The best dress-up and fashion games for your Android device

The best dress-up and fashion games for your Android device

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For those of you who enjoy keeping up to date with the latest Indian wedding dress trends and following all things fashion, there are a number of gaming options that might appeal also. In fact, dress-up and fashion games are growing in popularity, with many of the best titles being available on Android devices. 

Such is the overall impact of smartphone gaming these days that developers are bringing out a range of titles on modern-day mobile phone devices, fashion-inspired releases included. These types of games accompany hugely popular options from other genres, too, such as top casino games from reputable providers like and hugely successful releases in India like Coin Master. Dress-up and fashion titles enable players to unlock outfits, crack various puzzles, capture the best photos, and a range of other features which different games in the genre tend to offer. The Google Play Store certainly boasts an impressive array of games from this category in particular. Below is a look at some of the best of them. 

Fabulous Series

Offering an extensive selection of free to play simulation games, Fabulous Series follows the story of Angela as she aims to take control of her demanding life with some memorable outfits of her own. That’s where you come in, taking part in numerous fashion-related activities to make sure Angela’s busy lifestyle is managed to perfection. 

Mystic Prince Dress Up

Mystic Prince Dress Up focuses on male fashion in particular as you cast your eye over the latest trends and then style your prince accordingly. Players start with a male doll avatar and can customise him from there, with the option of changing features such as skin colour, you can mix and match various looks, adjust his facial expression, and a whole host of other options. It isn’t the most intricate game you’ll ever play, but it sure is fun. 

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Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion

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Giving players the opportunity to kit out their very own character in a range of different styles, Covet Fashion is a great option for your smartphone. Essentially taking you on a shopping trip, Covet fashion lets you scope out the best brands, unlock various items, and even try and stand out in various fashion contests. The game features real brands, which certainly separates it out from many, even providing players with links to buy specific items in real life away from the game too. 

Cindy’s Dress-up Friends

A fun and casual title on Android, Cindy’s Dress-up Friends enables users to try out a range of different outfits and alter their character’s pose by limb to match specific styles as they go. Creating various scenes by exploring the catalogue of fashion styles on offer, this particular game is entirely free and will keep you entertained for hours on end. 

Pocket Clothier

Pocket Clothier isn’t free, but it’s most definitely worth the investment if you’re in need of a fashion game on your sophisticated smartphone device. The game is simple too, tasking players with positioning mannequins in the store, deciding what clothes to sell on, and everything else that running a successful clothing store entails. Pocket Clothier also features challenges and a range of fun tasks to complete. 

Shopping Mall Girl

A mall-style fashion app with a large user base behind it these days, Shopping Mall Girl involves players trying on an extensive selection of outfits before deciding which particular look is suitable for your special collection. As well as taking care of hair and makeup, players need to assess the clothing options on offer as they aim to master their social skills and even win fashion contests. 

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