Mehndi Dresses 2016

Mehndi dresses 2016 – Rasm-e-Hina or Mehndi is the most colorful and interesting wedding event. Colors and shades of green, Orange and yellow are most noticeable things in this event. So, the selection of Mehndi dresses 2016 for girls to look beautiful and attractive in this Mehndi ceremony is very important. In Indian and Pakistani culture Mehndi ceremony is the most exciting and beautiful event which takes place 3 days before the Baraat ceremony.

Often, we see that girls and boys face many problems about the selection of their outfits for Mehndi ceremony. Whenever, they have to attend any Mehndi event they get confused about outfits. This confusion is equal for both girls and boys now-a-days. As we know that in this modern era of fashion boys mostly excel the girls. So, here we provide you some golden tips for finalizing the Mehndi dresses for both girls and boys.

Mehndi Dresses 2016

After all of that a bride want to look unique and different from others in her marriage, and marriage day is one of the best and special day for her life so she wanna look pretty and gorgeous, she wear best Bridal dress and choose best bridal Hairstyle for her marriage.

Overview of Mehndi Dresses:

Mehndi is the event of thrilling and chilling. So, for this event mehndi dresses must be so unique and attractive. Often, yellow and green colors are the traditional colors for mehndi dressing in Pakistan. But now due to advancement in fashion and new dressing prints, selection of Mehndi dressing is so changed.

Girls feel so confuse for choosing the colors for their Mehndi dresses. So, we tried our best to give you best suggestion for colors of mehndi dresses. Now-a-days orange, yellow, green, peach, lemon, Bottle green and blue are the most in colors in Fashion industry.

Bridal Mehndi Dresses 2016 in Pakistan:

On this beautiful and colorful event of mehndi, bride wears green, yellow or orange color outfit. And these beautiful colors give her a stunning and elegant look on the special event of her wedding. So, bridal sisters, cousins and friends also want to look attractive and beautiful on mehndi. As we know that yellow is considered as traditional color of mehndi. So, it is used in different shades like light shades and light lemon color on mehndi.

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Girls look confused about their looks and dressing so, they can use yellow color and its shades with different combinations like pink, orange and green. Multi-color dresses are also in fashion. Like green, pink, orange, blue are so trendy colors. So, girls can wear dresses with combination of these colors but according to mehndi event, Yellow color dressing is focused.

So the base of dress is mostly yellow and designing is with these colors to look charming and unique. Anarkli froks with churidar pajama is also so trendy for this event. Frok has yellow base with colorful embroidery and laces. Dupatta may be of different colors like bottle green, orange and dark pink. It will give you a pretty look.

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