Eid Special Dramas 2017 - List of Eid Dramas on HUM TV, ARY Digital, GEO

Eid Special Dramas 2017 | List of Eid Dramas you can watch on your favorite channel like HUM TV, ARY Digital, GEO TV – Special Eid Dramas 2017 full of enjoyment, entertainment, drama, thrill and emotions – EID has taken as the biggest festivity for Muslims globally and is celebrated with religious spirit and enthusiasm. Muslims all over the world want to make their EID 2017 most memorable and amazing day of the whole year. This shows the respect to the religion Islam and how much importance we give to the festival given to us as a gift from Allah. Earlier, people had sufficient time and they used to plan family gatherings and outdoor picnics.

But now, everyone is busy because of the hectic routine and wants to celebrate EID Holidays 2017 at home. People stay at home and visit relatives and friends in the evenings. Many people want to spend this time with their family and enjoy the EID Day 2017 with kids and other family members.

Eid Special Dramas 2017 - List of Eid Dramas on HUM TV, ARY Digital, GEO

Looking at the trend of people and revival of media and fashion industry in Pakistan, many private TV Channels have come up with thrilling shows and amazing programs they telecast throughout the year. Gradually, the trend has shifted for Special Transmission in Ramzan and then for Special Shows for EID 2017. All the TV Channels now telecast their exclusive EID Transmission and showcase many outstanding shows for all EID Days.

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These Special Shows for EID 2017 include Dramas, Telefilms, Sitcoms, Fashion Shows, Morning Shows and Music and Game Shows. Interviews of the leading celebs and stars are also aired on for the EID Day.

Among all these shows, Dramas are the most favorite segment and are liked by millions. People who are not regular viewers also love to see EID Special Dramas 2017 and get entertained. All genres of the drama are liked by people and for EID especially, comedy dramas and telefilms are liked most. Therefore, all leading channels air fabulous EID Special Dramas every year and get appreciation. This year too, wonderful drama lists are available with all leading channels of Pakistan and people are waiting for these dramas keenly.

List of Eid Special Dramas 2017 | Special Shows | Transmission:

EID Special Dramas on HUM TV:

HUM TV Network is the pioneering TV Channel of Pakistan. The Channel has aired many outstanding glamorous and serious dramas and serials that have caught special attention and people remember these dramas and serial even after so many years. Every year, HUM TV telecast special EID Special Dramas and Shows and this year too, HUM is bringing outstanding entertainment for its viewers. Light Comedy Dramas are the part of this and many Sitcoms are also the part of EID Transmission.

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EID Special Dramas on HUM TV includes Aisa Be Hota Hai. Drama starring Sonia Hussain is an amazing comedy and actress is playing the character of Tomboy.

Nain Tara is another amazing comedy casting Hina Dilpazir. The show will be aired on EID on HUM TV.

HUM Ne Kaha EID Mubarak is also looking wonderful with its cast and look like a perfect entertainment.

Star cast includes

  • Meera
  • Saba Faisal

And many other wonderful actors.

Mohabat.pk is also a special mini serial for this EID 2017. The program is continued since last few days and now the viewers are waiting for its final. All of these plays and telefilms are looking fabulous and will make your EID Day more memorable for you.

Special & Entertaining Geo TV EID Dramas 2017:

Geo is the leading TV Channel of Pakistan and probably the biggest one. the channel is known for its diverse and bold topics and has presented outstanding and amazing entertainment to its viewers. Geo TV Network also has many sub-channels which are also the drama channels.

One of them is Geo Kahani which re-telecast some of the Super Hit Dramas aired on Geo TV. Classic, conventional and latest dramas are presented on the channel and Geo also prepares many Dramas and Telefilms particularly for EID-ul-Fitar and EID-ul-Adha. These also include entertaining funny and comedy dramas as well as serious and thematic screenplays.

This year, two comedy plays Chalo Chalo Dubai Chalo and romantic love story Tu Mera Chaand will be presented.

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Another telefilm that is looking very eye-catching is Aitabar casting leading stars. Long play will be cast on the third or fourth day of EID. All of the plays are looking classic and quality and will definitely match the choice and demand of the viewers. Eid Ul Fitr 2017 Special Shows on Television will perfectly make your EID more memorable for you.

Eid Special Dramas 2017 on ARY Digital:

ARY Digital is one of the leaders in drama industry and has made its unique place in short time. The Channel is known for telecasting selective and quality serials and is very choosy in its screenplays. Like every EID, for this year EID-ul-Fitar ARY Digital has come up with series of classic and fabulous dramas.

ARY Digital Eid Dramas 2017 will be telecasted on three days of EID and you can enjoy unstoppable entertainment to make it tremendous. Other than morning shows, fashion shows, and music shows, series of dramas will be aired on the network. ARY Digital highlights ARY EID Special Dramas & Telefilms which are looking really entertaining.

A special telefilm Khalda or Walda is a complete entertainment package and will be telecast on the first day of EID. Bushra Ansari is a big name of comedy and starring her.

Eid Special Bulbulay only on ARY Digital.

ARY also has another fun on the third day of EID in special telefilm Khala Garam Masala.

EID K Rang ARY Digital K Sang Special EID Transmission also has unstoppable entertainment with funny sitcoms and small dramas. Starring celeb couple Farhan and Urwa Hocane.

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another amazing telefilm Pyaar Ki Love Story will be aired on the second day of EID. The Telefilm is written by Faiza Iftikhar and star cast also include Saba Hameed and Asif Raza Mir.

Don’t miss to watch ARY Film Awards 16On the 3rd day of Eid at 1:00 pm on ARY Digital. This Eid OnlyonARY Digital.

Mohabbat Ho Gayi Akhir will also entertain you on ARY with EID Special ARY Digital Transmission. So, the channel has the full package of entertainment and fun for all age groups on this EID and you will definitely enjoy all the programs and dramas and telefilms that will be aired on the network. Many other dramas are also the part of this transmission and will definitely be interesting to watch.

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