Makeup Brands – Top 10 Most Popular International Makeup Products

Many international makeup brands are always in the race to launch an extraordinary makeover products for their customers. Women have an ultimate passion for fashion and desire to look really beautiful and irresistible with their exceptional fashion sense and following. With amazing clothing styles and stylish designs of shoes, now makeup has become an inevitable part of women’s accomplished looks and many leading brands in the world launch amazing products for women. Makeup companies bring the products with latest colors and needed skincare products.

Makeup Brands - Top 10 Popular International

Makeup Brands – Top 10 International Products:

Among many other brands, some really do a remarkable job and are distinguished globally. Here are top makeup brands which are most popular all over the world.

  • Olay

Olay Makeup
The remarkable brand name of United States is famous for utterly mind-blowing products since the 1950s. Many skin care products including skin tightening and anti-aging creams are of particular attention. Olay is celebrated brand over 150 countries and was ranked No.1 on Forbes ranking this year.

  • Avon

Avon makeup

Avon is again a US based label and its makeup products are popular in almost 140 countries. The door to door selling strategies helped the brand to be giant and now is popular for its cleansing lotions, liners, nail paints, and moisturizers.

  • L’Oreal

L’Oreal makeup

French label with over 500 products earlier launched hair products and colors which became popular and in demand overnight. Entering into the make-up industry, label introduced perfumes, hair care, skincare and cosmetics which too became the above all choice globally.

  • Neutrogena


US brand Neutrogena is famous for launching skincare products that are made from natural ingredients and has the famous name of lipstick color brand. Sun-blocks, base-coats, compacts are distinguishing products by this brand.

  • Nivea

Nivea seems quite popular among customers when it comes particularly to skincare products. The brand is considered unique for its different skincare lotions and special creams they provide for sensitive skin.

  • Lancome

Lancome makeup

French rooted legendary cosmetic brand is known for making powdered eye shadows and liquid eyeliners have gained substantial attraction among high-class diligent women.

  • Maybelline

Maybelline makeup

Maybelline is equally celebrated French brand with enchanting eyeshadows and mascaras. The brand is evenly loved for bases and nail colors.

  • Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder Makeup

Estee Lauder has won the hearts of men along with women with their amazing products. Men are really having a fan following for its perfumes and hair gel while women are crazy for foundations.

  • Covergirl

Covergirl Makeup

Covergirl is becoming famous for vibrant eye and nail colors. The US centered brand is now stretching in many markets and many foundations have been remarkable.

  • Clinique

clinique makeup

This label absolutely does not need nay introduction and is incomparable as its products are prepared to keep climatic conditions in view and are dermatological tested.

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