Jeeto Pakistan Eid Special 2017 Pakistan's Biggest Game Show

Jeeto Pakistan Eid Special 2017 – Pakistan’s Biggest Game Show Ary Digital will come with full of entertainment and surprises on this EID and Fahad Mustafa will also distribute a lot of prizes among people – EID mean the happiest day and of course this is the happiest day in the lives of Muslims all over the world. Muslims celebrate EID after having the Fasts of Full Holy Month of Ramzan and this is the festival that is celebrated with religious spirit, enthusiasm and with the feeling of Muslim dignity and glory of religion Islam. First of Shawwal is the day of EID for Muslims and of course the most pleasurable experience in their lives. People all over the globe, especially Muslims, wear new clothes, Shoes and eat food.

They offer special EID prayer and share their happiness with poor and needy. This creates the atmosphere of joy and happiness among all classes of society and Islamic concept of equality of all human beings is actually witnessed on EID day. Looking at the interest of people and also to entertain people, many TV Channels telecast EID Special Shows and Dramas on all three days of EID. Among many other channels, ARY Digital has its unique reputation and is known for telecasting quality programs and shows for its viewers.

Jeeto Pakistan Eid Special 2017 Pakistan's Biggest Game Show

Jeeto Pakistan Eid Special 2017 Pakistan’s Biggest Game Show:

Special Ramzan Transmissions and EID Transmissions have taken much importance on many TV Channels and ARY Digital has the credit to telecast biggest game show for its viewers. Jeeto Pakistan Eid Special Show 2017 is telecasted in full month of Ramazan.


[su_quote]The hosted by one of the most talented actors and style icon in fashion industry Fahad Mustafa.[/su_quote]

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The host has been amazing throughout the shows and his command over the show, witty answers and jokes, excellent communication and stylish personality has inspired all of us. He has very skillfully run the show throughout and is really worth watching. Many gifts and surprise gifts are won by people in this special show.

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Jeeto Pakistan Eid Special Segments 2017:

Like other amazing dramas, morning shows, comedy shows, music shows and telefilms, special episodes of Jeeto Pakistan Eid Special will also be aired on ARY Digital. Everyone is very keen to see this amazing transmission and really enjoys the stuff telecasted.

Special EID Episodes of Jeeto Pakistan will be aired on all three days of EID. The show will comprise of Jeeto Pakistan Eid Segments which will be the form of different games and quiz. Every year innovative and new ideas are staged in the EID Special Transmissions and look really amazing and entertaining.

Eid Special 2017 Jeeto Pakistan is expected to come up with big mega prizes and gifts for its participants. It has been the tradition of the program that big gifts and prizes are given on special occasions and festivals and as EID is one of the biggest festivities, biggest prizes are also being expected for this year’s EID-ul-Fitr as well.

Last year, in special EID episodes, five cars were given in the same show and just imagine that what wonders will you see on this EID. Online passes of Jeeto Pakistan are available that can be bought to take part in the show.

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Registrations can be done through online calls and after inquiring your name, CNIC and contact number, one can be registered for participation in the game show. Registrations can also be done through ARY Digital Website and details can be obtained by logging on the system. Online Registration Form

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Jeeto Pakistan has twelve amazing segments to keep the audience hooked to the show.

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  • Handi Charhao Inam Pkao and Jeet Kay Dikhao that includes series of funniest games played amongst the audience.
  • Bigul Bajao Inaam Pao is the rapid fire question answer session and Khul Gai Qismat is related to random items asked by the host which give the owner with precious gifts.
  • People can get their dream car with another amazing segment named as Car Bachao Ghar Lai Jao.
  • Adding to the glamor of the show Celebrity Guest will be invited to the show to take part in the game with audience player.
  • The most popular segment of the game show is Baat Banti Hai. In this segment, a lucky audience player gets a chance to win a large amount of gold by just telling the correct amount of gold in the box and their luck can be changed in seconds of time.
  • To honor and tribute the efforts of Pakistanis who have brought pride and honor to Pakistan are invited in a special segment of the show called as Fakhre-Pakistan.
  • They are presented as inspirational role models and their efforts and successes are acknowledged. They are invited to promote and uplift Pakistan’s name in positive light.
  • Just to add little more fun and flavor for elderly people, Abhi Tu Main Jawan Hoon is presented. Elderly couples have to wow the audience with their expressions and gestures they share with each other and get amazing prizes. All this fun and masti is going to be the part of this EID as well with Jeeto Pakistan Eid Special 2017.
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Pakistani Celebrities on Eid 2017

Fahad Mustafa Dresses on Eid for Jeeto Pakistan will also be the part of gossip for this year. The host being smart and sensational is liked by millions of people. Due to the popularity of the game show and heart-winning performance of Fahad Mustafa in Jeeto Pakistan, his dresses are also given much importance and ha actually has ruled the TV Screen since last many years. Especially, on the day of EID, he will be worth to watch and will also be presented as the fashion icon.

Celebrities on Jeeto Pakistan for EID Special Episodes are also being expected. Many surprises will also be given to the audience and many flavors will be added to the fiesta with Fahad’s iconic line, Sub Lay Jao.  The show can be enjoyed on EID with family in evening times and you will definitely have the most memorable time with your family members and friends. Enjoy the festival either being the part of the show directly or enjoy Jeeto Pakistan Eid Special Show while at home with your family. Light comedy and wit of the host magnify the grandeur of this Special Jeeto Pakistan.

[su_heading size=”17″]Jeeto Pakistan Timing: 7:30 PM[/su_heading]

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