New Mehndi Designs Ideas

The beautiful Pakistani Mehndi Designs adds glamour to the fashion of girls. These designs are best for hands, legs, feet, etc. In Pakistani functions, girls love to adorn their hands and feet with the best henna Mehndi designs. They are preferred usually for Mehndi functions where Brides or Bridesmaid decorate their hands, feet, or fingers with Mehndi. These beautiful Mehndi patterns add love and style to the dressing.

The traditional Mehndi color is brown. There is a unique Mehndi designs collection from which girls can choose designs for different occasions. Important days like Eid and Mehndi functions are incomplete without various Mehndi designs. They are easy to apply and are persistent for a long time.

Full Hand Mehndi Designs:

After wearing a perfect dress with beautiful jewelry, the next impressive thing is Mehndi. Breathtaking Mehndi patterns are very amazing and mesmerizing. There is a tough competition in Mehndi functions so every female prefers to put on the best Mehndi design.

Previously, full hand mehndi designs were of traditional look but now they are transformed into a modern twist. They are very inspiring and stunning Mehndi designs for auspicious ceremonies.

Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Bridal Mehndi is the most prominent attraction for brides. They are present in splendid and attractive designs. Different Mehndi patterns are specified for every function of the wedding. Bridal Mehndi designs are very popular because they are attractive and stylish. Trendy Hand mehndi designs for brides are the top choice of girls. Brides are always thought to be dressed in a Lehenga with heavy jewelry including Mehndi on hands and feet.

Arabic Designs:

Special Mehndi treatment is done to the hands to beautify them. Arabic Mehndi is quite different from the simple one because they are applied on full hands. This Mehndi design consists of patterns of flowers, leaves, and birds. When this Arabic Mehndi design is applied to the hands with bold patterns it looks outstanding.

Circle Mehndi Art:

Mehndi designs including circular patterns are a unique way of Mehndi on hands. These are simple and elegant patterns for any upcoming festival. These designs are incredible and perfect for girls. Circles on Hands adds a good touch to Mehndi’s design.

Tikki Designs:

This tiki is applied to enhance the beauty of hands. Implementation of henna Tikki design gives a good look to the hand of the girls. This is the most preferred design. It is easier and time-consuming. This style is very cool and perfect for girls of every age.

Bails Pattern Designs:

Bail Mehndi design is also a unique mehndi design. Bridesmaids also consider these designs with Henna. This design is very stunning and glamorous. These patterns are symbols of happiness and pleasure. They are of unique style and delicately designed. These are intricate Mehndi patterns with mesmerizing designs.

Floral Patterns Designs:

Floral mehndi design is a unique trend going on in Pakistan nowadays. They are very elegant and suitable for girls. This hand-design consist of different types and sizes of flowers on the mehndi pattern and these are best for full hand mehndi.

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Girls mostly opt for the simple floral design when it is eid or any formal occasion except the wedding function. This floral design and styles add love to the dressing of the women and they are also very good in styles. They are included in amazing designs of mehndi.


Tribal Patterns:

These patterns of Mehendi are a traditional look and they are mostly used or preferred in previous times. They have a tribal look and they are very perfect for girls of every age. These mehndi designs are the best collection for any type of girl choosing any type of design for any function.

This tribal mehndi design adds glamour and perfection to the style of the girls. As the wedding function or any other occasion arrives then the girls prefer this type of mehndi design in which they are very comfortable and happy. These designs are applied to hands sometimes, full hands or half hands. These patterns are outstanding and incredible and give a versatile look to the females.

Peacock Mehndi Designs:

Peacock designs are a completely different look from Mehendi designs. The best mehndi collection consists of all different types of designs and this peacock design is a different look. This style of mehndi is not mostly preferred but is very good in appearance. This peacock design is very good for girls who go for formal functions or any type of eid variety. These mehndi designs look perfect on the hands of the girls and give a good attraction to those girls.

Finger Mehndi Designs:

Some girls don’t like to wear mehndi on full hands so they choose to apply mehndi only configures. There are various finger mehndi designs for girls of every age that looks mesmerizing and pleasant. There are several different styles for finger mehndi designs. Mehendi is applied on fingers, not in large amounts it is applied in a suitable manner and style that ads attractions to the hand of the females.

Many finger mehndi designs that are best for casual or formal occasions can be colored tips, elegant tips, lacework pattern, floral appearance, parallel series, symmetric dot pattern, fully loaded fingers or ring fingers, etc.

Colored Tips:

When the girls apply Mehendi on their hands they usually color the tips of their fingers with Mehendi. This adds style and looks versatile. Also, it helps in increasing the strength and color of the nails. It also beautifies the nails. Shaded figures look very unique and they look very beautiful when they are done with the Tikki designs. Colored tips possess great charm and uniqueness to the Mehendi design.

