Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

    Putting on a beautiful new pair of heels for the first time is like putting on a new pair of glasses. New footwear instantly boosts your mood and gives you an aura of confidence. In some cases, your feet start hurting, and you have no idea of the right way to get through the day. You have to find ways to avoid foot pain when wearing high heels. There are many tried-and-true methods based on science to give the right solution to how to make heels more comfortable to help you walk around in heels with ease.

    Bring it down in Size

    You probably already know this, but if you want to keep your feet healthy, choose heels of 3 inches or lower in height. You walk by striking the ground with your heels, but with heels higher than 3 inches, your feet naturally want to shift into a toe-heel rhythm to keep you balanced.

    Even if your favorite pair of heels exceeds three inches, you should not worry. You may reduce the height of your heels by an inch or more at a cobbler’s shop. A change in your heels’ height may not highlight your posture or walk. However, it resolves your query about how to make heels more comfortable.

    Toe Shape

    It’s usual advice to opt for rounder toes instead of the more traditional pointy ones. Although this makes sense in principle, the actual function of the toe shape may differ from what you expect. You can also get support in the shoe’s insole. It’s best to use a leather insole because it will expand to fit the shape of your foot, just like the interior and exterior of the shoe.

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    Toes shorter than average may fit comfortably in a pointed shoe’s toe box. However, if your toes are on the longer side, you may discover that the toe box of pointed shoes is too small. There is no universally accepted guideline for selecting the optimal shoe style for your feet. Your self is the most reliable standard of measurement. Take a cue from your toes as to what feels best.

    Use thicker heels to provide more stability.

    The more delicate the heel, the more precarious the wearer’s equilibrium becomes. To visualize your support system, try standing up barefoot. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. If you want to give it a real go, ask someone to give you a light push. After that, get on all fours and get pushed again, this time more softly. Try again while standing on one foot.

    Put them down more frequently

    Don’t wear your pair of heels for the wedding or the office until you get there. If you want to give your feet a rest, wear comfy shoes to and from activities. Mini-breaks for your feet throughout the day is highly recommendable. Even though your feet may not hurt just now, ladies who want to wear heels to the office should remove them while seated at their desks. You can still wear heels to work but try to take more breaks from them.

    There’s a methodical process to navigating the world in high heels. When you walk around in sneakers, you don’t have to pay as much attention to your body as you would if you were wearing high heels all night.

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    Familiarise yourself with heels

    Put on some thick socks and wander about the house for a few hours in your new heels before you wear them out. This will help release any tension in your feet that may have been caused by tight shoes.

    It’s important to wear a heel that fits your foot properly.

    If you know that wearing pointed heels causes pain because of your wide toes or that wearing heels higher than three inches causes pain because of your flat feet, then don’t do it to yourself. Those heel types that you have discovered to be the most comfortable in the past are the ones you should buy the most of. Furthermore, recently, lower heels have been very trendy.

    Heels with platforms can be purchased

    Since platform heels are just as tall as stilettos but have a flatter sole, they are typically more wearable. Therefore, always choose a platform if one is available.

    Other Important Advice

    There is no need to go right into high heels without any kind of preparation. You should practice walking around the house in your new shoes to ensure that you are both comfortable and confident when you go out. If you used to wear heels but haven’t in a while, you might have given yourself an unintentional crash course in heel-wearing without realizing it.

    You may require guidance in donning heels for the first time. Try not to get the tallest pair first since you’re excited to finally wear them. Begin with a flat shoe. Starting with heels no higher than two inches is probably safe, but you should try on a variety of shoes to find a comfortable height for you. It’s possible to ease into a higher heel, but you might feel more secure beginning with a small heel.

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    When you’ve become used to walking in heels that are two inches tall, you can move on to heels that are three inches tall, and so on. You’ll get used to walking in high heels, especially on the arch, if you do this regularly. Overall, the fit and mobility will improve, but keep in mind that the quality of your foot’s comfort is still highly dependent on the shoe’s design.

    The ball of your foot is more likely to hurt if the sole is thin and the heel is high. Most people prefer the ease of wearing a wedge, platform, or even chunkier heels than those of a stiletto. Platform heels not only provide you height without forcing your foot to perform at such a significantly different angle from the one it’s used to, but they also distribute your weight more equally throughout the heel’s surface.