Pakistani Wedding Dresses: Shop the latest trends in 2021Pakistani Wedding Dresses: Shop the latest trends in 2021

Pakistani wedding dresses have always been a source of inspiration for other brides over the world. Pakistani Brides are the epitome of luxury. Their bridal attire is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, and their wedding jewelry evokes a timeless elegance. Imagine the look on your wedding guests’ faces when you start walking down the aisle in an outfit reminiscent of a Pakistani bride. Impress them with attire that is as vibrant and beautiful as a Pakistani bride and create a lasting impression.

Here are some Pakistani bridal looks we spot on Instagram that you could draw inspiration from for your Sangeet dress or Wedding reception outfit.

Best Pakistani bridal looks for Wedding reception

1.      Bridal Gowns

Pakistani wedding dresses are a very stylish and memorable choice for any woman looking for a formal outfit for her wedding day. A specially designed bridal gown will make you look elegant and fit for the occasion as the tradition prescribed for it. All the details of the traditional outfit like churidar, procession, and luarnaam can be done in a photogenic way if you have the appropriate inspiration.

The exquisite Pakistani bridal gown speaks elegance and beauty. Adorned with intricate designs, the traditional bridal dresses depict an unreal beauty to each bride. You’ll be sure to feel like you’re in a romantic, luxurious movie while wearing one of these exquisite pieces for your special day.

2.      Red Wedding Lenghas

The beautiful red wedding lehenga is considered to be the most celebrated of all. Worn on the third day of Pakistani weddings, these stunning outfits are perfect for brides that want to add a hint of glamor to their special day. This dress gives you all the grace and magnificence of a royal bridal gown, along with the elegance of an haute couture outfit. Unique and exotic, this dress is made of the best chiffon and Jamawar. A dabka, kora, gotta, and resham all together make the outfit perfect for the formal occasion.

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The beauty of this Pakistani bridal lehenga lies in its extensive zardozi work, the double upper layer, and golden lower layer. In order to flaunt all the stunning details properly, this bridal lehenga is paired with a dupatta and choli that perfectly complement the whole ensemble. Usually, the blouse is finished with heavy silver zardozi work and stunning motifs covering the effortlessly gathered sleeves. Make the day yours in this exquisite piece that isn’t just for the special night but an heirloom-to-be.

3.      Artemisia

The Artemisia is the ultimate in lenghas, making them the quintessential bridal gown. A distinctly royal style, the Artemisia will get you noticed as you walk down the aisle. Its luxurious fabric and impeccable design will set a perfect tone for the nuptials to come. Featuring a more drapey and fluid silhouette that accentuates the shape of the body, the Artemisia dress is an elegant and extravagant choice for the ceremony. Complete with intricate cutouts that play up its design, this gown is sure to set a regal tone without being overdone.

4.      Angrakha

If you are looking for a fusion design, you can combine the traditional with the contemporary for your fusion shehndi outfit. A classic and unique option, the angrakha comes from Rajasthani origins. The garment is said to have given rise to the sari. It has flow and flare, making it sit nicely on tall brides. There is nothing more wasteful than this decadent style known for its elegance for those of royal blood. With its vibrant colors and appealing patterns, this fusion dress will complement your mehndi event perfectly.

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This dress comes in a range of styles and cuts. It can be paired with fitted leggings or pajamas for a more traditional look or worn over colorful leggings for something more modern. It’s a fabulous choice that relieves you from choosing between comfort and style. This long frock makes an excellent choice for a wedding in any season.

5.      Sharara

Sharara is one of the most traditional & cultural attire of Pakistan. It is a flared and voluminous bottom, worn with a straight-cut kurta or a flared kurta. There’s a lot of self-expression in these bottoms. Pair it with a dupatta, and you’ll look very chic. Sharara clothes are easy to wear and comfortable while still looking stunning. They’re perfect for a bride who wants to look her best on the day without getting weighed down by a heavy dress.

Like most clothing, the sharara has undergone significant modifications over time. It is a fascinating garment that has evolved to reflect changing trends and fashion sensibilities. Today’s sharara scene is as vibrant as ever, with some brands offering their interpretation of the traditional garments. It gives you an air of royalty and oozes rich elegance.

6.      Gharara

The Gharara is also known as a looser or flowing pant that has a fitted waist. It consists of tight trousers that are flared at the bottom, matching the floor-length garment worn by women on top. Featuring a wide waistband and high rise, they have a flattering slim leg design with falls placed for optimal coverage. Look for embellishments and embroidery that complement the pants for an added pop of color to your ensemble.

7.      FarshiPajama

The FarshiPajama is a floor-sweeping style that is loose on the body and designed to drape beautifully. The fabric is casually gathered at the waist and then falls fluidly into place to achieve this look. It is more similar to a Sharara than the Gharara, but it still possesses the flowing style unique to its parent dress. The traditional farshipajama is a beautifully rich and mesmerizing blend of style and luxury. The FarshiPajama is a vintage-inspired outfit because of its design and detailing and the historical elements that distinguish it from other similar pajamas.

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8.      Shalwarkameez

When you’re looking for versatility in your bridal look, consider the shalwarkameez. With so many available styles and variations, you can choose the perfect look for your big day. A great alternative to traditional Pakistani wedding dresses, the shalwarkameez features a long shirt or tunic over loose pants. The outfits are made of soft silky fabrics and sometimes include heavy embroidered patch work with beads and other trinkets.

This bridal wedding shalwarkameez are beautiful and made with decent embroidery on chiffon, satin, and velvet fabric. They have beautiful kurtashalwar for a modern fusion of conventional and contemporary clothing. The embellished shalwarkameez with dupatta enhances its elegance. It is sure to attract compliments from near and far, whether you’re planning your Pakistan or western-style wedding celebrations. This style is flattering for all body types, and the styling options are endless.

Most brides wear their wedding dresses once. But for those who want to be unique, there are many varieties of choices. Pakistani weddings are known for their intricate embroidery and elegant style. These dresses should be beautiful from the moment you put them on but with just the right amount of embellishment for a unique look. Whether you are searching for casual or formal attire, there is a massive array of options available in style, pattern, and design.  Imagine walking down the aisle in sheer fabric and a crown on your head? Yes, that’s what it’s all about.

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