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    Gothic style is one of the most evergreen parts of the fashion world. You see, this style originated during the 1800s. However, things have changed nowadays. You can find different styles while buying a gothic dress. If it’s your first time trying the goth style, you have to be careful.


    In this post, we will share the top goth dress style ideas. Moreover, we will also share the top tips to wear a goth dress. If you want to try a fusion or go with the classic goth style, this guide will help you out. So, let’s get started. 

    Top Gothic Dress Style Ideas

    From pastel goth dress to street style, there are so many ideas for goth girls. No matter if you want trendy or classic fashion, we can help you out. That’s why we will share the top goth dress ideas in the following list: 

    1. Alice in Wonderland


    A black frock and striped socks are the ideal combinations for the Alice in Wonderland look. To add more spices, you can go with a fishnet. This style gives a classic yet fresh look. Alice in Wonderland is an ideal style for beginners. 

    2. Summer Style Goth

    No matter what the season, most gothic girls prefer the black color. If you want something different for the summer, you can add some fusion. Don’t go all black as it’s a heat-absorbing color. You can get a striped skirt and a white shirt for your summer style. 

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    3. Street Style

    You see, the street gothic dress is one of the most popular styles right now. It can be ideal for the everyday look. The best thing is you can go with a graphic tee and a pair of black jeans. You can also wear hand gloves and mysterious jewelry pieces. 

    4. College Girls Look

    Just like the street style, college girls’ look is another good one for everyday use. You can wear a simple college outfit and add a fishnet. On the other hand, you can also add a tie. Plus, a leather jacket can give the perfect goth vibes. 

    5. Pastel Goth Dress Style

    Okay, if you don’t want to wear a leather jacket, you can go for this pastel goth dress. You see, this style has a Japanese Kawaii fashion influence. That’s the reason it doesn’t fit with the traditional goth style. Still, you can try it as a beginner. 

    6. Gothic Lace Dress

    If you want to follow the feminine goth trends, this lace dress is ideal for you. Well, this gothic dress is a classic one. Hence, you can also wear it for formal events. Add some accessories to get the perfect look. 

    7. Style With Sunglasses

    A pair of sunglasses go with all types of outfits. And it can add more shades to your gothic outfit. Find the right pair of sunglasses to get the ideal look. However, wearing sunglasses isn’t necessary for all goth outfits. 

    8. Denim Jacket

    Besides a leather jacket, a denim jacket also plays a crucial role in the gothic world. On the other hand, wearing a denim jacket is a good idea if you want to add more color. Plus, you can also wear a jacket with denim shorts. 

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    9. Gothic Baggy Pants

    If you want to follow goth trends, you can pick gothic baggy pants. These baggy pants look cool and can be very comfortable. In this case, you have to choose the right pair of baggy pants. It can be your everyday style.

    10. Cyber Goth

    If you love futuristic steampunk fashion and dark music, you have to choose cybergoth style. The best thing is you can add elements as per requirements. Most cyber goths prefer wearing neon color elements with their outfits. 

    Top Tips to Wear a Gothic Dress

    You see, the goth style has a unique zone. If it is your first time trying it, you have to consider some facts. In this case, you can implement some useful tips. In the following list, we will share the top tips to wear gothic dresses. Let’s find out: 


    • The best way to dress like a gothic is by following the trends. Even though it’s a classic style, many new things are coming with time. However, you don’t have to follow the trends religiously. You can add your fusion as well. 
    • Gothic makeup is a crucial part when it comes to the overall style. You see, black is the ideal color for goth makeup. However, you can add dusty gray or deep red.
    • The best way to wear a gothic dress is to style your hair. Yes, when you dye your hair, it will give the right vibes. Now, you can choose any color for your hair. 


    Even though goth is a classic style, many people are adding new things nowadays. If you want to wear something unique, there are so many options available. On the other hand, you can also style your costume as per preference. You can buy a gothic dress and accessories both online and offline. 



    Q: How do I make my outfit look gothic?

    To make your outfit look gothic, you have to choose the right type of clothes. Plus, you have to choose the gothic colors. On the other hand, doing makeup is also important. 


    Q: Can I be goth without makeup?

    You see, there is no official dress code for being gothic. However, most goths prefer dark makeup nowadays. If you don’t want to wear makeup, it’s totally your decision. 


    Q: What is a gothic style outfit?

    A gothic style is a part of the fashion world that includes dark and mysterious features. People who prefer the gothic style like to wear dark makeup and costume. 


    Q: Do Goths only wear black?

    No, it’s not necessary to wear black to follow the goth style. However, most goths prefer black over other colors. Many people fusion red, purple, and gray with black in this case. 

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