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    Are you looking for a formal party dress? No matter if it’s your prom or your friend’s wedding, a short outfit can be ideal for you. To wear short formal dresses, you have to consider some factors.

    Besides parties, you can wear short dresses for formal events. If you are confused about this topic, we can help you out. In this article, we will share the best ways to wear formal outfits.

    Moreover, you will also share the top short outfits you can wear at a formal event. There are tons of cute dresses available for formal events. However, we have handpicked the best ones for you.

    short dresses

    Best Ways to Wear Short Formal Dresses

    As a beginner, it can be difficult to wear short formal dresses. The good thing is you can do it like a pro by following some steps. Let’s find out how to wear a cute formal outfit perfectly:

    Try Out High-Low Hemline

    If you are looking for a unique style, you can try out a high-low hemline. It would be best if you want to give your outfit a formal upgrade. Plus, you can find various high-low dresses both online and offline.

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    short dresses

    Add Sleeves

    Sleeveless outfits are cool, but adding sleeves can steal the show. Hence, formal dresses with sleeves are quite trendy nowadays. Be it sequins or long velvet sleeves, you have to try them. Moreover, adding sleeves can be ideal for winter parties. You can also add your favorite jacket to match the style.

    Go For a Higher Neckline

    Just like long sleeves, a higher neckline is another popular trend in 2022. The best thing about a higher neckline outfit is it can give an overall vibe. On the other hand, it can be perfect for minimalists. Moreover, you can wear it to your office party.

    Top Short Formal Dresses to Wear

    As we noted before, there are so many short formal dresses for several events. In the following list, we will share our handpicked outfits. Let’s find out:

    1. Mermaid-y

    Looking for something attractive yet formal? You have to choose this Mermaid-y dress. Hence, this A-line outfit can add a soft aesthetic touch. So, it will be the perfect one for your prom night. The best thing about this dress is it comes under your budget.

    2. Modern Ballerina

    Just like the Mermaid-y outfit, this Modern Ballerina is ideal for a formal party. It’s the perfect outfit for those who are looking for something cute and formal. You can choose the color as per your preference. However, we would prefer light pink for this tulle outfit.

    3. Mesh and Sparkle

    This mesh and sparkle outfit is one of the best short formal dresses. Moreover, it can be ideal for all those women who are looking for something trendy. On the other hand, you can wear it to summer parties as it looks very comfortable.

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    4. Bright Floral Dress

    Floral dresses are never out of fashion. So, it’s impossible to make a list of formal outfits without including a floral one. If you want to attend your friend’s summer party, this bright floral dress will look perfect on you.

    Bright Floral Dress

    5. Ottoman Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

    Going to an office party? You can choose this ottoman puff sleeve mini dress. If you are a big sleeved person, this one’s for you. Plus, a great one for minimalists. You can also add light accessories as per requirement.

    6. Strappy Ruffle Scuba

    If you are looking for something sweet and sassy, you have to choose this strappy ruffle scuba. Hence, this outfit is ideal for your prom night as it has everything including a flirty ruffle, bare shoulders, and high hem. Plus, the color adds elegance.

    7. H&M Dress with Sheen

    If you don’t want a sassy dress for your prom, you can go with this H&M dress with sheen. The best thing about this outfit is it gives a sophisticated yet simple vibe. You can choose the blush pink one to match your style.

    8. Short Prairie Dress

    There are so many short formal dresses available in the market, but this short prairie dress can steal the show. If you are comfortable with shiny outfits, you will love this one. However, it can be a bit more expensive than other outfits.

    9. Illusion Two-Piece

    Want to choose something daring? This illusion two-piece can be ideal for you. The red lace is the key attraction of this outfit. Hence, you can wear it to a summer wedding party. However, it’s not the right one if you are looking for something too formal.

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    10. Asymmetrical

    Asymmetrical is a sweet slip dress that can be perfect for all events. The vintage touch of this outfit gives a classic vibe. It can be the ideal formal party outfit for all minimalists.


    Most people prefer wearing a long outfit at a formal event. However, wearing short formal dresses is a new trend right now. The good thing is you can maintain your style by choosing something trendy. Moreover, you can also add some suitable accessories. To get the best short outfit for a party, you can also visit some online stores.


    Q: Can a formal dress be short?

    Yes, it totally works for buttoned-up events. You can go for a short formal dress as per your preference.

    Q: Can formal dresses be knee-length?

    You might know that formal dresses are mostly floor-length. However, you can find several knee-length outfits for formal events and parties. Many people prefer wearing a short dress at prom.

    Q: How do you wear a really short dress?

    You can wear a really short outfit in several ways including wearing the right lingerie, avoiding wearing high heels, limiting accessories, and more.

    Q: How do you style a short dress in the winter?

    Wearing a short dress in the winter can be tough. However, you can style it by adding a long sleeve shirt, outerwear, and wearing taller boots.

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