Do you intend to upgrade your office headsets? Headsets are one of the most important pieces of equipment for businesses, allowing employees to communicate clearly with customers and clients. A wide variety of headsets are available on the market, so it is important to choose the right one for your business. The available headsets on the market have something slightly different, making it hard to settle for a particular one, especially if you have not purchased any set lately. Poly headsets are popular for businesses, as they offer clear sound quality and are comfortable to wear. However, there are a few things to consider when purchasing poly headsets for your business, such as;


Poly headsets are available in different qualities. This means that, when buying the headsets, you must be careful to ensure you have bought the right option in terms of quality as per your company needs. You should not simply buy headsets for businesses depending on their prices but instead check if they are of the right quality before making the final decision.


If you are not keen when purchasing headsets, you can end up with a pair incompatible with your device. This is inconvenient since you now have to think about returns and exchanges, or investing in additional hardware. This means that, when deciding which to buy, you should make sure that the headsets are compatible with the phone and computer you are using. There are those headsets that are compatible with multiple devices, making your purchase process more productive.

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Poly headsets are available in a range of sizes. So it is essential to choose one that will be comfortable for your employees. Smaller headsets may be more comfortable for some employees, while larger ones will be better for others. Furthermore, you want your workers to feel wanted and valued and getting the right size is one way to show it. You should also consider the size of the ear cups, as some headsets have larger ear cups than others.

Built-in controls

The use of the headset is essential in business. Therefore, go for a headset that is easy to control. You can look at business headsets with buttons that allow users to increase or decrease the volume levels. The headsets that support wireless connections are convenient to use. You can answer a phone call by providing audio inputs using wireless technologies. Look for a headset that has got an academy base that helps with balancing the sound.

Dual earbud feature

If you are carrying out office duties requiring you to be on the phone for a long time, consider having a headset with two earbuds attached instead of one. The dual earbud feature helps you stay in control and listen to any sound. This means that you will be able to have your conversation with clients and, in turn, stay in good control of any sounds going on outside that you may need to be aware of.

Digital assistant support

The headsets or base unit must support the digital assistant of your organization. There is a list of smart digital assistants that Poly headsets support, such as Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. As an organization chooses compatible headsets for the digital assistants already installed in the organization’s systems, it is easy to enable them to perform useful tasks such as adding items and checking release dates on your computer.

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Support for multiple communication channels

A good business headset should support multiple communication channels such as VoIP, analogue, digital and wireless. In that case, a poly business headset allows you to utilize multiple communication channels per your business requirements. If a particular channel is unavailable, you can utilize the additional ones. This helps you maintain proper communication within the premises.

Advanced features

Suppose you are looking for commercial to business calls and other professional communications. In that case, you should buy a headset that will go a long way in ensuring you benefit fully from cloud-based applications. A modern headset should have features that ensure unified communications and call center compatibility.

 For example, consider a headset with advanced features that allow you to manage inbound and outbound calls and other applications. The headset should allow quick call forwarding, softphone controls and much more. The advanced features shall enable you to handle the devices in different directions and privacy levels.

Rechargeable feature

Most Poly headsets for business have an inbuilt rechargeable battery that will allow you to use them for quite a long time before recharging. Some headsets can be used for 20 hours without draining the battery. You will never have to worry about power cuts reducing productivity.

Easy installation

Before buying a poly headset, it is essential to know if it’s easy to install or not. It should also be fixed up according to the working environment. Your employees should not raise complaints as they are working with it in their daily lives. Though it is quite a simple process, it takes quite a lot of time to fix the headset for the first time. They may not come with instructions; however, the company can help you fix them.

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 It is essential to know how long the company will take to replace/repair any damaged part as it has a limited warranty. The company should take care of the returns promptly and give you full value for the money you spend. You can also look out for a free trial period and go through the reviews posted by the customers before you finally buy any poly headset.

These are some factors to consider when purchasing headsets for your business. Choose a headset that will enable you and your employees to conduct a clear and enjoyable conversation. A business needs to communicate clearly with its customers and clients. Otherwise, customers may think the business cannot provide the expected quality service. Buying the right Poly headsets is the way to go; they work perfectly even in noisy environments.

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