LED lights

LED lights

LED lights are a great investment for any business as they can help save money on energy costs. However, there are some businesses that make a unique profit by upgrading their lights. These are some of the advantages car dealership lights.

The upgrade to LED lighting is a great opportunity for automotive dealerships. They rely on high volumes and a variety of lighting for both exterior and interior. They also consume large amounts electricity.

Auto dealerships can meet both these needs by replacing old, inefficient lights with modern LEDs. LEDs can reduce energy costs and increase lighting quality. These are the top benefits of LED lights for car dealerships.

What makes LED headlights so different?

Headlights were an automotive version of incandescent bulbs. To absorb heat enough to produce light, they used a metal filament. LEDs are an electric circuit that produces light.

Better nighttime visibility

The main difference between LEDs versus incandescent-halogen lightbulbs lies in the amount of light produced. The average old-style headlights produce around 3,200 lumens. LED units can produce as high as 12,000 lumens. Brighter lights will illuminate more of the road. This will make it easier for you to see other cars coming.

Fine Appearance

It’s no coincidence that many luxury brands use LED headlights in their standard equipment. Headlights that are more distinct and sharper make a statement. LED headlights look more sophisticated than halogens.

Turn your Showroom into a Showpiece

LED lights create the right atmosphere, lower glare and highlight cars in the showroom. The lights can draw shoppers’ attention to the latest model or make the showroom more welcoming. Just as LED lights in grocery stores can make fruits look brighter and more vivid they can also do the same with the colors of cars displayed on the showroom floor. Because LED lights can be customized to give the desired feel, all of these features are possible. The right lighting can create the perfect feeling for customers, whether they are looking to test drive a car or merely to get a better idea of what the lights look like. A car dealership can transform a dark, dim showroom into a showplace that highlights the cars for sale by upgrading to LEDs.

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The dealer must choose from several strategies to achieve the desired result.

  • Mix indirect and direct lighting
  • Choose distinct light colors and intensities
  • Use the color rendering index (or color temperatures) to your advantage

Invite Lots

LED lights are a great option for exterior lighting. Auto dealers stand out as the best. There are many benefits to LEDs for outdoor lots. They can be directed in a particular direction, and create light that evenly spreads throughout the lot. Dealers can avoid dark spots between pole lights by using this light. They also make colors pop and shine, which makes paint jobs stand out. These features shine the most light possible on a dealership’s inventory and also increase safety and security at night.

Bright at the Back

LEDs can be used in many places, not just areas with cars displayed. A majority of dealerships have a maintenance and repair facility that will benefit from a lighting upgrade. Because of their directional lighting, LEDs shine brighter than comparable rated fluorescent bulbs. They produce fewer shadows, and workstations are brighter. Brighter lights make it less likely for accidents to occur, which improves workplace safety. Also, LEDs increase worker productivity. LEDs make it easier for workers to spot dings, scratches, see the correct equipment and locate a damaged part. These benefits result in happier, healthier and more productive employees.

All luminaires must be vapor-tight, water- and dust-resistant due to the nature of the work done in this area. This is why luminaires with a Ingress Prevention Index (IP) greater than 65 are the best choice. These luminaires also have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance.

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Invariably, lighting specialists will recommend that dealers install a variety of lighting throughout their dealership. For work with small parts or those that are difficult to identify, bright lights are the best. These cases may call for workshop garage lighting that is at least 500 lux (50 feet-candles) in order to be most effective.

More Money, Less Problems

LED lights for car dealerships can help you save money, like retail, restaurants and warehouses. LED bulbs can last up to ten years longer than other bulb options. Car dealerships and other businesses can save money on replacement bulbs. They also avoid the hassle of replacing dead light bulbs. This is where more money doesn’t necessarily mean more problems. The best thing about LEDs is that they help business owners cut down on their electricity bills by as much as 75%. Auto dealers should look into LEDs for car dealerships to make their showrooms shine, the lots sparkle, and the shop buzz with productivity. All this while saving money each month.

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