mangalsutraA Mangalsutra is much more than a sacred thread that signifies marriage. For a woman, it is much more than that. Because it is a symbol of love and commitment, every woman pays close attention to the minor details while selecting the appropriate one for herself.

Mangalsutras are so important that even millennial brides wear them cheerfully and willingly. Of course, as time has passed, ladies Mangalsutra designs have evolved significantly. They are no longer made up of a gold pendant suspended from a black and gold beaded string. There are several new styles in the market that modern brides are spoilt for choice. 

We will describe the different types of modern ladies’ mangalsutras that can be worn. 

1.A mix of gold and diamonds

A Solitaire lying between a short chain of black beads, this design is both simple and striking. This is something to be inspired by if you are a bride who plans on wearing her Mangalsutra frequently. When it comes to the most recent designs, the combination of gold and diamonds is currently the most popular. Brides today want to wear this auspicious piece of jewellery that are both traditional and fashionable.

Another new mangalsutra design, features an enticing large square-shaped pendant with detailed embroidery. The design stands out because of a diamond-shaped sub-pendant and pearl droppings.

A majority of mangalsutra threads have black and golden stones beaded on them. But you can make it different by covering it with small gleaming stones. The pendant can be a stunning diamond pendant with a floral design and delicate diamonds sprinkled throughout. The diamond and gold necklace set are sure to stand out.

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2.Personalized choices

Personalization is the way to go if you want to make something unique with your Mangalsutra design. You can add your and your partner’s zodiac signs in the mangalsutra. You can further personalize it by adding pearls and concentric circles of embellished diamonds. If you want a personalized mangalsutra design, you can also consider the option that includes your and your spouse’s names; the couple’s names are elegantly etched in the infinity-shaped gold pendant.

3.Minimalist designs

The peacock motif is incredibly lovely and graceful, as a magnificent diamond-studded Mangalsutra design. For the modern bride, it is the archetypal Indian design. A beautiful pattern with five solitaires surrounded by tiny clusters of diamonds is both simple and exquisite. Another unusual, yet the minimalist design is a straight-line pendant with five embellished diamonds. 

Another stylish mangalsutra design is made with two curving lines joining to support a flowery diamond.

Another ladies mangalsutra design is essentially a two-for-one deal, with two strings and two pendants. The upper half of the string is made up of classic black beads, while the lower half is made up of two gold chains. This mangalsutra looks great with a trendy heart-shaped pendant. That’s not all, though. The traditional vibes are supplied by a diamond-encrusted ball-shaped pendant set on the second chain.

4.Unique designs

The classic triple thread of black and golden beads on one side, and leaf-shaped diamond clasps on the other, is one way to make your mangalsutra a one-of-a-kind piece. To add a pop of color to your mangalsutra, you can opt for a tiny gold and diamond U-shaped pendant with jagged red and green stones.

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You can choose a wonderful mangalsutra design that boasts of ‘all things love’ to show your undying love for your partner. It is made out of a heart-shaped pendant with a carved heartbeat motif inside. The heartbeat design represents your strong love and shows that you and your partner are each other’s life. This mangalsutra design is enhanced by a delicate heart etched with a short string on the principal pendant. 

You can also opt for a gorgeous blend of gold and diamonds with a coiled gold border or a mangalsutra etched to a crescent-shaped diamond pendant containing a delicate double-thread of black and gold beads. Finally, you can take your design to another level by adding pink stones. 

When discussing the latest designs, we can’t leave out the bracelet mangalsutra. The newest fashion is the bracelet-style mangalsutra, which deserves your attention. Remember, it is an auspicious thread because of the fortunate black and gold beads. It can be the traditional way or on the hand, or on a single finger.

5.Maximalist designs

You can choose a gold necklace set that features a large multi-dimensional circular pendant with multiple carving styles and Kundan embellishments. Several mangalsutra threads support the enormous weight of the pendant.

The paisley pattern may be found everywhere in Indian weddings, from mehndi patterns to the bride’s lehenga embellishments. When you buy a noticeable embossed paisley motif on the large square gold pendant that’s worth admiring. The design has a lot of interesting components. The pendant’s borders, for example, are embellished with floral designs, large gold balls dropping, and ‘jaalidaar’ work in the middle.

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Another option is to choose a lavish mangalsutra with a large pendant and a ‘flower of kundans’ portion that radiates royalty like nothing else.


Apart from its traditional meaning, ladies mangalsutra is a statement jewel for new-age brides who want to make a bold statement. You can now buy your preferred piece online through dil ke deals and get quality products at the best price. We hope the designs mentioned above have given your ideas for designing your own mangalsutra!

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