Fantasy and fairy-tale characters have always had an influence on fashion. We may notice this influence even in high fashion. Today, people aren’t afraid to dress up as they wish and show their personalities. Moreover, cosplay is becoming increasingly popular.

However, some people want to design or order fantasy outfits that are unlike all other clothing items. Recreating a character’s outfit is relatively easy since you have the inspiration, know what materials and colors to use, etc. But what about truly unique outfits?

One of the options is ordering a custom dress or costume from a professional tailor shop. That’s the most high-quality option. However, it’s not the most affordable method. Moreover, you’re the only person who knows how the costume should look and feel. Thus, you can check out a few tips on creating unique fantasy outfits without going bankrupt. 

Create a Story

First, develop a character so you can create a costume that fits the hero’s personality. Is it a mage, a young princess, a warrior, or a rebel? Or it’s someone from a different race? Perhaps, they have some specific costumes and styles they wear? 

Consider all these aspects before proceeding with all other details. You can even name the character and envision them in your head as if it’s your client and you must sew a dress or costume for them.

Come Up With a Unique World

Another logical step is to develop a world where this character lives. You don’t have to be Tolkien to figure out a name for this world and create basic rules. For example:

  • it’s the world where magic exists; 
  • or it’s a world where only a few people can master magic, so magical abilities are unique. 
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Is your character unique? If so, the costume should reflect the personality and be more revealing or bright. However, if the hero lives in a world that believes all magical people are outlawed, the costume shouldn’t draw too much attention. Come up with some rules to make the outfit even more enjoyable. 

Decide on The Tone

Is your character dark or more on the light side? Answer this question to understand what colors to use and the style to choose. For example, if you’ve created a magical pilot and see them in a Steam Punk type of world, it would entail using specific materials and colors.

Create a Sketch

Once you have every detail sorted out, you should be able to “see” your character. Thus, create a sketch. You can use various online programs if you don’t know how to draw. Overall, based on the sketch, you should be able to create a fantastic outfit. 



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