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Wedding season is the most exciting time of the year for every single girl out there! From trousseau to choosing that perfect wedding dress to figuring out if budget hotel rooms will do the trick (and finally deciding where on earth you’re going to find your dream venue), it honestly doesn’t get any better than this!

We all know how stressful weddings can be, and we still think the best way to de-stress your big day is with a big helping of wedding shoes. There’s nothing like strutting your stuff in a gorgeous pair of heels or dancing the night away in stylish wedges. When it comes to choosing wedding shoes, though, you have so many options from which you can choose. From block heel wedding shoes to juttis and sandals to kohlapuris, discover fantastic designs for every occasion. But before that, here is a quick guide on how to choose wedding shoes for Indian weddings.

Guide to choose wedding shoes for Indian weddings


There is no strict rule for color, but generally, white and gold are reserved for weddings, whereas red is best suited for parties or designer sarees. After the color, the shoe’s fabric should be taken into account too while choosing your dream pair of shoes! Matching the color of your footwear with that of your outfit will help you create an alluring look. You can opt for color contrast or match them strictly depending on how formal or informal your get-up is.

Traditional gold wedges look stunning and will add a lot of grace and beauty to your overall look. They make a statement and are suitable for all kinds of occasions like weddings, parties, proms etc. These shoes come in different colors like cream, red, gold and silver. They are made from high-quality material and are very comfortable to wear. Peep-toe shoes with sparkling embellishment work great for parties and weddings. These shoes can be worn with any outfit, whether it is a saree or a lehengacholi. They give your feet the proper support and keep them safe from harm. You can also opt for silver or golden embellishments over the toe area if you want to enhance the shoe’s beauty further!

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Make sure to try them on before buying. It is always better to wear them in stores than at home. At stores, they will be able to help you get the right fit. It is crucial to make sure that your shoes fit correctly. If you do not have good-fitting shoes, they can ruin your whole wedding day. Remember, this isn’t the time to break in new shoes. They need to fit comfortably already when you try them on! This way, you don’t have to worry about blisters or sore feet during your big day.

If you are planning on wearing block heel wedding shoes, they should not be more than 3 inches high. The higher the heel, the more likely you are to trip or lose your balance. Wedding shoes should be elegant, and they should be something that you can dance in comfortably. There is nothing worse than having to take off your shoes for every dance because your feet are already hurting.

Traditional or Western attire:

Depending upon the type of wedding you are attending, you can pick from traditional and western-style footwear. The occasion demands festivity, joy and celebration – the festive mood dictates the choice of footwear. For traditional Indian weddings, you can pick from various options like churidar pyjama, chappals and juttis/kohlpuris. On the other hand, wedges and block heel wedding shoes will do the trick if you are attending a western ceremony. Heels and wedges work well with any kind of Indian attire and also western dresses.

Shoes are supposed to be comfortable and should go well with the outfit. Heels work well with any Indian outfit as well as a western dress. Wedges are more comfortable than heels, but they do not match traditional outfits well. Chappals are comfortable, but they are only ideal for men’s costumes since they are made for them only. Kohlpuris are simple, comfortable shoes that can go well with any outfit depending upon the color chosen.

Here are some lovely shoe styles that you can wear on your wedding day:

Elegant pumps:

If you are the kind who loves to keep it simple, then pick a sleek pair of black or nude pumps. These will be comfortable and easy on your feet. Also, they look amazing when paired with a gown or an outfit. You can also choose from various designs – from short heels to even higher heels – or even flats if you wish. Some have bows and flowers on them, while others have embroidered details that make them look elegant and even subtle.

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You can also find pumps designed so that they can be worn for hours without causing any sort of discomfort to the feet. In fact, if you plan on wearing them for long hours, make sure they have proper cushioning so you feel relaxed all night long! There is a wide variety of pumps to choose from. You can go for a classic or an elaborate design. A few popular types include:

  • Ankle strap pumps: These are appropriate for both casual and formal looks, and you can even make them the center of attention by wearing them with a sari.
  • Peep-toe pumps: Perfect to elevate any outfit, these come in both lace and strappy varieties. In addition, they are available in an array of colors. Pick one that compliments your complexion or your bridal outfit.
  • Mary Jane pumps: These are versatile, comfortable and easy to walk in. They have adorable bow detailing on them, so they are perfect for parties as well as weddings.
  • Gladiator pumps: These were made famous by the TV show “Sex &The City.” Although they are considered more casual, they can be worn on special occasions if paired with the proper attire.

Block heel wedding shoes

A block heel is a shoe height with a flat base and rises directly from the sole to the broadest part of the shoe. The most significant advantage of a block heel is that it provides excellent stability for your foot while you walk.

Block heels can be both short and high. Depending on how tall you want your hem to be, you can wear a block heel with a long dress or a short one. Block heels are perfect for dancing. They are also comfortable and classy. It is best to go for gold, silver or nude heel with a block heel. You can finish off the look with a lovely pair of open-toe sandals or an ankle strap stiletto. Make sure the heel is not too high; you would want to dance during your reception after all!

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The best block heel weddings shoes include:

  • Peep Toe Block Heels:It’s a classic look with a twist. A peep-toe gives a little bit more sexiness to this classic style.
  • Ankle strap Block Heels: An ankle strap on your block heels is both sexy and comfortable. This is the perfect shoe for an outdoor wedding or one that has lots of walking involved!
  • Platform Block Heels: Platform block heels add height and give more structure than the usual block heel – perfect if you’re tall! If you don’t like high heels but still want some size, platform block heels are the answer.



Wedges are perfect if you are having a destination wedding. It is very comfortable and will provide great support, especially if you plan to walk around all day! You can slip into this fabulous pair of shoes when you are ready to party at night! Wedding shoes come in all shapes and sizes, and the same goes for the different kinds of wedges. You can choose from a variety: lace-up and strappy.

  • The lace-up wedges are the most common variety you will find. The stiletto heel is usually between 4 to 7 inches high. The straps are made of leather or suede. They typically have a gold or silver buckle on the side, which you use to tighten the shoe, so it doesn’t slip off while dancing or walking around. You can usually find this kind in various colors, but they’re mostly white and cream for destination weddings.
  • Strappy wedges are another type that is very popular among women, especially for destination weddings. It comes with a single strap across the toes and then wraps around your ankle and up your leg. The straps are made out of fabric or leather but are mostly made out of material because they look more elegant. These look amazing when paired with a gown or even a formal suit. Make sure they have fabric straps so that they don’t dig in when you walk. This type is perfect for walking around all day because it’s very comfortable! It’s also great if you want to be able to dance all night long at your destination wedding because it has an open back!

Bridal shoes come in a seemingly endless variety of styles and designs. The best bridal shoes can be versatile enough to work for the outdoor wedding ceremony and the indoor reception. To make it memorable, it is advised to go for the ideal footwear for your wedding ceremony and reception.


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