Latest EID Hairstyles for Girls 2018 – List of Top 15 Girl’s Hairstyle for EID

Latest Eid Hairstyles for Girls 2018 – List of Top 15 Girl’s Hairstyle for EID – Get all the latest information about new trendy hairstyles about men and women, also Eid hairstyles for girls 2018 collection. In this Eid is one of the most favorite and blessing gifted by Allah to all Muslims. Every Eid brings happiness and blessing to all and everyone is participating in this day with different activities.

As you all know everyone wants to look beautiful and stunning on this day with a Beautiful dress and no doubt with hairstyles. After dressing, hairstyles play an important role in looking stunning and gorgeous. Now a day hairstyle becomes very important for every girl and boy, in fashion world different trendy hairstyles for men 2018 collection which ha full of hairstyle list in which Fade hairstyle is popular and much more like that.


Latest Eid Hairstyles for Girls 2017

Latest Eid Hairstyles for girls 2018 Special Hairstyles Collection:

We are discussing new trending hairstyles for girls 2018, as we all know that hairstyle plays an important role for girl and women when they are getting ready for any function or any event, and Eid is one of the best events for all Muslims and every girl and women want to look pretty and charming.

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Hairstyles depend upon face look if you have the good face and you choose good hairstyles it’s mean you are going to look stunning and gorgeous. Similarly, Eid is the special event for everyone and everyone want to celebrate its own way and own style.

Hairstyles for Girls 2018:
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On Eid girls choose best dresses for her, choose best Mehndi design and also hairstyle for her. It is not easy to choose the best hairstyle for Eid day so we are going to give a list of Eid hairstyles for girls 2018 collection, by this, you can easily choose your own hairstyle design for her and easily understand that what will be the best hairstyle for you.

  • Side Braids
  • Messy Braids
  • Half up Hair Braids
  • Stylish Hair Buns
  • Side Buns
  • Top Knot
  • Messy Buns
  • Simple and Straight
  • Curly Hairdo’s
  • Messy Low Side’s
  • Highlighted Messy  with Long Side-Swept Bang
  • Flowery Hairdo Texture And Messy Finish
  • Red Hot Ponytail
  • Small Wavy Ponytail
  • Elegant Bouffant

Side Braids Hairstyle for Girls:

Side braids are one of the finest hairstyles for any girl, it suite on every age of girl’s face, you can adjust this hairstyle according to your face.

side braids

Messy Braids Hairstyle for Girls:

This type of hairstyle is very funky and it’s popular among everyone and almost every girl and women want to try this style on the different events like Marriage, Ceremony, and functional event.

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messy braids

Half up Hair Braids for Girls:

It is the most simple hairstyle and looks elegant after trying this hairstyle. I must say that if any good looking girl uses this style on Eid dress she will look like a princess.

half up hair braids

Best Eid Hairstyles for Girls 2018

Stylish Hair Buns Hairstyle for Girls:

This style is also popular among people for its unique styles.

Stylish Hair Buns

Side Buns Hairstyle for Girls:

For Eid celebration, Side buns is another good option for girl and women they can use this style on Eid day.

Side Buns

Top Knot Hairstyle for Girls:

With the name, everything is clear, its look like a knot and all the hair up in a knot in the clean and perfect way and girl look charming in this style. This is one of the best hairstyles for me.

top knot

Messy Buns Hairstyle for Girls:

This style rocks your dress look and your charm increase with this style, it is easy to carry.

messy bun

Simple and Straight Hairstyle:

If you are from that girl who wants to show herself shy and simple, so you can choose this hairstyle and you will look like a simple hairstyle girl.

Simple and straight

Curly Hairdo’s Hairstyles:

This is quite typical, but if you want to increase or add more volume of your hair you can add more new long hair.

Curly Hairdo's

Messy Low Side’s Hairstyle for Girls:

With this style, you can look like gorgeous and stunning.


Highlighted Messy  with Long Side-Swept Bang:

On highlighted hairstyles, this styles will be the suite and you will look ldorable.

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Flowery Hairdo Texture And Messy Finish:

With twisting and hair pining back you will be created this hairstyle and trust me you will look an amazing.


Red Hot Ponytail:


Small Wavy Ponytail:


Elegant Bouffant:


Here is the all new latest Eid Hairstyles for girls 2018 collection, I hope you will be happy after seeing that styles and designs, these are the top and best haircuts of the collection of Eid Hairstyles for girls 2018.


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