From Instagram influencers to bloggers, there’s no shortage of ways to get into a fashion career these days. If you’re considering becoming a fashion designer, you probably already have many ideas burning up inside your head. What’s holding you back from pursuing them?  The fashion industry generates $2.4 trillion in sales annually and has a massive impact on society. If you want to participate in such a lucrative field, you need to start somewhere. And starting in the fashion industry might not seem too intimidating. After all, you can even go straight to school for fashion design without having any formal training whatsoever.

Steps to becoming a fashion designer in the US

  • The majority of fashion designers have a bachelor’s degree in art and design. Fashion theory, Fabric theory, and colour theory are all topics included in a fashion design curriculum. They also learn to use computer-aided design (CAD) tools to generate styles.
  • Fashion designers should look for internship opportunities while still in school. Many institutions help aspiring designers connect with organisations that are looking for interns.
  • A fashion design degree helps students build their portfolios and prepare them for future employment opportunities.
  • Networking aids stylists find professional opportunities, obtaining customers, and progressing their careers, just as it does in other artistic areas.
  • Fashion designers must keep up with the latest trends and fashion news. Designers must commit effort to monitor fashion cycles inside an industry that fluctuates seasonally.

Positives and negatives of being a fashion designer 


  • Designers are capable of being inventive.
  • You’re one of the initial links in the manufacturing chain, and design receives much attention. Good designers can make a great living.
  • Designing might become a passion for you.
  • They have the flexibility to work anywhere, and there are many fashion remote career opportunities.
  • You can collaborate with a variety of departments.
  • Product design is critical to their success.
  • Designers with a high social status frequently have an easier difficulty finding dates.
  • You may start your own business.
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  • Fashion designers must stay updated with current trends.
  • To be a successful designer, you must have a specific taste.
  • Designers must determine what people desire.
  • You’ll spend most of your time in front of a computer, and you’ll need a college diploma to work as a designer.
  • Designers struggle with student loan problems.
  • Lack of imagination might cost you your career.
  • Your mistakes have the potential to damage the entire product.

The Bottom Line 

Being a fashion designer is a very creative career choice. Working as a fashion designer means being able to create unique designs, choosing the fabric, pattern and colour, creating something beautiful and having the opportunity to earn extra income from selling your creations.


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