Printed, striped, plain, tight, with volume, etc., these styles of low waist mini skirt dresses are the favorites this year, wear the one you like the most. The hot season is coming, and if you like fashionable skirts, then you will love these miniskirts since they are the latest in fashion, they have cute designs and incredible prints and they look very feminine, just what you were looking for this summer.

  1. Striped:

The navy style will be very fashionable this season, but so will those cotton knit miniskirts with sequin details, on the back pockets or the waistband.

  1. High Waist:

The most extravagant and feminine miniskirts are those that, in addition to having a high waist, have Stradivarius darts, they look very futuristic or rocker, combine them with flats and you will get a very chic look.

  1. With Flight:

These are the miniskirts preferred by girls since they are too comfortable, fresh, go with everything, and are very feminine, remember that if you wear a skirt with the volume you should wear a tight blouse, shirt, or shirt, but not low-cut so that you Look fashionable, cute and highlight your figure.

  1. Draped:

These types of miniskirts are very feminine and flirtatious, so wear them with a masculine cut shirt, shirt or blouse or with a rocker print, to give it balance, if it’s cold don’t hesitate to also wear a jacket and you’ll look great.

  1. Denim:

This is widely used and well-known miniskirts by women, denim goes with everything, just like your jeans, so you can wear it with light, printed, plain blouses, with a cardigan, sweater, jacket, etc.

  1. Golden Skin:
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Another of the fashionable miniskirts, combine it with plain garments in neutral colors such as black or dark grey, wear it for parties, clubs, or night meetings and you will be the sensation.

  1. Animal print:

One of the trends that have been with us for a long time is that of animal print, this time it returns in the prints of the miniskirts with leopard, tiger, cheetah, etc. designs.

  1. Jewel Type:

The jewel-like split mini skirt, that is to say short, tight and with sequins, encrusted with stones or crystals, will be the queens of this year’s parties.

  1. Bandage:

One of the trends that are coming with more force is the bandage miniskirts, which are very short and tight, and will be worn in strong colors such as orange, yellow, or electric blue.

  1. Floral print:

This is one of the miniskirts that will be used the most this summer, any striking and colorful print will look great but especially the floral one.

Miniskirts are back with everything this season, choose your favorite print and style and look super chic anywhere you go. Now, let’s learn some tips to correctly choose a miniskirt.

Tips to correctly choose a miniskirt:

Analyze your body and learn how to choose a miniskirt correctly, without prejudice or fear, as it is a common piece in fashion. Choosing a miniskirt correctly can be a challenge that can be overcome since some details related to tastes and trends must be taken into account.

This garment is also part of the types of clothing that women can wear, and it does not have to be synonymous with vulgarity, on the contrary, whoever wears it feels very safe in doing so.

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The fashion designer shared with you some guidelines that can be used when choosing a miniskirt correctly to use anywhere, and you should not forget that ‘fashion is for everyone.

A miniskirt is a message from a confident woman. This piece is basic for any girl who loves fun, sexy, and chic. However, it is a piece that can be somewhat uncomfortable.

Experts added that each woman should analyze her body before choosing a miniskirt, to make the best choice and not fail in the attempt.

“Short women can choose a short skirt. It will create long legs illusion. If you are very tall, wear not-so-short skirts because it will make you look even taller, and, if you are curvy or plus size, avoid all kinds of fuss and bet more on marking your waist”.

Nude or other shades of stockings can be included, to use miniskirts.

Some experts share some golden rules, which can be followed to find a fabulous look with the mini skirt. For example, wear a long blouse, either cotton, fitted to the body, or loose and with buttons. This way, the mini skirt will look better. On the other hand, if you will wear a short shirt and a miniskirt, you should find a balance with a long or oversized coat.

It is important not to forget that you should always dress according to the place and time. For a gathering of friends, wearing women mini skirts is a valid idea, but to go to work, it is not highly recommended.

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