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The pencil skirt with top is a timeless staple that never goes out of style. It’s versatile, easy to wear and instantly slimming with its clean lines and A-line silhouette. Whether you opt for A-line skirt or a traditional pencil skirt, a nice pair of shoes and a dressy top will always make it appropriate for the office or a special event. You can wear it and rock it, with a blazer and heels or throw on a leather jacket and sneakers, for example. A pencil skirt will not let you down – it makes you look 10 pounds thinner and usually holds its shape well even after multiple wears.

If you’re hankering for some major office-style inspiration, then we’ve got you covered. After all, pencil skirts are one item every wardrobe needs. Whether you’re all about desk-to-dinner looks or feel most put together in something streamlined and flattering (aka with zero waist definition), there is a piece that will work for what it is you do.

Styling Pencil Skirts

Regular pencil skirt with top

The pencil skirt is the most versatile item in a working woman’s wardrobe. You can wear it with a blazer, a shell top and sneakers, and suddenly, you’re ready for an afternoon meeting; dress it up with a silk top and heels, and suddenly, you’re prepared for that high-powered dinner meeting. It is the staple piece every working woman needs to have in her closet.

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This one item of clothing is like a sartorial Swiss Army Knife; it enhances and sharpens your silhouette and makes any outfit instantly chic and polished. I’m not talking about the kind of pencil skirt that is super tight and body-con (although you know they look fabulous too).

Long pencil skirt with top

Long pencil skirt with top

This long pencil skirt with top is perfect for any formal event such as a wedding, interviews, dates and international travel. It adds a touch of extra glamor to your personality where you look simple but classy. Consider wearing a long pencil skirt, specifically a balloon pattern shirt, checkered, or solid color to blend the look desirably. The further layering of the blazer on the top is quite appealing as it provides an excellent finish to the long pencil skirt with top outfit.

Pencil skirts with crop tops

Crop tops with pencil skirts are the perfect outfit for summer. It’s sexy, with an effortless vibe that goes perfectly with barbeques and hanging out at the beach. As if that weren’t enough, it’s also incredibly versatile; you can wear it with any color pencil skirt. You can choose from assorted styles, colors and sizes. The crop top and pencil skirt combo are just irresistible. They go well with all types of shoes and accessories. A carefully picked crop top with a pencil skirt can make you as glamorous as a movie star cause you to look like a walking ad campaign for any brand or company.

Classic Pencil Skirt Outfit

A tailored white pencil skirt with a crisp white top is the definition of an aesthetically pleasing outfit. Yes, a properly fitted white pencil skirt can create a charming impression for any formal event, official meeting or coffee date. With the right kind of crop top and jacket, you can rock some serious-chic looks as well as bag loads of compliments from a perfectionist. For those of you who want to flaunt your figure, you can certainly go for a white color pencil skirt as it gives a slim look as the pencil skirt gives the hourglass figure. Be it evening parties or lunch meetings, both can go well with a white pencil skirt and crop top matching with beautiful high heels.

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Black Pencil Skirt Outfit

Black Pencil Skirt Outfit

Making a mark of elegance is not difficult as the black pencil skirt is lovely to bring out the good side. When you wear a white casual shirt and team it with suitably bright shoes, then you can become a stunner on any occasion. The pencil skirt outfits for evening occasions won’t impress on particular occasions not only because they are correctly smart but also because they will give an extra edge, making people applaud you.

Formal Pencil Skirt Outfit

A black pencil skirt is always an impeccable choice when you think of chic outfits for formal gatherings. These designs are, without a doubt, sexy when combined with the white shirt. The white top looks extremely fabulous when teamed with a black pencil skirt. The touch of elegance in pencil skirt outfits for women depends much upon the perfection of the pencil skirt design in question. You can wear your black pencil skirt outfits for a party with many different clothes. For example, a white top and a butterfly necklace appear entirely authentic. The blue shoulder bag with red shoes will decorate your image and prepare you to take it on the next day.

Floral pencil skirts with top

Floral pencil skirts with top

Floral pencil skirts are something that can flatter almost everyone. The body con effect of this tight skirt is fantastic. From Rihanna to Emma Watson, they have been spotted in individual styles of floral pencil skirts. There are so many different ways to style this skirt that you can’t go wrong with any outfit choice that you make. For starters, the floral pencil skirt gown can be worn to a particular dinner date with your better half. It can also be worn on a date with your girlfriends who would die for the opportunity to get out for dinner or hang out with you.

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The pencil skirt dress with the correct floral pattern can make heads turn. The floral tube skirt can make you look far more slender, while the floral fitted skirt can flaunt your curves. Floral high waist pencil skirts are also to check out, as these can make your legs appear slimmer and longer!

Final Thoughts

The pencil skirt with top is the most versatile item in a working woman’s wardrobe.  Whether you’re a working girl or not, pencil skirts are so soso flattering on most shapes. But office wear tends to skew towards more conservative garb, which is why more polished office-appropriate pieces are great for pulling together outfits that will impress. A blazer, some killer heels, some serious jewels, hair was done up to the nines and some killer bright lipstick, and there you have your classic always-works-for-me look. If you don’t already own one, now might be the time to scoop one up before this style disappears for another year.

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