Top Lipstick Brands – Lipstick is a cosmetic product that contains oils, waxes, pigments, and emollients that apply color, texture, and protection to the lips. Cosmetics can be traced back to ancient civilizations. The use of lip color started from Egyptians, Persians, and Greeks. It is interesting to know that lipstick fashion invented by Asian men around 5000 years ago. But later on, the lipstick fashion got limited to women only. Not everyone was interested in coloring lips as lips were considered soft and sensitive part of the body. And Nail art increase the beauty of women while she prepares her nails.

The fashion of the lipstick entered the royal families of ancient times. But now people got more interested in coloring the lips.This post is about Top Lipstick Brands, Lipsticks get their colors from a variety of pigments and lake dyes including. Both organic and inorganic pigments are employed. The process of making lipstick and the content used in lipstick making were dangerous so the use and popularity of lipstick remained limited for centuries.

The process for making lipstick changed decade after decades until the safest lipstick content was not discovered. When it comes to buying a lipstick, it can be hard for first-time shoppers to believe how many brands of lipstick there are to choose from. The list of popular lipstick includes the most popular and affordable brands to simplify choosing the right lipstick.

6 Top Lipstick Brands 2016

Many brands are available for lipstick. The markets are full of a bunch of products. You should choose only what suits your skin texture and is within your budget limits. Here is list of popular brands of lipstick.

6 Top Lipstick Brands all over the World:


Channel is a high fashion house. It has specialized in ready-made outfits, fashion accessories and luxury goods. Channel is a famous among the fashion actresses and models. It is the most accessible product. Its finest cosmetic products are fragrances, skincare products, and lipsticks. If you want to shine both internally and externally, then nothing is better than the lipstick Channel.

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Revlon is known for its good quality, but choosing a particular Revlon lipstick from among the vast lineup offered can take a bit of browsing.

Bobbi Brown:

The Bobbi brown lipstick line offers choices of bright, bold colors and nude shades. The lipsticks have a matte finish and are designed to give the wearer a moisturized, comfortable feel when applied. The company aims to make you look like a style icon of the era.

Dior: Dior is a renowned brand of lipstick. To look like a trendy and stylish woman, you should not miss having any of Dior’s lipsticks, which are great in quality and don’t ruin your lip’s natural texture.

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Makeup Forever:

Makeup forever is another French cosmetics company. The fine and best suitable skin products are launched by the brand. The lipsticks are highly pigmented and intense so that you can get perfect pigmented lips at one core. Its every shade comes in the seductive, lasting finish that suits perfectly.


NARS cosmetics line started with twelve lipsticks sold at Barneys New York. NARS products are being sold at different stores in the United Kingdom and the United States. Other products are widely used and liked by the people everywhere NARS lipsticks are the ones which stand at the top of the list among cosmetics gossips.


GUERLAIN provides high-quality products. It is one of the oldest French perfume house. Now GUERLAIN has been the maker of luxury, skin care, cosmetics, accessories etc especially its lipsticks lie in the list of top 10 ranked lipsticks.

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Top Lipstick Brands 2018 Images:


chanel-1 chanel-2 chanel-3 chanel-4


revlon-1 revlon-2 revlon-3 revlon-4

Bobbi Brown:

bobbi-brown-1 bobbi-brown-2 bobbi-brown-3 bobbi-brown-4

Makeup Forever:

makeup-forever-1 makeup-forever-2 makeup-forever-3 makeup-forever-4


nars-1 nars-2 nars-3 nars-4


guerlain-1 guerlain-2 guerlain-3 guerlain-4

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