Latest Mehndi Designs 2017 - Top Favorite Mehndi Designs for Girls

Check all time favorite Mehndi Designs for girls and check Latest Mehndi designs 2018 Collection for you | Mehndi is the most amazing part of women’s fashion and women of all ages enjoy it. It is equally popular in the world like Eastern Indo-Pak Culture and is very much practiced in Gulf. Mehndi is popular for weddings and especially on EIDs. Women become really excited and apply unique & Stylish Mehndi Designs on both hands and arms. Mehndi and Chaand Raat are wonderful delights that all enjoy. Women become very enthusiastic on every EID and Festival.

Professional Mehndi Designers launch amazing Mehndi Designs 2018 and designs of other countries are also followed and applied. Many Mehndi Designs are popular worldwide but more famous are Pakistani, Indian, Arabic and others. Best and Simple Mehndi Designs Collections are available for women these days and look really fabulous. For occasions like Weddings and Brides, Eid Mehndi Designs, Heavy & Filled Mehndi Designs are preferred. But they look better on brides and the girls who are close family members. While for guests and events like EID’s and other events, light and small designs are preferred. They are easy to apply and look really wonderful.

Latest Mehndi Designs 2017 - Top Favorite Mehndi Designs for Girls

Top Favorite Mehndi Designs 2018 Collection for Girls:

Paisley Mehndi Designs 2018:

Paisleys are the very popular choice for Henna and are never out of trend. They are always liked by girls and are popular among all circles and ages of women. Big Paisleys are drawn on hands and on the back side of hands and arms and in these designs, patterns are made in a way that half of the hands usually remain empty. These designs really look decent and sophisticated and are made on EID and small gatherings.

Peacock Mehndi Designs 2018:

These Mehndi designs are another latest trend and look really trendy. Patterns like the whole peacock, peacock feathers and tails are mimicked on hands and back side of hands and look really stunning. To enhance the shapes, some portions of the hands are also kept blank.

Latest Henna Designs for Girls & Kids

Bridal Mehndi Designs 2018:

Bridal Mehndi has always been in central focus and color of the Bride’s Mehndi is usually associated with the love of her in laws for her. Therefore, Bridal Henna designs are drawn very heavy and usually made up to the half length of the arms. They are quite filled and heavy and are further adorned with shimmer, glitter and other colors of mehndi.

Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs

Circular Motifs Mehndi Designs 2018:

The year 2018 has seen many additions and styles in Henna Patterns. Earlier, Mehndi was drawn in circular patterns where a central Tikka was made in the middle of the hand and fingers were filled with mehndi. But today, that Mehndi has taken amazing shapes and now, we see wonderful innovations in central mehndi.

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Central Motifs have been modified with floral motifs, and same floral patterns are drawn on fingers. Central Geometric motifs are also the part of Latest Mehndi Designs 2018.

Latest Mehndi Designs 2018

Latest Flower Mehndi Designs 2018:

Mehndi Patterns have seen amazing changes in the year 2018. People and brides now want traditional yet Modern Mehndi Patterns that look contemporary and stylish. And one stunning experiment is the drawing of fabulous flowers on hands and arms.

Stylish flower patterns are drawn on hands, arms, and feet and look really amazing. Flowers in all sizes are made and in most of the cases, a central big flower is made and its extensions spread out of it covering the remaining part of the hand.

Patterns and Flowers Mehndi Designs 2018:

These have been one of the most favorite and decent Mehndi Designs in 2018. No flowers and specific shapes are drawn on hands, yet very sequenced and delicate patterns are drawn that look really great. Most of these designs are made with hand filled and seem like that you are wearing jewelry designs or bangles and rings.

Stylish Latest Indian Mehndi Designs 2018:

Most of the subcontinent fashions originate from India and are liked equally in Pakistan and Bangladesh. These trends show the resemblance and commonalities we share in our culture and traditions. India has a rich culture and we see stylish innovations in women fashion by them.

Like us, Indian Fashion Industry has also experimented a lot and women there equally like Mehndi. Wonderful designs have been seen by India in 2018 and most of them are made in filled Henna Patterns that are loved by brides and youngsters.

Trendy Arabic Mehndi Designs 2018:

Arabic Mehndi Patterns are usually different from Indian and Pakistani Mehndi Designs. These are more detailed architectural designs and have spaces in them. Latest designs of Arabic Henna constitute flowers and peacocks that are famous for their exquisiteness and also include swirls and veils recurring in a geometrical pattern.

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Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs 2018 also include gems, stones, and sparkles added to them which make them really eye catching and enhance the beauty of hands. Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs 2018 include Flowers & Swirls Top Mehndi Designs, Decorative Patterns Arabic Mehndi 2018, Detailed Arabic Mehndi Patterns 2018, Veils & Tower Arabic Mehndi Tattoos 2018 and much more.

Latest Colored Mehndi Designs 2018:

Latest trends in Mehndi Patterns 2018 are the second name of experiments and much trendy stuff has been added to them. One amazing tradition has been the addition of specific colors to drawn Mehndi patterns to enhance them and specifically elaborate the drawing. Many of these designs particularly apt for bridal wear and include the colors that are the part of the bridal dress.

Outer Black Henna Patterns are drawn and inside of these patterns are filled with regular Green Henna Stuff. Many regular Dye Colors are used for this in blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. Outlining is also done in Silver & Golden Colors and look really wonderful.

Punjabi Mehndi Patterns, Heart Shape Mehndi Designs 2018, Gujarati Mehndi Designs 2018, Necklace Mehndi Designs, Jewelry Mehndi Designs,  Bangle and Churi Mehndi Designs, Chridaar Mehndi, Celebrity Popular Mehndi Designs have also been very much in fashion for 2018 weddings and EIDs. These are drawn by professionals and beauty experts and perfectly match according to the shape of hands and complexion the women have. Mehndi purely reflects feminism and women beauty is enhanced by it.

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