Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

    It’s time to ditch the mascara and try out a natural lash extension that will give you fuller, longer eyelashes without all the fuss. If you’ve felt like your lashes haven’t grown or looked as lush as they once did, this article can help fix that problem. Follow the steps below to achieve the look you’ve wanted.

    What are Lash Extensions?

    Lash extensions are false lashes that can be applied by a professional and worn to give eyes a more natural appearance. You may have seen them on celebrities, models, or actresses and wondered how to achieve the same look.

    What are the Benefits of Lash Extensions?

    • They’re very convenient since they can last quite a few weeks, depending on the lash quality and if they’re correctly maintained.
    • When your lashes have a natural appearance, you’ll feel more confident and attract attention directed towards your eyes instead of your eyelashes.
    • It’s a cheaper alternative to false lashes. Maintenance of lashes is low, and the initial cost is much less than the price of false eyelashes.
    • They’re a healthier alternative to mascara since no chemicals are involved. That’s why it’ll give your eyelashes health and texture.
    • They’re easy to apply, unlike false lashes that may take you a bit of practice to master their application and techniques.

    How Long Do They Last?

    Lash extensions can last for several weeks up to two months, depending on the quality of the extensions. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain the extensions to ensure they remain in place and that your eyes look stunning for a longer period. 

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    How Do You Take Care of Lash Extensions?

    • Brushing them daily can help remove any buildup that may occur.
    • Avoid getting them wet since it can loosen the adhesive. The extensions should be cleaned with a damp towel and then dried thoroughly.
    • After a shower, avoid rubbing your eyes since the extensions can get damaged.

    How Do You Know If Your Lash Extensions Are Loose?

    If you’re wondering if your natural lash extensions are loose, look to see whether or not the fake lashes are moving. But, first, try moving them yourself to see if they react normally or move unnaturally.

    If you’re still not sure, a simple test can be performed. Apply mascara to your upper eyelashes and then wait for it to dry. Next, gently blot your upper lashes, and if the mascara transfers onto your lower lashes, there’s a big chance that the extensions are loose. 

    How Do You Apply Lash Extensions?

    While you don’t have to be a professional hairstylist to take care of your lash extensions, you’ll need to know how to apply for your extensions properly. If you need to attach the extensions to your natural lashes, a light adhesive from Paris Lash Academy should be placed on your natural lashes. After you’ve applied the glue and allowed it to dry, the lash extensions can be applied over the natural lash.

    How Do You Take Out the Extensions?

    There are a few different methods to take out your false lashes, depending on what kind of lashes you have. To take out your natural lashes, you’ll need to remove them from their adhesive gently. Most lash extensions come with the removal option, so you may need to look for that first.

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    If your lashes are glued onto your natural lash, you will have to cut off the ends and use tweezers or small scissors to remove them. Be gentle when taking out the extensions since you don’t want to pull off or tear your natural lashes in the process.

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