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Pakistani Dresses Brands – As we know, Brand is a product or service that is publicly distinguished from others. A brand name is the name of the distinctive product. Brands are usually protected from use by others by securing a trademark from an authorized agency, a government agency. Trendy clothes attract everyone. Brands are expressed in the form of logos, graphic representations of the brand.

If you are fashion lovers and looking for perfect and luxurious clothing brands then you have to come to the right place Pakistani Dresses brands are very famous in all over the world. If we look into past few years then we have come to know that Pakistan Fashion Industry has changed due to the advancement in social media.

Pakisatni Dresses Brands

Pakistan Fashion industry has produced many fashion designers who are not only popular within the country but are equally liked abroad as well. Pakistan Fashion Industry is now progressing rapidly that is why the trend of female clothing brand is increasing day by day in Pakistan.

The main reason is that fashion awareness has increased among the girls. It is a natural thing that women want to look gorgeous and this is why women are so conscious about their dressing. Brands emerging clothing are offering un-stitched, stitched, designer, formal and casual dresses in the market.

List of Pakistani Dresses Brands name:

Here are we discuss Top clothing brands in Pakistan.

Gul Ahmed:
Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed is one of the best Pakistani dresses brands, Gul Ahmed is considered as one of the major trendsetters in Pakistan Fashion Industry. Gul Ahmed brand is the biggest clothes producer in Pakistan. It offers its top quality clothes for all seasons such as summer and winter having unique designs and refreshing colors.

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Gul Ahmed offers a lot of clothing brands not for women but also for gents & children. Besides these, Fashion accessories like jewelry, shoes, bags, perfumes and many more things are available for Fashion lovers.

Gul Ahmed 1 Gul Ahmed 2 Gul Ahmed 3 Gul Ahmed 5 Gul Ahmed 6 Gul Ahmed 7 Gul Ahmed 9 Gul Ahmed 10



Another most famous clothing brand not only in Pakistan but Worldwide is AL-Karam. The high-quality fabrics are the important part of AL-Karam. Al-Karam provides the elegant Dresses for all the occasions. Al-Karam is a most waiting dress brand of women in Pakistan Fashion Industry. They have opened outlets in all over Pakistan in order to provide top clothes for everyone.

Alkaram 1 Alkaram 2 Alkaram 6 Alkaram 5 Alkaram 4 Alkaram 7 Alkaram 8 Alkaram 10

Nishat Linen:


Nishat Linen comes at number three in our list of a brand. Nishat Linen has further different brands like Princess, Naqsh, Nisha etc. Nishat Linen is the proud brand of Nishat Mills and many other sub-brands. Nishat brand offers Beautiful Lawn Collections, Linen dresses & Eid collection for Fashion Lovers. Nishat also deals in the home decorations and textiles as well.

nishat linen 1 nishat linen 5 nishat linen 8 nishat-linen 4 nishat-linen 3 nishat linen 6 nishat linen 10 nishat linen 9



Khaadi is one of the most famous female clothing Brand in Pakistan. Khaadi is very creative and it always busy in the wide array of colorful products. They make sure that this brand stays side by side with all the latest fashion trends. For summer season they had a wide range of Khaadi Lawn and for winters they had Khaadi Khaas designs that you can wear in winter season. Now they are not only limited to the dresses but they had also started accessories, bags, shawls, jewelry and leggings.

Khaadi 1 Khaadi 6 Khaadi 5 Khaadi 4 Khaadi 9 Khaadi 7 Khaadi 8 Khaadi 2


Maria B:

Maria B

Maria B was launched in 1999 and now it has outlets all over the Pakistan. Maria B offers lawn dresses, bridal collections, formal dresses and casual dresses. The main highlighted point about Mari-B is that it was the first Brand in Pakistan who hired a professional team of designers, Production Managers & the other staff related to this Fashion industry.

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Maria B 1 Maria B 2 Maria B 7 Maria B 5 Maria B 4 Maria B 8 Maria B 9 Maria B 3

Junaid Jamshed:


In our list of Pakistani Dresses Brands, Junaid Jamshed is the last one but not least. The Junaid Jamshed is more popular brand than any other brand in Pakistan. Junaid Jamshed brand has almost 14 outlets all over the country & abroad also. The Kurtas are especially famous among the Fashion Lovers. This brand offers trendy Kurtas and also traditional abayas. The combination of color, hand woven fabrics, screen prints fabrics and block prints are very famous among women.

Junaid Jamshed 1 Junaid Jamshed 2 Junaid Jamshed 5 Junaid Jamshed 4

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