Today there are a number of trends in the appearance and functionality of online services, and it is likely that they will remain popular next year. Having a website that reflects the hot trends of today will make it easier and more convenient to use. This makes it easier and more user-friendly, which is of immense benefit to the business of a company or organization. Well-designed websites with the help of web development company in washington also remain in the memory of the users. It is very good if your website stands out from the gray mass.

Dynamic and interactive content attracts users

In a world of short interfaces and fast clicks, a personalized user experience is valuable. When users can easily find the content they are looking for or get tips on other interesting articles, products, or services, the risks of frustration and quick exit are lower.

Dynamic content, in particular, keeps the user’s interest, allowing different needs to be catered to in a more personalized way. It is therefore to everyone’s advantage if the first thing a visitor sees is content of interest to him or her, and the user experience feels personalized. For example, articles should be recommended according to, say, user location or behavior.

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Interactive content can also capture the attention of the site visitor. For example, surveys, counters, competitions, and quizzes, if well-designed and executed, will capture the attention and interest of users.

At the same time, very useful data can be collected about users and their preferences, which can be used, for example, to develop a website or a business.

Stand out from the crowd with a dark theme and visual data

Inoxoft predicts that dark mode will become even more popular on websites over the next year. The dark theme, which improves usability and prevents eye fatigue, is already available in many apps for phones and PCs. The uptake of a dark mode on websites has been slower, but the change is already underway.

Data visualization has also been a long-standing issue, but finally, solutions that do not rely on image files alone are starting to be implemented. These are worth exploiting on websites. A good example of visualized data is provided by the graphs Inoxoft has implemented for Plan, showing the use and acquisition of funds.

Visualized data solutions convey information better than standard images and text. This means users no longer have to stare at static images of pie charts. In addition, it is easier to get more information from visualized data by hovering the mouse or finger over a figure of interest.

Remember also search engine accessibility and lead collection

In addition to the user experience, page load speed also has a huge impact on the site’s search accessibility. The faster a site works, the better it will be ranked by Google and other search engines, and the easier it will be to get to the top of search results.

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Search engine optimization can also be improved by, among other things, investing in the content structure of the website, effective headings for texts, and sufficiently broad text content.

Once you have finally got users to the site, it is worth collecting their contact details, for example for newsletters. Users can be enticed to leave their contact details, for example by offering discount coupons for online shops, which are sent directly to their email. Many customer relationship management (CRM) systems allow integration with vendors’ calendars so that the user can easily book an appointment directly from the online service without the need for emails or contact forms. Chatbots, which have also become increasingly popular, can not only facilitate the search for information of interest but can also be used to collect leads.

What if you have no data about your audience?

Let’s play for a moment with the very unlikely scenario that it would not be possible (or legal) to collect network analytics at all.

Inoxoft designs and implements online services to drive our client’s business. In order to know if a web service is contributing to a customer’s business, Inoxoft needs to see and understand the data.

What data? For example:

  • Number of users (unique users)
  • Number of sessions (all users)
  • Pages viewed (most viewed content)
  • User paths
  • Time spent on pages
  • Conversions (e.g., to contact)

The time dimension to support the data listed above is important. How has the number and quality of sessions evolved over the last year? It is also useful to be able to compare users and user behavior, for example by traffic source and location. After all, it’s great to know how the quality of sessions or conversion of users who came from a paid Facebook ad, for example, differs from users who came from Google organically (i.e., not through advertising).

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When it comes to online shopping, analytics is becoming even more significant. At what point in the purchase path do some users abandon the purchase process?

Analytics is becoming increasingly essential in online shopping. For example: at what point in the purchase path do some users abandon the purchase process?

What if these figures were not available? That would be terrible. It’s important that online service designers and implementers like us have to demonstrate that there is a tangible benefit from reform. Preferably specifically from a business perspective. It is also critical that we have the numbers to guide our decision-making, for example in the service design phase of online service reform. And, of course, in the further development phase, when Inoxoft wants to use data to further improve results.

Websites in 2022 – what’s on the rise?

Quality content is key

If you had to choose one thing to put on your website in 2022, choose content.

No matter how stylish your website may be, nothing takes away from the fact that quality content is what ultimately matters.

Quality content is both user-friendly and “search engine friendly”. It provides website visitors with useful, interesting, and engaging content. Engages and makes potential customers feel comfortable on your website, leading them further down the buying path.

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