Influencer marketing is a great way to launch new products and increase brand awareness. Social media influencers are the celebrities of the 21st century. While traditional celebrities have millions of fans and followers on social media, their word doesn’t carry as much weight for marketing purposes as it once did.

These days, companies are generating more engagement by partnering with content creators rather than the biggest names in the market. Consumers connect more personally with creators, because they look like normal human beings. Not millionaire spokespersons who make a lot of money to support a brand. Keeping track of trends is critical to running an effective influencer marketing campaign, as best practices change over time. To help you get started, keep an eye on these influencer marketing trends to stay ahead.

Pay attention to new platforms

New social networks are constantly being developed in hopes of getting a slice of such a large and profitable space. Some of them will disappear after a short time, but others find their niche and that is when their success begins. TikTok, for example, went from being relatively unknown to a staple of pop culture, almost seemingly overnight. Those who were interested in TikTok from the beginning are happy to have stayed. Stay up-to-date with emerging platforms, which could turn out to be extremely profitable investments. Influencer marketing in these spaces is low risk and high reward. If you are an artist, then you should focus on Spotify and SoundCloud too. Those are not new platforms but they are worth giving a shot. Start with Spotify and get more content uploaded there. Buy Spotify plays, and always upload music tracks on time. 

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Short-form video is king (for now)

Just as important as keeping up with emerging platforms is paying attention to the type of media that is trending. For example, one of the most effective media formats today is short-form video. Knowing what works best helps guide the rest of your influencer marketing strategy. An advantage of focusing on a specific form of media is that it helps you identify relevant influencers. Take note of those who experiment with other media, such as podcasts or in-depth videos. These people help you focus on your main format, while adding variety to your content strategy.

Regulations and guidelines are growing in influencer marketing

Social media platforms are always changing their guidelines. Currently, they are hindering the success of organic media to get companies to invest in their platforms. The good news is that there are fewer restrictions for influencers. However, that may change as social media companies explore new sources of income. Stay up to date on the rules and regulations of media platforms and their users. You don’t want to find out just before a campaign launch, that it is not viable. Knowledge is power.

Relationships outweigh partnerships

Too many companies launch products and logos with influencers, hoping for native exposure. This method is quickly detected by consumers, who see the approach as shallow. Instead, focus on building a long-term relationship with each influencer. Find ways to help them, outside of paying for their services. Help them expand their circle, send them products for personal use and develop an informal line of communication with them. The better your relationship, the more value both of you will get from your work together.

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