Pop-up tents do make your camping a cakewalk. While packing up your pop up tent, just ensure it’s completely dry and clean. Remove the grounding stakes. You need to pull together the tent’s top arches and fold them over in the neatest manner. If you fold the arches tightly, your tent should fit inside the carry bag perfectly. 

  • While preparing your tent, make sure it’s fully dry. If it had rained the other night, let the air dry up before you can pack up the tent. 
  • If you don’t have waiting time, remove the tent’s wetness with a clean and dry cloth.
  • The tent’s underside must be dry as well. If your tent has stubborn mud or dirt, use a sponge with a mild soap and water for cleaning it off.
  • If you’ve no other option but to pack up the tent while it’s damp or wet, just open it up and let it dry completely as soon as you reach home.
  • It’s important to air out the kit an hour before going for the packing. A closed pop-up can become damp or musty during your camping trip.

To avoid mold or odors, open its door. It allows your pillow, sleeping bag, or other items inside to thwart the air.

Packing up and folding

After unzipping the door of your pop-up tent, fold it from the back to front. Grab the rear base pole’s center and start folding it upwards till it touches the roof pole. Grab both the poles with one hand. 

  • While holding the poles in one place, catch the front base pole. You need to pull it in an upright manner. 
  • Lift the pop-up and let it rotate. It ensures a vertical standing. 
  • Pull it down with your hand and grab the tent’s top part, pulling it down towards the base or your feet.
  • The slide rings play a clinical part. After folding up the tent towards the feet’s base, you’ll find two circles overlapping within a few seconds. 
  • You need to slide a ring under another ring. Press down the pop-up to let the remaining air flow and escape. You can now fold the tent into a circular and strong shape.
  • The next step is bagging it up. Get a loose elastic strap to pull them over the folding tent. It allows a safe and fast packing. 
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In a nutshell

The first step is looping your hand through the pop-up tent’s strap. Use your hand to gather the concerned pole edifices in the right order. You need to use your looped hand for holding the poles. 

Turn the pop-up so that it stands vertically with the poles. Hold them out in front of you. Push the frame of the tent down from the top. You need to compress the tent after folding it from all corners. Make sure the pop-up is twisting into itself.

As you push the tent down, you’ll see the poles overlapping naturally. Unpack the tent so that it forms a circular and flat shape. After compressing it in a circular shape, you need to wrap its strap.

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