Looking to transform your windows from boring and staid to something stylish and stunning? Well, you can’t ever go wrong with custom roman shades

Roman shades are some of the most popular window treatments on the market. They deliver graceful styling to your space, blending with any style of décor. Roman shades come in a variety of fabrics, patterns, and colors – and are affordable. Do you know there are many different types of roman shades? Well, now you know! Let’s look at the most popular options you will find in the market.

Different Styles of Roman Shades

As mentioned, roman shades come in different styles. Each has its unique style and appeals to a wide range of audiences. Let’s check them out.

  • Flat-Fold Roman Shades with Front Slats

These are one of the most popular styles of roman shades. They feature horizontal slats right on the front with straight stacking folds. Flat-fold roman shades are highly functional, structured and modern. You should consider this style for your high-traffic rooms where you frequently open and close the windows. 

They are also perfect for people looking to design a casual or semi-formal space. These shades will look great on any type of fabric.

  • Flat-Fold Roman Shades with Back Slats

This delivers the most minimalistic feel in any space. Flat-fold roman shades with back slats feature horizontal slats sewn into the lining of the shades at the back. The shade stacks in clean straight lines, delivering a modern, clean, and highly functional window covering. Since they have the slats stitched into the lining at the back, the seams are invisible from the front. 

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Are you looking to achieve a seamless flow of fabric without any interruption for your window treatments? You’ll get what you want with flat-fold roman shades with back slats. 

  • European Relaxed Roman Shades

These roman shades are often referred to as the soft smile by interior designers, thanks to the swagging folds at the bottom. They do not have slats like flat fold shades. Thanks to this, they drape naturally into a soft curve. These shades are ideal for traditional and feminine interiors because of the ornamental swag and folds at the bottom.

Different Types of Mounting

Roman shades can be mounted in the recess of the window frame and can also be installed outside of the frame. Choosing between the two is determined by the architectural design of your window. 

  • Inside Mount Roman Shades

For the inside mount roman shades, the hardware is neatly fixed to the recess of the window frame to create a streamlined and tailored look. Your window frame needs ample depth for inside mount roman shades to house the hardware. This type of mount comes with many benefits. 

First, they help you achieve a sleek and stylish look when installed inside. Second, they deliver a customized look because they snugly fit inside the window frame. This is because of the precision in size measurement when stitching the shade. 

It also enhances the ornate moldings of your windows since it provides an unhindered view of your window frame and the trims. Lastly, you also get more insulation since the shades are mounted close to the window panes.

  • Outside Mount Roman Shades
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If your window frame is too shallow to allow mounting hardware inside recess, an outside mount is best for you. The shades are mounted directly on the walls or ceiling outside of the frame and are not limited by the depth of the window frame. With an outside mount, you don’t have to bother about precise measurements like you would with an inside mount. 

This type of installation also lets more sunshine and light filter into the room since you can install them a few inches above the frame, so they fold to clear the window completely to let in more light. 

Other Factors to Consider when Choosing Roman Shades

  • Choice of Fabric: Just as with custom curtains, your fabric choice is crucial for roman shades. For instance, blackout shades provide noise insulation and maximum light control, while sheer shades help to soften and filter the rays of sunlight. Velvet and silks are perfect for formal environments, while cotton and linens are great for laid-back lounges.
  • Choice of Color: Consider getting the color of your roman shades in your room’s color palette. You can also choose your shades to have the same color as the dominant color to blend or in the accent color to make them pop.
  • Choice of Pattern: Just like many elements in your space, the overall décor of your room should determine the pattern of your shades. Note that every pattern has its unique character and if you know the ropes, you can even choose to mix different patterns in your room. For example, stripes and plaids highlight the shape of your window. While plaids reflect sturdiness, stripes are minimalistic. Whatever you choose, make sure that the pattern is in sync with the window size and your overall décor.