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The fashion world of men is massive. There are shirts, jeans, jackets, boots, belts, watches, etc. Not to mention, there are different types of fashion accessories. Speaking of fashion accessories, hats are one of the best fashion elements for men. 

The hat market for men is extensive. Not only there are multiple hats available, but men also need to consider the color, the weather, and the occasion before choosing the perfect hat. Many people assume that choosing the perfect hat is a simple task. But it’s easier said than being done. Due to the unlimited options, men face problems while choosing the perfect hat for themselves. 

A perfect hat can boost your fashion sense in an instant. On the other hand, if you wear hats for irrelevant occasions or seasons, they will make you look like a fool. Therefore, you need to know the details regarding the best hats so that you don’t face confusion while buying them. But before talking about the hats, let’s discuss the anatomy.

The Anatomy of the Hat

Every part of the hat has extensive features and supports. The purpose can be anything from increasing the fashion sense to protecting the skin from UV rays. Even though you might feel confused while purchasing your first hat, the experience will become a walk in the park if you know the importance and specifications of the hat. 


This is known as the body of the hat. The crown looks like a central domed that increases upward from the exterior brim. The crown covers the head of the wearer and makes them look attractive. 

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The brim is the horizontal edge of the hat. It starts from the bottom edge of the crown and continues its way outwards like the horizontal axis. Just like the crown, there are different types of brims available for the hats. The brim is a combination of both functionality and style. The primary objective of the brim is to protect your skin from sun damages. As per Med line plus, UV rays can burn the skin.


The dents are considered as the design of the crown. Even though the dents are primarily used for styling purposes, they also have functionality. The dents will help you take off and on your hats easily. Additionally, it will help you tip your hat at formal events. 


This is the pinch on top of the crown. The functionality of the crease is the same as the pinch. This means that it will make the hat look more attractive. 

Sweat Band

The sweatband can be made of different types of materials as per the fashion sense and style of the hat. They will also absorb the excess amount of sweat. 

Now that you know the anatomy of the hats, it’s time to discuss the best hats available for men. 

Panama Hats

The Panama hats are not only lightweight but also made of light colors. The Panama hats are extremely stylish and they will become one of your best fashion accessories during the warm weather. Originally coming from Ecuador, most Panama hats are crafted using plaited leaves or other types of Toquilla palm plants. This is the main reason why the Panama hats come with extensive breathability properties. Not to mention, they are highly durable. Being and spring and summer-time accessory, the Panama hats can enhance your fashion sense. However, don’t wear the Panama hats on formal occasions and they are designed to be paired with casual dresses. 

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Pork Pie

This is one of the most popular mens felt hatsThe popularity of the pork pie hats exploded when Breaking Bad star Walter White, as known as Heisenberg wore it on the series. The pork pie hats got their name from the British pork pie. The pork pie is considered a close cousin to the fedora hats. The pork pie hats feature flat crowns, slightly curved brim, and creases along with the inside top edge of the hat. If you’re planning to combine the pork pie hats with suits, you should choose something casual. You can also wear them on semi-formal occasions but your dress code needs to complement the hat


The trilby hats showcase a pure retro vibe and a sporty theme. This is why they are another famous hat in the men’s fashion world. They are arguably the most stylish hat for men. The popularity of the trilby hats exploded when Bruno Mars started wearing them in his music videos. He also wore the hat at various concerts. Even though you might assume that choosing the trilby hat will come with tons of restrictions, the trilby has become one of the most desirable hats for men. They are weather-resistant and versatile. The durability of the trilby hats is greater than other hats. Additionally, the care and maintenance process of the trilby hats is not time-consuming. They are one of few hats that can be worn both on formal and informal occasions. 


Now that you know the anatomy and different types of hats for men, it’s time to make a purchase. Pay close attention while choosing your hat. If you want high-quality felt hats, make sure you visit our website. 

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