Engagement apparel for men for different seasons will depend on your dressing purpose. Styles for menswear may vary among occasions and the latest trends influencing them. However, regardless of your preference for an engagement outfit for men, you get everything from a reputed online store.

  1. Classic Sherwani for the Ring Ceremony

Stylish classic Sherwanis have always remained the best choices for every occasion, including your ring ceremony. You may choose a modern Sherwani as an engagement outfit for men. The best thing is that Sherwanis are available in several work concepts, shortcuts, and hues in diverse pastels. One can select a simple Sherwani and a dupatta to pair them. Alternatively, you may look for some embroidery works on the Sherwani’s border to stay updated with the latest trend.

Engagement Outfits for Men

  1. Simple Combination of Kurta Pyjama for the Engagement

Men, who want to achieve a simple and sober look for the engagement ceremony should choose a combination of kurta and pajama. However, you may get a Lucknowi pattern kurta in light colors to wear instead of going with the basic whites. Traditional motifs in various Chikankari kurta designs and a few latest small buttis in Lucknowi-designed kurtas are other trending styles of kurtas available for men.  Other than that, men can match the pattern or embroidery work with the outfit of their bride to get a perfect match for the auspicious occasion.

  1. Stunning Bandhgala Outfit for Men’s Engagement Ceremony

Selecting sober styles in achkan jackets will give the perfect look for almost every occasion, including the ring ceremony. Choose a solid bandhgala sherwani or kurta for men up to a knee-length height to give a modern twist. One can wear Bandhgalas in light or black colors until they remain well-tailored. A few such apparels may even have works on Achkans to highlight the chest pocket, collar, and hem side.

  1. Contrast Waistcoat for Men with a Kurta Set

Men willing for a sophisticated look may wear a Nehru jacket and match it with a Kurta Pyjama set. Besides working as a perfect engagement outfit for men in India, the combination of outfits works well for a wedding ceremony. One can also style a simple Kurta Pyjama with an embroidered or printed Indian waistcoat to enhance the look. Alternatively, men may choose a combination of Nehru Jacket and kurta to achieve a contrast look or go with solids in a combination of colors to get a designer look. If this is not enough, one can select a designer cut Kurta in plated cuts or cowl drapes to pair with the asymmetrical opening of the jacket.

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Engagement Outfits for Men

  1. Look for Formals for the Engagement Ceremony

Men often have a few formal styles of pants and shirts lying around in the closets. They may be excellent options as ring ceremony outfits for men. You only have to pair the formals with a waistcoat or tie of your choice. Wear formal trousers in textured or plain fabrics with plain shirts or with shirts that come with minimal motif prints. Other than that, men looking for an ultimate combination should choose trousers and a waistcoat of the same color or anything neutral.

  1. Classy Suits as Engagement Outfit for Men

Suits have always remained the best options while searching for a classic look. The latest engagement outfit for grooms in coat suits may be in traditional Jodhpuri or tuxedo style suits. However, one can also choose maroon suits, navy coat suits, or blue or brown suits for the engagement day to complement the bride’s look.

  1. Golden Embroidered and Collar Sherwani for Your Engagement

Other than the stylish Sherwanis mentioned here, you may even go with golden embroidered and collar sherwanis for your ring ceremony to give an ethnic spin to your outfit. Never forget to combine the golden embroidered outfit with Kolhapuris and dhoti pants. The best thing about selecting golden Sherwanis is that they allow you to place a family emblem or a motif.

Engagement Outfits for Men

  1. Combination of Pastel and White Colors for the Day

If you have plans for your engagement and wedding on a sunny day, you should consider pastel and white as your go-to colors for the day. The combination of the colors gives bright look to your skin and a charismatic aura to entice would-be-partner on your engagement and wedding days.

  1. Metal Work Bundi in Kurtas with Rolled-up Sleeves

Do you want to be the center of attraction on your ring ceremony day? You should wear a kurta equipped with metal work Bundi, especially salmon-colored Bundi in it. Never forget to pair your kurta with a white churidar to enhance your look. Besides, you may enhance your look further with rolled-up sleeves in your kurta. The combination works well for every evening event.

  1. Engagement Outfit Styles Adopted by Celebrities

For a long time, apparel, designs, and styles adopted by celebrities and TV stars have remained popular among fashion lovers. Men often follow the dressing sense and patterns of their favorite TV show artists or movie actors to wear in parties and offices alike. Considering this, we can say that men can get a hint from their favorite celebrities and check their choice related to an engagement outfit for men.

  1. Combination of Drape Kurta and Jacket

Want to try out a box combination for your ring ceremony, just get a draped kurta and pair it with an embellished jacket. The wedding and engagement apparel gives ultimate dressing finesse and an exclusive style to create a memory forever.

  1. Floral Pattern Wedding Outfits

Gone are those days when floral patterns are for women. Today, men may choose sherwanis and kurtas with floral prints to be fashion icons on their engagement day. The best thing is that the floral print Sherwanis highlight a simple and sober look to work well in almost every atmosphere.

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Depending on your choice, you may get stylish engagement outfits for men, like jackets, sherwanis, and kurta suits to follow the seasonal trend. In other words, the availability of trendy men’s engagement outfit collections let to get a sober and subtle style on your engagement day. Therefore, get the best outfit to be the center of attraction, stand out, look stunning and highlight your outfit style in grace.

By Swati