As the summer arrives, the ladies are ready to fill their wardrobe with trending dresses. The most traditional and latest fashion for females nowadays is medium shirts with cigarette pants. They come in a variety of materials like silk, cotton, khaddar, linen, etc. These medium shirts are amazing and look wonderful with cigarette pants for ladies. They are versatile and are available in many colors and designs in Pakistan.

There are various prints of medium shirts trending nowadays. The stylish cigarette pants add more beauty to the shirts. This dressing is best for casual wear and other occasions like Eid, parties, festivals, etc. They are the first choice of females following the latest fashion. The printed ones are more popular and in-demand in summer than the embroidered ones. Many designers are launching these best medium shirts with cigarette trousers to fulfill the demands of the public.

A few years back these medium shirts were most trending but then long shirts took their place. And now they are back in the modern fashion world with best-contrasting cigarette pants. Bold colors are more preferable by the girls. Cigarette pants outfits with single color and buttons at their bottom are much trending.

Branded Cigarette Pant Suits:

There are many brands in Pakistan offering medium shirts with cigarette pants. These brands are launching their suits with the latest fashion accordingly. Various brands in Pakistan are Alkaram, Gul Ahmed, Nishat Linen, Sana Safinaz, Khaadi, etc.

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Best Cigarette Pants suits are continuously launching nowadays by Khaadi. This brand consists of suits of premium quality fabric. They offer trending shirts with pants for casual and semi-formal wear. These are best for winter as the fabric is thick and warm. They are very popular with women in Pakistan. Cigarette pants give a classy look to the girls wearing it and also adds glamour with the medium length shirts.

Sana Safinaz:

They offer perfect suits that are trending this year. They are highly demanded because of their unique character and versatile appearance. Sana Safinaz is the best brand selling this dress at a reasonable price. Their suits add glamour to one’s day. They are best for casual and formal occasions. This is the best platform for providing up to date fashion apparel.

Gul Ahmed:

Gul Ahmed always launches new traits of modern fashion that are much in demand by the girls nowadays. Fashion is never the same every time. It keeps on changing yearly or season by season. They are available in a huge variety and are an ideal fit for females. They are best for both summer and winter.


This brand has it’s own advancement in the fashion world. Alkaram consists of trending short or medium shirts with stylish trousers known as cigarette pants. They are fabricated from high-quality material. Cigarette pants are very famous in Pakistan nowadays. The elite class is the first to choose to wear cigarette pants.

Nishat Linen:

Nishat Linen is the brand that provides the best outlook to the girls and women in Pakistan. Girls can wear shirts with pants of the same colors or contrasting colors depending upon the type of occasion.

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