We all mostly associate beach, pool, and pure holiday feeling with crop tops, don’t we? Unfortunately, however, many of us believe that these pieces are reserved only for young, super-slim women with toned abs.

We can’t agree with that. Because when wearing crop tops stylishly, the art lies in skillful styling. This means that women over 30 can also really rock their outfits with a crop top. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to focus on good quality with these parts either. The good thing about crop tops is that they are not only suitable for holidays. You can also show off these cute pieces perfectly in your free time.

In this guide, we have summarized how you can style the tops so that you don’t make any fashion faux pas. These are 5 summer outfit ideas to style a crop top.

Style crop tops: Here’s how:

It’s easy to make mistakes when styling crop tops. For example, you shouldn’t show off too much skin. Even unfavorably combined tops can quickly make us look unflattering.

Of course, nobody is perfect, but we all want to emphasize our assets with our clothing style and not the other way around, right?

Therefore, we think that a sexy white crop top is more suitable for a bottom that sits a little higher. In addition, the relationship between covered and uncovered should be consistent. Long skirts or midi skirts with a voluminous cut are ideal for this. We like to go for a high waist so that the navel is covered. In this way, the proportions are optimally coordinated.

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But backless tank tops also look stunning when paired with palazzo or culotte pants. The look is chic when you use fabrics such as silk or poplin.

Heels or flats sandals with crop tops?

It always depends on whether the outfit should look sporty or chic. You can wear both. Although we find the heeled sandals even more clever with midi skirts or pants with a 3/4 cut, as they additionally emphasize the figure. With long culottes, flat sandals can create a cool and relaxed everyday look.

5 summer outfit ideas to style crop tops:

Crop tops are more popular than ever in 2022. We already told you in the report that it is one of the biggest trends: These are the most important fashion trends in summer 2022. 

Especially the off-shoulder and asymmetrical models are totally in now: refined and a bit playful. You can even make knotted, crop tops yourself from a normal shirt and combines them with sporty looks. 

But we are the romantic type and therefore really like to wear models that suit my personality. For example, tops with ruffles or lace. We will now show you 5 summer outfits with different crop tops.

  1. Red crop top & culottes:

With the look, we put a lot of focus on the color combination. A red linen crop top with buttons and chic, rose-colored culottes form a harmonious interplay in connection with the rattan bag. 

By the way, we can still remember very well when we got hold of these trousers last year when we were bargain hunting for just a few dollars! Ever since then we’ve loved wearing them. The red high-heeled sandals with the cute bow round off the complete outfit.

  1. Puff Sleeve Top & Silk Pants:
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Especially with this heat wave, which we are currently experiencing, airy and wide-cut clothing brings a slight cooling. With the romantic and sexy white crop top with puff sleeves, we are wearing green and white patterned silk trousers with flounces on the trouser leg. It is one of my favorite outfits in which we can get through those hot summer days much easier. If you don’t already own a summery silk garment, you should get one now.

  1. Ruffled Crop Top & Midi Skirt:

For us, the fortress is one of the most beautiful photo locations in all of the city. In front of such a backdrop, you get the urge to create great pictures and present beautiful clothes. Our outfits have to be as happy and lively as your city itself. Here you can see the combination of an embroidered black crop top with a midi skirt in a pop art look. 

  1. Crop Top & Knit Skirt:

The knitted skirt and the floral crop top with ruffles make it a little more casual. We can never get enough of these parts. The bamboo basket bag and above all the lace-up sandals made of natural materials go well with this.

  1. Off Shoulder & Palazzo Pants:

We can’t resist the romantic off-shoulder neckline made of lace and flounce. The good thing about the top is that you can wear it in two different ways thanks to the elastic cuffs: off-the-shoulder or with covered shoulders. We wear light palazzo two piece black pants set with a ruffle at the waist. 

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We hope we could inspire you with our 5 Crop Tops Outfits! Visit Solado.com and let us know what your favorite outfit is in the comments.


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