Lace Network:

It is a perfect combination of style and grace. It seems like a net is placed around the fingers. This is a different appearance on the fingers. This network is very uniform and versatile. For those girls who want to look decent, this style is best for them. This design is very easy to make and is time-saving. It is a modern and most trending Mehendi design for girls. This lace network is very suitable for girls and it gives style and confidence. These Mehendi designs are in very much demand by girls for any type of function.

Floral Appearance:

This design is very delicate and it is one of the simplest designs. This Mehendi design gives an amazing result on the hand of the girls. Sometimes large flowers are made on the backside of the hands of the girls while sometimes cute small flowers are used to design mehndi on the girl’s hand. These are made with sterling patterns and they are very easy to make. They look equally elegant. This pattern adds a volume to the fingers and it shows a very uniform and unique appearance.

Parallel Designs of Henna:

This is the type of the Mehendi design in which the fingers of the hands are equally designed. There is a complete parallel series of the lines or the curves or any type of design. Mehendi collection for girls also includes a simple and unique way of designing the figures with Henna Mehendi by highlighting the curves of the figures. It gives style and beauty to the hands. This also shows a simple technique to put on mehndi by saving money, time, and also access to Mehendi.

Dotted Network:

This is the type of Mehendi designs in which there are no bigger lines or curves. There is just a complete pattern of dots. In some fingers, there are small flowers that are interconnected with dots. This is an urban touch and there are symmetric dots in a very uniform pattern. There are small flower patterns that are necessary to further dotted network patterns because the dots connect the two flowers.

Leg Mehendi Designs:

When it comes to the craze of Mehendi, it is something very exciting for girls. Girls who are crazy about putting Mehendi on their hands also love to do this on feet and legs. Feet are adorned with stunning Mehendi designs. Brides put on heavy Mehendi on their legs and feet to show a unique appearance. Leg Mehendi designs are perfect to enjoy your Mehendi ceremony.

Floral Designs for Girls:

Ladies adorn themselves with artistic beautiful mehndi designs for every occasion like marriage, party, or even wear them to an office. The floral print is the one in which flowers are made on the legs and feet as Mehendi design. These styles are simple and look smart. They are very attractive and beautiful in every way possible. It continues to be a preferred style of leg art among the ladies. This is an inspiring Mehendi design for any coming festival.

Arabic Designs:

Girls feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied without Mehendi. Arabic design enhances the style of your legs and makes them look superb. They are the best and perfect ones. These are different from simple Mehendi designs. It consists of flowers, leaves, curls, bird patterns. It brings glamour to your legs and looks artistic.

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Arabic Mehndi design is a simple elegant beautiful mehndi design that makes use of free space in the middle and a single type of flower. Arabian work with beautiful flower borders, in the end, is an excellent choice for weddings.

Traditional Mehndi Designs:

Traditional Mehendi designs are most followed in Pakistan. These mehndi designs for feet and legs are wonderful and also very unique for women. This design symbolizes the amazing traditional outlook. The latest Mehendi designs are also a part of fashion, mehndi considered as a symbol of events and celebrations. Mehndi is the best thing used to beautify the

Mesh Network:

On the legs and the feet of the girls or the women of any age, this is a unique style in which a mesh network is present mainly on the feet and it is also preferred on the fingers and the toes of the feet. This mesh network appearance is very charming and it looks very stunning. This easy Mehendi design is very simple and it is also very much preferred for the girl kids.

This pattern is very easy and it shows a good impression of the feet of the bride or any other girl putting it on any occasion. They are perfect for girls and looks very cool. These design on the leg shows inspiring effects.

Foot Borders:

Anything that is surrounded by borders looks nice and attractive so when we put the latest Mehendi designs on the leg or the foot then the border network on the feet gives a stunning look and it also symbolizes the uniformity and uniqueness of the person putting Mehendi on the feet of the girls. These are the best and perfect ones.

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They look very cool and are a perfect style of leg art among the ladies. This style is mostly preferred for the legs, not for the hands. It adds versatility to the person having Mehendi on the foot and this type of design is the latest and looks very best with the outfits worn by the girl.

Kashees Mehndi Designs:

Kashees Mehendi designs are the most followed in Pakistan. These are the new and trending Mehendi patterns. They are very easy to make. Most brides and bridesmaids prefer to put on new Mehndi designs by Kashees. Its latest Mehendi designs are cool and stunning.

It shows a strong ornament for a girl. Designs with floral patterns or geometrical shapes are also popular this year for Eid Mehendi designs. For those of you who would prefer to have a cleaner canvas with negligible structures. No compelling reason to stress because fortunately, there are basic mehndi plans that will suit your preferences.

These instances of honest henna artistry demonstrate that toning it down would be ideal. It has always been the limelight of any wedding function. It has always been the center of attraction of any day. Bridal Mehndi is an art form in itself and there is a great demand for artists and exclusive lounges during Mehndi wedding season.

Mehndi was a form of traditional Pakistani art has become mehndi designs. These patterns are different from traditional designs, but give a unique art modern appearance

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