The clothing industry has been growing over the years. The total worth of the textile/garment industry has reached three billion dollars globally. The growth of the said industry will continue to improve by up to 4% yearly. At the same time, the clothing industry itself will grow about 12%-14% in 2023.

If you haven’t felt this growth in your fashion business, there is something that you should start changing on your brand. This article will provide you with practical ways to increase the revenue of your clothing brand. 

Improve Your Designs

Improve Your Clothing Brand with These Tips

If you notice that you are getting fewer customers in your shop than before, you should start improving the designs of your items. That’s why it is vital to stay in trend. One way to ensure you’ll always be in style is to make your own clothing design. It means you have to create your brand. 

There are reliable print-on-demand stores online which allow you to create your unique clothing designs. One of the advantages of this one is you will be able to represent your trademark to the market. By this, you’ll have more chances to get known and increase your sales. 

Grow Your E-commerce

Improve Your Clothing Brand with These Tips

Since the pandemic hit us, most stores have become available online, which allows you to shop without going to their physical store. If your clothes aren’t still available online, then that is one reason why you are losing so many sales. Thus, you need to start growing your E-commerce; doing this will increase your chance to reach more customers. 

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You can build your site to sell your clothes. But, if you are only starting, you can use 3rd party online stores such as Shopify, eBay, etc. 

Communicate With Your Customers

Have you asked yourself if you’ve ever communicated with your customers before? Communication with your valued customers is vital because they are the lifeline of your fashion business. It’s essential to make them feel needed for your business. By asking them how you can improve your services can have a considerable impact. 

Knowing their thoughts about your products is something that you must do. If you noticed that your old customers hadn’t been around your shop for quite a time without you knowing, then there is a lack of communication. You must start asking yourself, what could you offer that would interest them to return? It could be showing them new clothes designs, a sale happening soon, or offering them early access. 

Remember that you need to have effective engagement with your customers. You can always gain their interest by sharing your new products or designs on your page. That’s why it is also essential to keep your website or Facebook page updated. 

Provide Extra Freebies From Your Products

Adding freebies to a particular product you are selling is an effective way to encourage visitors to buy your clothes. It could be a discount voucher that is redeemable on their next purchase. In this way, you encourage them to buy more of your products. 

Freebies don’t need to be expensive, and they can be non-monetary items like a 3-month premium subscription to a lifestyle magazine. How can you get these free subscriptions? You can get these through negotiation with any of the magazine’s marketing managers in exchange for their exposure. 

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You can also do a competition or raffle where customers can enter for a chance to win something connected with your brand. This is a great campaign to give your clothing brand more exposure online. 

You can also encourage shoppers to come to your store to join the event. How to do that? For a raffle, you can provide customers with a free entry if they spend a certain amount in your shop.

Motivate Your Staff


Improve Your Clothing Brand with These Tips

Your business operation will not prosper without the people working under your brand. They are your vital asset, at the same level as your brand. Think of ways to motivate them to work and reward them to increase their loyalty to your business, instead of forcing them to work on things they don’t appreciate. 

If they are rewarded for their hard work, you will notice them being more productive and might help you look for opportunities to earn more. If you have sales staff, you can increase their commissions if they reach a certain amount of sales for a specific period. There are many ways you can motivate your team; it won’t hurt you to invest in your people. 


If you are losing sales right now, why not take this chance to try new ways to increase your sales from your business? As a brand owner, you must be open to improvement, and of course, take time to innovate your brand. 

Printailor will be your trusted partner in building a successful clothing brand. With years of industry expertise and creative design prowess, it has helped new businesses to thrive across the globe. Talk to a representative today to get your brand started! 

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