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    Eid Special Shows on HUM TV 2017, Morning Shows, Telefilm, Dramas

    Eid Special Shows on HUM TV 2017 | Morning Shows | TeleFilm | Dramas Telecast on Pakistan most favorite channel HUM TV – EID mean the happiest day and of course, this is the happiest day in the lives of Muslims all over the world. Muslims celebrate EID after having the Fasts of Full Holy Month of Ramzan and this is the festival that is celebrated with religious spirit, enthusiasm and with the feeling of Muslim dignity and glory of religion Islam. First of Shawwal is the day of EID for Muslims and of course the most pleasurable experience in their lives.

    People all over the globe, especially Muslims, wear new Eid clothes, Shoes and eat Eid Special foods. They offer special EID prayer and share their happiness with poor and needy. This creates the atmosphere of joy and happiness among all classes of society and Islamic concept of equality of all human beings is actually witnessed on EID day.

    Eid Special Shows on HUM TV 2017, Morning Shows, Telefilm, Dramas

    With changing time, the concept of EID has also changed and people practice many new things. Earlier, a family outing was planned and picnics were done on the EID day, but now the daily busy and hectic schedules have restricted the outdoor activities of people and therefore, they visit the relatives and friends on special occasions and festivals.

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    EID Special Shows 2017 on HUM TV | Morning Shows |Dramas| Telefilms:

    Looking at the needs of the people and feeling that people want to relax and get entertained while at home, the behavior of media industry has also changed. Now, media and many television channels broadcast the programs that are entertaining and educative as well. Since last few years, many dramas and entertainment channels have flourished and have showcased excellent programs.

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    HUM Television Network is the pioneering Drama & Entertainment Channel of Pakistan. HUM TV has presented amazing and entertaining programs and has earned a special reputation in few years. Every year, TV Channel telecast interesting shows, dramas and short Telefilms for its viewers. There are many Special Shows on HUM TV are liked by people and HUM is preferred entertainment channel of Pakistan.

    Jago Pakistan Jago EID Special Show on HUM TV:

    Diverse Shows are presented on HUM TV every year. The most popular are Morning Shows. HUM TV throughout the year presents excellent morning show with good topics and themes and this tradition is also maintained on the EID as well. EID Special Morning Show is the top-rated program by HUM with outstanding entertainment.

    [su_quote]Jago Pakistan Jago is the famous and most popular morning show by HUM TV. Morning Show is hosted by talented and beautiful actress Sanam Jang.[/su_quote]

    With reference to EID, many celebrities are invited on the Show on the EID Day with their families. Every year a newly married Celebrity Couple is either invited on some distinguished guest is invited. Like HUM Morning Show presented Special Appearance by Aiza Khan and Danish Taimoor after their wedding two years back. So, every year surprised guests are invited on EID Special Transmission.

    EID Special Morning Show includes games, cooking guides, gossip and experience of the guests on EID and how they used to celebrate it before coming to the media industry and talking about their achievements. Segments that how should we actually celebrate EID and what treatments should be done with poor, are also the part of these shows. Jago Pakistan Jago will celebrate EID Day 3 with superstars of most awaited Yalghar Movie.

    Pakistani Celebrities on Eid 2017

    Special Dramas and Telefilms for EID Day on HUM TV:

    Many people do not have daily time to watch dramas and telefilms on many channels and keeping the theme of EID, every year many Dramas, Sitcoms, Telefilms and Music Shows are presented.  HUM being unique and leader in drama industry always presents quality dramas and special segments on EID. Like always, this year too, The Channel has in pipeline interesting Dramas.

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    Nain Tara, casting Hina Dilpazir will be aired on HUM TV on Eid Day 2. From highlights, the program is looking comedy and entertaining as well and is the first production of Ahmad Bhatti.

    EID-ul-Fitr Special Telefilm on HUM TV starring Saba Faisal, Waseem Abbas, Yasir Hussain and Sonia Hussain will be aired on EID Day where Sonia Hussain will be seen in a role of Tomboy. Celebrate your EID-ul-Fitar with HUM TV and enjoy another amazing Special EID Telefilm starring Meera in lead role. MD Production’s Daurr will be aired on the EID Day.

    Add up to your experience with Teen Shauqeens on the EID Day 3. Again it looks a Sitcom that will defiantly be tons of entertainment for its viewers. Aisa Bhi Hota Hai Eid Day 3 at 9:45 PM on HUM TV.

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    HUM TV Bridal Culture Week 2017:

    To entertain its viewers and refresh the memories, in HUM Special EID Transmission, the channel will also re-telecast HUM Award Shows.  Many Special Shows like Bridal Couture Week and Fashion Pakistan Week may also be in the queue to be the part of the screen for this EID. Fourteenth Edition of Bridal Couture Week will be telecasted on the EID.

    @ Pakistani Bridal Dresses 2017

    Super Stars Ka Super Show:

    Coming on this EID is the Super Stars Ka Super Show, hosted by Hareem Farooq. The Show will be presented on three EID Days and highlights for this show tells about a lot of entertainment and fun. Everyone is looking amazing and perfect in the Show and you will feel a thrill with this amazing EID-ul-Fitr Special HUM TV Show.

    HUM TV EID Special Telefilm 2017:

    All of us are big fans of movies and like to see them. As you know that Indian Films are very popular and appeal and inspire millions of audience across the world. Earlier, Indian Movies were telecasted on EID by many channels and HUM as well but after the revival of Pakistani Cinema and to promote Pakistani Film Industry, Pakistani Films are telecasted.  Many of our films have earned big applause and praise from the audience and have knocked across the borders.

    [su_quote]This EID Special Transmission by HUM TV also includes the World Television Premiere of Blockbuster Movie, Bin Roye.[/su_quote]

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    The Movie started Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed and many other famous celebs. It’s a great film and is prepared by Momina Duraid Productions. The movie has already earned a lot of success and fame and has excellent work done by all the artists and celebs.

    Make your EID more special and memorable with the thrilling and sizzling transmission of HUM TV. Channel has perfectly planned Special EID Shows keeping in view all age groups.

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