how to make long hair look short

how to make long hair look short


If you want to give short look to your hair without cutting it, you may have several methods to do so. Instead, you need a few household items, like hair clips, bobby pins, and curlers to make your hair short from long in no time. Other than getting solutions to how to make long hair look short without razors or scissors, you may even give it a stylish look.

Method 1-Curly Hair

Curly hair is the best way how to make long hair look short, as it does not require so much effort. Moreover, you may get curls easily with the help of curlers. Only, you have to take the following steps-

  • Wash the Hair

You have to start by washing your hair first. Washing makes your hair elastic and lets you manipulate it into different forms according to your choice.

  • Apply Hair Curlers

Apply hair curlers according to the size of the hair curls you want. You have to make sure of organized curler alignment. Otherwise, your hair will go in different directions and you cannot get an attractive look.

  • Sleep with the Curlers On

You should sleep with the curlers on or apply it for long hours. Even though applying hair curlers for such a long time is uncomfortable for some girls, it will give you worth later.

  • Avoid Brushing Your hair

Once you wake up, remove the curlers do not wash or comb them. Doing so may ruin your hair.

With easy steps, you get beautiful curls to give stylish and shorter looks to your hair.

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Method 2-The Style of Demi Lovato

Do you want to show your bob hairstyle? Try the simple and trendy bob style of the famous Demi Lovato. Other than the solution to how to make long hair look short, the style lets you stand apart from other girls. Steps to get a bob hairstyle include-

  • Apply Serum

Apply a small amount of shine serum to make your hair smooth.

  • Work on the Top Half of Your Hair

Once you apply serum, you have to work on the top half area of your hair. Accordingly, pull the upper part of the hair onto the top area of your head. Besides, you have to allow it to stay in its place by using a clip.

  • Work on the Bottom Part of Your Hair

Now, you should work on the bottom area of your hair. For this, you should make sections of two inches, which will go up to your scalp.

  • Use Bobby Pins

Fix the ends of your hair divided into sections by using bobby pins and fix your hair ends. You may even use a second pin to get extra hold.

  • Unclip the Top Section of Your Hair

You have to unclip the top section of your hair to see it cascading on tucked-in hairs beautifully. Women with one full-length hair may roll its ends from the top half below the pinned bottom sections.

  • Apply Hairspray

Never forget to apply hairspray to sprint all over your hair.

Method 3-Flips of Bobby Pins

For a long time, hair styled with flips of bobby pins has remained an effective means how to make long hair look short. Furthermore, the style gives you a simple and appealing look. If you want bobby pins flipped for your hair, you have to follow the below steps-

  • Separate your Hair to Give a Headband Shape
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To start the process, you have to separate your hair from the left and right ears to give it a headband shape. Split your remaining hair into four or five sections.

  • Drape One Section and secure it Using Bobby Pins

You have to choose the first section of your hair to let it drape on your face. Now, use bobby pins to secure it and flip it back-to-back. Again, use bobby pins to secure your hair. Repeat the same process with other sections of your hair

  • Pull Your Hair in a Headband Shape

You have to pull your hair by forming a headband shape back on your hair and the bobby pins. Depending on your requirement and hair length, you may use multiple bobby pins to place your hair appropriately.

Method 4-Ponytail


You may leave your short section of the hair in ponytails. These hairstyles serve as short hair according to your choice. The best thing is that you may roll up the ponytail hair or simply pin it to the back area of the head. 

Method 5-Half Bun Hairstyle


The half bun hairstyle is the fastest way related to how to make long hair look short without any need to chop it. For this-

Hair Tie

You have to tie the hair into an incomplete or half-bun. 

Sweep the Lose One

Once you create a half bun, sweep the extra loose one on your shoulders. 

Method 6-Use of Ribbons 

You may get short hair without applying scissors by using ribbons. For this, you have to part your hair up and down. Later, you should tie the ribbon between the parts. Alternatively, you may create a faux bob by using hairsprays and hairpins.

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Method 7-Braid Your Hairs 

Lastly, your hair will appear short if you braid it tightly instead of hanging back downward. You may try either of the three different styles of braid, like fish braid, three-stand braid, and French braid. Other than that, girls willing to make their hair too shirt may try micro braids or other similar protective braids and style them in buns, ponytails, and others.


If you want short hair occasionally, you may do so with hair curls. Alternatively, if you are a fan of Demi Lovato, you may try her hairstyle to let your hair look short. Other than that, style freaks may try half-bun, ponytails, and flips of bobby pins to get a stylish look and follow the latest trend. Therefore, fans of short hair may get trendy hairstyles and stylish looks even when they have long hair. 


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