HIV injections 

HIV injections 

The history of HGH injections for sale is quite colorful if the supplements industry standards are anything to go by. HGH, which also goes by somatropin, became a common feature in our everyday lives when it was used to treat growth disorders for the first time. 

Later on, doctors found it could be used to treat muscular wastage in people suffering from HIV-AIDS, and more recently, accumulation of fat caused by lipodystrophy. In the years to come, you are likely to see HGH injections for sale being used to reconstruct the body’s immunity. 

Other than treatment of HIV related complication, real HGH for sale has several other indications. Non-approved use runs the gamut and includes muscular enhancement all the way to alleged cure-all.  However, synthetic HGH injections for sale does not do everything people believe it can. 

But, its future in the treatment of HIV-AIDs has caused researchers to look into the potential uses of HGH critically. 

HIV-AIDS wasting

Cachexia or AIDS wasting, as it is popularly known is common during the advanced stage of HIV. The body experiences not only absolute weight loss, but also loss of mass, and muscle, which in most cases is substituted by body fat. 

Wasting results from a number of factors, in isolation or together, and includes loss of appetite, diarrhea, nausea and oral issues that make it impossible for a person to eat food properly. HIV positive people also have difficulty with absorption of food through the intestine and making use of nutrients from the food ingested. These problems were quite common in Europe and other developed regions until antiretroviral drugs were developed. 

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Early treatment is important for persons with HIV as it is in any other situation. However, it should be noted that legal HGH for sale is not a cure for muscular wasting brought about by AIDS. Although it can bring dramatic changes in a few people, particularly those with HGH deficiency, most other people will not see change. 

Current HGH for sale online used as a regiment for HIV-AIDS related wasting is a dose that is injected every day right before bedtime. This helps the dose mimic the cycle of the natural hormone produced by the body. A single dose pure HGH for sale used for this purpose is between 4 and 6 mg, but the actual quantity will depend on a person’s weight. 


This term is used to imply body fat anomalies and metabolic issues that arise due to HIV-AIDS. It also includes shedding of fat around the face, legs, buttocks, and arms. The condition can also include accumulation of body fat around your upper back and abdomen.

Abnormalities associated with the metabolism include elevated lipid levels as well as resistance to insulin. These issues often lead to sugar imbalance in the blood. Scientists have not been able to agree on the actual definition of the term lipodystrophy and this has stimulated very little research in this area. 

Thymic function

New research indicates that legal HGH for sale could help the body enhance or even restore immunity in persons with HIV. Researchers based in Westminster and Chelsea were able to demonstrate the effect that HGH has on the body’s thymic function in people with HIV-AIDS who are using antiretroviral medication. 

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The body’s thymus, or the gland on your chest bone, is responsible for differentiation and maturation of your T-cells. This process enables mature T-cells to detect and destroy foreign bodies. 12 weeks’ worth of treatment with pure HGH for sale resulted in an increase in CD8 and CD4 counts in 11 of the 12 subjects involved in the study. This indicates that HGH is able to improve thymic function in your body. 

Although these findings are impressive, a lot more research is necessary. And even if this kind of treatment becomes a viable option, its application will only be possible in the years to come. 

Risks and side effects 

Since HGH is mainly protein, it can be broken down in your stomach when ingested orally. As a result, you cannot take it in pill form. Neither can you use it topically as a cream or lotion?  The only way to deliver HGH is through an injection. 

Growth hormone must not be injected if you are suffering from an acute illness. This includes people with complications related to open hearth, abdominal surgery, accidental trauma, and respiratory complications. HGH is also likely to interfere with your triglyceride level raising your risk of diabetes in people who are already in the risk-prone category like the overweight.

Wrap Up

Potentially, HGH might help people with HIV restore their immunity. However, this might be true in a few people.  Further research is also needed to find out whether HGH can cause unwanted effects in those who will use it for this purpose in the future. Note that you should never use HGH on yourself or children unless you have the doctor’s permission.  

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