely into thirds.
    2. Tie the ends together to create a loop of fabric around your head. This is what will become your turban headband.
    3. Wrap the loops around your head, starting in front and then going around to the back.
    4. Keep wrapping until you reach the top of your head with no loose ends hanging down. Secure with pins or bobby pins if needed!

    3. Hipster Headband

    Headbands often boast bold patterns, unique textures, and eclectic designs, which help add an edge to any look. Perfect for hipsters wanting to show their individualism. These accessories make an impressive fashion statement.

    how to wear a scarf in your hair

    1. Wrap the scarf around your hair with the ends hanging behind your head. Now, ensure that you are covering a part of the forehead and ears before tying the scarf.
    2. Tie the scarf securely around your head using a knot or bow, depending on how you intend to wear it.
    3. You could also wrap both ends and tie them together as an alternative way of wearing your scarf if necessary!

    4. Scarf Bun

    A scarf bun is an easy and chic way to add pattern or color to your hairstyle for an effortlessly stylish look. Tie your scarf tightly around your bun for maximum impact while creating this trendy hairstyle.

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    how to wear a scarf in your hair

    1. Collect all your hair at the top and make it into a high ponytail holder.
    2. Add the scarf’s one end around the base of the ponytail holder, and tie it securely.
    3. Tie the other end of your scarf around itself to form a loop at each side of your head. Such a construction helps keep everything secure.
    4. Add any necessary pins or clips, bobby pins included, to keep the ensemble secure.

    5. Scarf Ponytail

    Tying a scarf around a high ponytail creates an eye-catching accessory, adding color and flair that is easily customizable for different looks and occasions. To successfully pull this off, opt for lightweight scarves with thinner weaves to not add unnecessary bulkiness or weight to your style.

    1. Tie your scarf around the bottom of your hair using any basic technique or knotting method you like. 
    2. Secure the ends of a scarf to the underside of your hair to keep it secure while performing further styling steps.
    3. Do this by creating a ponytail starting at the top and working from there. 
    4. Try pulling and teasing out pieces along the length of your ponytail to create some volume.
    5. Once you have secured your ponytail, position the scarf such that it sits over your head. 
    6. Begin to wrap around and cover your ponytail holder. 

    Make sure the scarf fits loose enough that it won’t restrict head movement while being secure enough not to drop off. Using bobby pins, if possible, is preferable to ensure its position.

    6. Scarf Top Knot

    A scarf top knot can add warmth and flair to any ensemble, instantly elevating its style and giving any look an additional dose of coziness. 

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    how to wear a scarf in your hair

    1. You can begin it by following the steps below: 
    2. Start by wrapping the scarf loosely around the entire head.
    3. Use one end of the scarf to surround the ponytail holder base.
    4. Use an elastic band to secure the remaining hair that you can gather and turn it into a high ponytail.
    5. Carefully pull pieces out from the front to reveal your scarf beneath, and add hairspray if necessary to complete this style!

    You can also add some bobby pins for extra security to ensure it stays in place all day long.

    The Bottom Line

    There you have it, folks! We have answered how to wear a scarf in your hair by providing creative and stylish ways! Make an impactful statement or try something different by including scarves in your daily hairstyle regimen, whether for avant-garde or fun. Scarves save time on bad hair days and assist in elevating appearance by adding color and texture to the overall ensemble. Plus, scarves are timeless accessories you can use year-round as part of an investment wardrobe – check out some creative scarf-wear ideas by following us! Pin these creative pictures if you need help coming up with ideas!

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